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Crimson Time

The Cullen family is separated. But this time is different. Renesmee is thrust into the arms of a family she knows, and yet doesn't. They are all sent into a world that is familiar, yet unfamiliar. The Cullen family has, before now, lived through every tragedy possible. But can they survive when they are thrown into their past?

Thank you for reading! I really appreciate it! Sadly, I do not own the Twilight Saga. The wonderful world of mythical Forks belongs to Stephenie Meyer.

4. For Her

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Nessie turned to the direction she knew the house to be in. She could almost feel the shock in the air around her. These people were in pure awe of this small, beautiful creature, and utterly confused on how she knew so much about them.

Renesmee worked to keep herself in control, and the Cullens watched another trait from her parents come to life in her. She pushed her own feelings aside for the time being in order to get things done, and take care of the ones she loved. She drew a long breath in, and held it for a few moments before letting it slowly slide out from between her clenched teeth. She was wise beyond her years – or, truthfully, the years she looked to have weathered – and the Cullens knew this. Just by her expression they knew.

Rosalie sped up a bit, testing the girl, and Esme's eyes narrowed a bit. She didn't believe it was right to push the child, while she was so obviously pushing herself hard enough. But Renesmee let go of her aunt's guiding hand, and, needing no directions, she sped off, just as fast as any of them could run, even with the obstacle of her short legs.

The rest of the family rushed to catch her, Edward meeting her first. She slowed her pace just slightly, and everyone matched it easily. She glanced at her father.

“I got this from you,” she whispered. Her high soprano voice broke more than three times in the small sentence, and it made Edward's eyes widen in sympathy. His daughter raced fast into the distance.

Her tiny legs carried her fast, and she traveled almost as quickly as Edward. The family caught up with her, but ran just a few feet behind her. Edward matched her pace beside her and watched her. Her expression was hard to read. She kept her face as blank as possible, but Edward could see an expression hidden behind her facade. The same facade he used.

Renesmee stopped just short of the mansion she felt she had just exited an hour ago. Maybe it was an hour ago. She didn't know.

She stepped onto the porch and waited for her father to open the door. Somehow, her mind had already switched this from a home to a stranger's house. Her quiet, polite manners kicked in, but she couldn't seem to shake the abandoned expression on her innocent-looking face.

She looked up and could clearly see twilight begin to creep in from the horizons. Any energy that she had in her left. She was exhausted.

The rest of the Cullens joined the two of them on the porch as Edward opened the door. Warm air immediately swept against her hot skin. It was never warm to her, really, but recognized that it was to everyone else. Her temperature ran too high for many things to be warm for her. Only Jacob and the other wolves, really.

Jacob. Where was he? The last of Renesmee's hope ran dry, knowing that even he had left her. She was crushed, of course that he had left her alone, but after knowing that her mother and father had done the same, it only added weight to her situation.

She stepped inside timidly and the scene in front of her broke her heart.

The furniture was still the same. The house still had the light color scheme, very ironic, very welcoming. The placement was a little different, with a few different throw pillows and a different center table, but the main furniture had not changed. But the one that broke her heart the most was her father's piano that stood just by the front door. She made a small whimpering sound.

“What's wrong, little one?” Carlisle's voice was soothing and it helped Nessie calm down a little. No matter what, her grandfather would always be a caring, compassionate man.

Throwing away some of her manners, Renesmee walked up to the walls and shelves, looking at every picture. Mostly pics taken by professional photographers for the family. Nessie missed the one of her father and human mother at prom. Where was she in the family photo? And what about their wedding picture of them standing at the altar, her mother's beautiful face covered with tears?

“Where are the rest of the photos?” Her little voice was barely a whisper, for she mostly asked herself, not the others. She knew.

“These are all we have, sweetheart,” Esme comforted. Yes, Nessie knew that. Her little fists balled up tight, resembling her father for a moment. The family watched in awe, watching Edward come out in her. They recognized this expression.

Still, they did not believe. Renesmee could tell. There was a way of proving this, though.

She walked over to Edward's baby grand piano, her father's favorite possession. Her hands were barely big enough for this magnificent instrument, but she was able to play some.

Without hesitation, she hopped up onto the bench and began to play Esme's favorite song. Everyone gasped, and Edward was suddenly behind her.

No. Was it possible?

Of course.

Edward sat down next to his daughter and played the part of the song Renesmee was missing. And, for the first time since she woke, Renesmee really smiled. Her father was amazing, no matter the circumstance.

Nessie giggled and the entire family smiled. She was contagious.

Renesmee didn't know she was crying until she saw the tear hit a piano key. She was shaking, trying to contain the sobs.

It was easy to forget she was a little girl. Her expressions and words were beyond her true age, which was even younger than she looked. But, even as wise as she was, she was young and in need of her family. They were so close, she knew, but everyone seemed to have forgotten her.

And where was her mother?!

Anger was added to her odd mix of motions. Her little hands clenched into fix and came down hard on her father's piano,hitting random notes that played an odd little song. Luckily, Renesmee had not inherited Edward's strength, and it did not damage the keys.

Edward noted that fact. His eyes missed nothing.

Esme was the first to comfort the little girl.

“Come here, sweetheart,” she cooed, pulling Nessie into her cold arms.

So warm, she thought. Edward placed a hand on his daughter's arm. 108 degrees or so. Renesmee leaned into the touch. Everyone thought the same thing then.

She wants Edward. Every 'voice' echoed in his head. What was he to do?

He went with instinct. He pulled the girl into the crook of his arm and against his chest. She relaxed there, and he supported her weight to hold her up. Soon enough, Nessie had him holding her.

In that moment, Edward almost felt complete. There was just one thing missing, he knew, and every Cullen was pondering the subject now.

“W-where is she? Where is mommy?”

Edward had no idea. He had never had a child, for he obviously had no memory of this beautiful girl. Whoever this girl's mother was, he didn't know. Everyone seemed to be wondering who she was, and he listened to them roll the ideas around in their mind.

The most popular of the candidates was Tanya.

She had shown obvious interest before, and Edward had heard the worst of it from her thoughts. She would gladly have had his child, if that were at all possible. Her feelings for him were shallow, and it would have been hard for her to stay faithful, but she would commit for him.

But Edward did not feel anything for her. As appealing as she was, he was not looking for a person so shallow.

He would easily admit that she was not as bad as his sister in her selfishness, but she came in close second. No, he would never love her.

And, even if he had, there was no way for her to conceive a child. The child he held shouldn't be able to exist, but she did. She was some sort of miracle.

So who was this mysterious girl's mother?

“Tell me about your mother,” he begged. Everyone immediately tuned in, just as curious. The little girl turned her big brown eyes to him.

“She is beautiful,” was the first the thing she said. This was obvious to him, though. She had produced such a beautiful creature, hadn't she?

“She has brown hair,” she continued. It seem the child was deep in thought about her mother. “Her eyes are dimming to a light amber . . .” She trailed off, deep in though.

“She had brown eyes, though,” she told them. “Like mine. Her name is Bella.”

Bella. It rang through all of their minds.

Is, Edward realized, not was. Whoever this Bella was, she was still around.

And, suddenly, Edward wanted nothing but to meet her. He quickly swallowed these new feelings, and turned his attention to the young girl. He bounced her lightly in his arms.

The entire family watched in awe. His instincts had kicked in quickly, and he was fast to embrace them.

Outside, the light was leaving the sky. Edward walked over to the window, holding his child, gathering his thoughts.

This was not the time to panic, he knew, but his chest was tight with new emotions and confusion. He inhaled the girl's sweet scent, unlike anything he had ever experienced before,and calmed himself.

He was in the center of this, though, as he never was. The rest of his family had been through confrontation before, but he had not. These confusing facts revolved around him, and he had no experience to fall back on. Every time his family had needed someone beside them, he had been there. He had forced himself through almost impossible measures for his family.

But this discovery was nearly bringing him to his knees. It seemed he was just too weak for it now.

Renesmee curled her little arms around Edward's neck. He smiled a little.

For her. For her he will survive. And for her mother.