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Mortal Anemones

"I never knew what I ate would be the deciding factor in our friendship." "It wasn't until you started eating people." Lovely banner by the_real_mrs_potter.

So there used to be another version of the story under the author name LennyRules1071. But then we decided to rewrite it and here it is. So this is eons better than the first one.

3. A Brief Moment of Wolfdom

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It seemed like these guys I'd been around most of my life looked at me differently. Not in the "I've just realized you're a girl" way, but in a "You're one of us" kind of way. And with guys like these, you couldn't be too sure you wanted to be one of them.

I was announcing this feeling as I rummaged around the kitchen for cake. I'd been craving cake for days and Emily had promised to make some. I was just hoping that the stupid boys hadn't eaten it all.

"I'm a teenage girl! My loyalties lie first and foremost to my emotions!"

I found the cake, three pieces left. I put all three on a plate and went to find a fork. Sam just sighed behind me.

"Yes, I can see that."

"Then why all this talk about sudden new loyalties to the pack? I'm a wolf, great, let's have a party. But when I am PMSing, all I care about is cake. Okay? Even if someone in the pack is dying and in the way of my cake, they're going down. Emily understands. Just because you're male and you can't doesn't mean anything-- stop with the lectures."

I took a huge bite of cake.

Sam sighed again and walked away. He'd understand when he had a daughter of his own one day. Hopefully not any time too soon. If he and Emily had a kid before their wedding in a couple months, I'd eat them both and then the kid.

Maybe not the kid. Depends how cute it is.

Paul and Embry walked into the kitchen and stared down at the cake in my hands. Their eyes flickered from me to the cake.

"Try anything and I'll castrate you," I said, piling my fork with another bite. "If there's anything to castrate," I added, winking as I walked away. I heard Embry's hiss of irritation, but there was nothing from Paul.

I walked back to my room and sat down on my bed. The sky had darkened while I was downstairs and I realized just how tired I was. I finished my cake and crawled under the covers. I switched off my light and snuggled down.

I'm walking down a dimly lit hallway. At the end, there's a doorway of darkness. I look back once, and walk to the door. I reach out to open the door, but my hands just go through. I follow my hands, and see shadows in the shape of people, but no one to cast the shadows. A disembodied voice says, "There is a choice. A choice of the most vital importance. It will determine your life, and death."

I see myself talking to something, someone, and then I watch as I fall. I call out, "Wait! Wait!" But I can't hear myself. My body ceases to move and I realize the choice I've made was a choice to end it all. To end what? To end something important. I am dead.

In the morning, I sat up and looked around. I didn't die, but the dream felt eerily foreboding.

After showering, I headed downstairs for breakfast. Jacob was sitting at the table, probably on his third plate of the morning.

"Sophie," he gurgled.

"Sophia," I snapped. "And don't talk with your mouth full." I sat down and began to eat my own food. He rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, whatever," he replied after swallowing. "Hey, I need to talk to you."

"So talk," I retorted.

"After breakfast," he mumbled, glancing back at Emily, who was humming to herself as she washed pans. "Alone."

"All right," I agreed.

In record time, Jacob finished his food, which was saying something. He stared intently at me until I finally surrendered. I downed my juice and said, "Take me."

Jacob froze, his face a mixture of disgust and awe. "You're practically my sister," he said.

"You took it that way," I said, shrugging.

"You said it!" he protested.

"I meant something different than you thought I did," I replied. He just shuddered and left the house. I sat there, staring at the door. Ah, well. I didn't really want to go anywhere anyhow.

He came back in and grabbed me by the wrist, dragging me along with him.

"I'm worried about Ana," he said after he left me go.

I stared at him.

"That's what this is all about?" I asked. "Jacob, she runs away. She disappears, sometimes for weeks on end. Once for years." I pushed past him. "She'll come back, Jacob. You can talk to her then."

"Sophie, don't pretend it doesn't break your heart every time," he called after me a few moments later.

I stopped and turned around.

"It breaks mine, too," he said, ducking his head.

I sighed, and walked over to him. For the first time in what had to be years, I hugged Jacob Black.