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Mortal Anemones

"I never knew what I ate would be the deciding factor in our friendship." "It wasn't until you started eating people." Lovely banner by the_real_mrs_potter.

So there used to be another version of the story under the author name LennyRules1071. But then we decided to rewrite it and here it is. So this is eons better than the first one.

4. Welcome To The Family

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I am not sure how long I laid there; I just tried to focus on something anything. It was more of what he thought then what he said. He thought that I was a monster that I was not Ana; I wish I did not have to hear people’s thoughts. They hurt so much most of the time. I looked up at the sky and sighed. Lenny said Jacob missed me but how could he have when he is the one who pushed me away, who made me leave. If he had not done all of this stuff I would still be a human. I sighed and sat up; my breath left my body in a fast wisp. Not that I even needed to breathe anymore.

I picked a flower and started pulling the petals off it humming. I really have no where to go so I might as well enjoy being under the stars. A soft wind whistled through the trees and I hugged my jacket around me tighter. I heard a small twig snap and whipped my head around. I heard another one so I slowly stood up into my battle position. Then I smelled them, they were like me. I stayed in the same position and watched as two vampires walked into the clearing with me. One was a tall male, his hair flaming orange and just asking for a comb, the other was only slightly taller then me and had a fairy like feel to her. I quickly glimpsed into both of their minds, the girl was easy but the man was difficult. He was forcing it back to me and soon a headache hit.

“We come as friends, Anastasia.” The girl’s voice was soft like bells; it made the dark of the night seem brighter.

“How do I know that, lies come easily to our kind. Seeming as we must lie to the world every second of our lives, or after-lives depending on how you look at it.” I stared up at these beautiful people wondering what it would be like to actually go with them, would they be welcoming like it used to be at La Push, or was it going to be cold and difficult like everything was anymore?

“Because you have to trust someone in this world, and we are just like you.” I slowly stood up and looked up at the tall boy.

“So was the girl who changed me into a soulless monster.” Though I kept telling them I would not go, and argued their every point I took an attentive step foreword.

“Please just come with us, I can already see we are going to be great friends. Come with us please.” I took a shaky breath and just barely nodded my head. In that instant I was swooped up and thrown onto the tall one’s shoulder.

“Hey now I just told you I would come with you, you do not have to go man handling me. I am not some plaything or rag doll!” I hit him on the back so hard most people would fall over in pain. But he just bounced me on his shoulder, digging it into my stomach. “I may be dead but I felt that you asshole.” He sped up slowly and I watched the dreams stream past me, suddenly we jerked to a stop and I stared up at an old Victorian home, like one from and Jane Austin novel. I glanced up at the wide windows spreading from edge to edge, displaying ornate sculptures and paintings I had only ever seen in books. I stumbled as my feet hit the ground.

“You complain a heck of a lot for some teenage girl, I mean honestly can you try and be a little more mature.” It took me a minute to fully register what he was saying to me and when it finally sunk in, I hit his arm hard.

“And could you try being a little more sensitive from now on, I am a teenage girl. And I just got changed species and my best friend is not even aloud to talk to me so do not even go there. And can you drop the whole ‘mightier then thou’ façade it is just really annoying and another thing-“ Soon an icy hand was covering my mouth and scooting me back towards the house. I growled and tried to fight against the hand but soon I was in the house staring out at a stunned red haired cocky vampire. I turned around and stared up into the eyes of a boy no man twice my size, with dark brown hair and muscles to spare. No wonder I lost to him, he is like Godzilla.

“I have never seen anyone give Edward that much crap in a long time, but you may want to lay off him for a bit. He is the sensitive musician type.” He stuck his huge hand out and started shaking mine which rattled my whole body. “Emmet by the way, Emmet Cullen.”

“Anastasia, Anastasia Jetsen.” He smiled and pulled me into the tightest hug of my life, if there had been any air in my lungs he would have pushed it out, but yet in a way it was comforting to be hugged that tight. Like I would never be alone.

“Well Anastasia Jetsen, welcome to the Cullen Clan.” My breath would have escaped me as seven beautiful vampires stood before me, their skin softly glowing in the late light.

“You are one of us now, Ana Cullen.” The blonde male stepped foreword and welcomed me into a hug. “You shall never be alone again.”