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Guardian Angel

For years Edward had taken care of Bella. She had always depended on him. But after she turned thirteen, her guardian vampire, her guardian angel, left. Edward believes she forgot about him. Bella believes he forgot about her. What will happen when they both end up in the same small town of Forks?

Yes . . . everything belongs to Stepehenie Meyer.

1. Memories

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Edward was walking along the dark streets of Phoenix, Arizona. He was just taking a break from everything and was going home after a month of being alone.

Too alone. He missed his family.

But as he entered a neighborhood, he smelled the most amazing scent, and he went after it.

Edward wasn't in need of a meal. He had, in fact, just hunted. But the scent just pulled him in. It sent him into a frenzy.

Edward was very good at his vegetarian lifestyle. His control was amazing. And yet this scent completely broke his barrier.

He found himself in front of a small house. One woman and one child lay inside, sleeping peacefully. Quickly, almost noiselessly, he forced the door open, breaking the lock. He smiled deviously. No alarm. It would be the death of them.

He figured it would be the woman who would die that night, but instead of walking to her door, he turned and walked towards the door of the child. The monster had completely taken over, and was controlling his movements. He didn't even think about what he was doing. That he was about to kill a five year old girl.

He didn't think about it even once. Until he opened the door to see her.

She was on her back, her long, brunette hair tangled on her pillows. Her eyes fluttered slightly as she slept, and she mumbled a thing or two, but, other than that, she was silent.

Edward stopped breathing.

His head cleared slightly and he finally came to a horrible realization: He was going to kill this girl.

No! he thought. His head dropped in pure shame as he stood in her doorway. The girl stirred.

No, mama,” she whined. “I don't wanna go to Forks . . . no . . . ,” she trailed off, and Edward chuckled. He made the mistake of opening his mouth, and her scent – so very thick in this air – sent his throat aflame. His jaw snapped shut, and he fled the house.

He would not hurt her.

Her mother woke up the next day, and called the police to check out the lock. When they found nothing, the mother – Renee – installed a security system. For several nights after Edward's encounter with the little girl – Bella – mother and daughter had slept in the same bed. Renee was afraid that whoever it was would come back.

And so little Bella's room was free for Edward to lay in each night. He would enter through the window – strangely unlocked – and just lay there and torture himself all night with her scent. He never had anyone to help him. He was alone.

It wasn't but a few days later that he called his family and told them that he wouldn't be home anytime soon.

Edward snapped out of his reverie, looking around the meadow he laid in. Wasn't it bad enough that her father lived in the same town? He was such a masochist, thinking of her when he knew he couldn't go back.

He couldn't help himself. He began to remember some of the many times she had called to him.

Bella ran from the bus to her door, stumbling slightly, tears running down her flushed face. She jammed her key into the lock – Renee was still at work – and forced the door open. Immediately, she knew where to go.

She sprinted to her room, where he was waiting patiently for her. His face lit up when she entered.

Edward!” she yelled and threw herself into his lap. He was sitting upright on her bed, and he was sure that he's hurt her when she ran into him. Still, he held her and rubbed her back. The girl was only nine.

What's wrong, Bella?” he asked.

They won't . . . stop . . . teasing me!” she hiccuped. “I don't know what I did wrong!”

Edward smiled down at her.

You did nothing wrong, sweetheart,” he informed her. “Some people are just horrible. They had no right to upset you.” Bella calmed down slightly, and settled into him.

Thank you.”

No,” Edward whispered, to low for her to hear. “Thank you.”

Edward's eyes closed. He loved her. That little girl that he cared for. It was the only way to describe the feelings he had for her. She didn't seem like his daughter or his sister. No, she seemed so much more than that. There just was no place to categorize her.

What – what do you mean you're leaving?” The sweet thirteen-year-old girl backed away from him slowly.

Bela,” Edward began. “I have a family. I left them so very long ago. I believe it's time to go back to them.”

Liar! He scolded himself. But it was the only way she would let him go. He knew he could stand her scent, but one day he would hurt her. He didn't need to have Alice's talent to see it. He wasn't going to take the risk of her getting hurt.

Bella stopped. Tears ran down her face, but she nodded. Her vampire guardian was leaving. What would she do? He had always been there. Always.

He has a family to go back to, her mind told her. She accepted it.

Edward left.

And every night before she turned her lights out, she would make sure her window was open just a crack.

Just in case.

Edward didn't know this. Edward left right after their conversation. Edward thought she had forgeotten all about him.

Edward was wrong.