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Bella is almost a year old vampire. As her birthday aproaches she decides that its time to test the waters of the human world. Its a little bit OOC. I thought her transistion went way too easy. No worries though. Its not a blood and guts story. We wont find Edward yanking her off some ten year old. I just thought that maybe it should be a little bit of work. This is a little longer than my usual one shots so I divided it into a couple of chapters. As anyone who reads my stuff knows (and thank you for all that have) it will be lemony.


1. Hunting

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Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie were out hunting with us this afternoon. Esme had gone out with Carlisle earlier in the day because he had the afternoon shift at the hospital. She stayed back to keep an eye on Renesme.

Emmett was on the verge of badgering me once more to shield his thoughts so he could sneak up on my husband. Of course Edward would already know he was going to ask before he could try.

“I don’t think that’s gonna to work Em.” Edward chuckled “My wife is not the materialistic kind.”

“Aw, come on Bella, please. Just once and I will never bug you again.”

“Just once and I am sure you will hound me for all eternity”

“Scout’s honor.” Emmett raised his right hand. His left was behind his back. I didn’t need my husband’s telepathy to know there was crossed fingers back there.

“Maybe for Christmas,” I smirked, “if you can behave yourself.”

Edward came up behind me wrapping his arms around my waist and whispered in my ear, “You better not.”

I didn’t say I would and it will give us four whole months of quiet. Edward startled as I pushed my shield off easily. I had gotten a lot of practice. It was fun to send Edward little messages. It never ceased to take him by surprise. I felt the grin on my face widen.

“You should have said his birthday.” He murmured. His cool breath tickled my ear and I shivered slightly, my body reacting in more ways than one to his close proximity. “That’s not till March.”

My head turned and my gaze was transfixed by his beautiful golden eyes. I hadn’t seen them dark in some time. That was because of me. Knowing that the newborn thirst was worse, he insisted we hunt more than the rest of the family. The crooked smile he wore only added to the perfect picture.

I couldn’t help it. His lips were just too close and I was on autopilot. My mouth instantly glued to his, my body twisted, wrapping itself around him. Edward stiffened, surprised by my suddenness of my assault and his inability to have his usual advanced warning, but quickly recovered, happily obliging me.

They were all snickering in the back round. My lips froze on Edwards. I was instantly mortified.

“At least she doesn’t knock him over anymore.” Emmett chuckled

How many times had this happened in the last year? I knew the answer: one hundred twenty six. One hundred and twenty six times I embarrassed myself, all but attacking my poor husband in front of our family. At least resisting the urge to tear his shirt off was getting easier.

Edward gently pushed us apart looking slightly dazed and gave me a quick kiss on the forehead. “Now, now,” he teased. “Behave yourself.”

“Don’t lay the blame for Bella’s problem solely on her.” Alice quipped “You do nothing to help the situation.”

“Alice, he isn’t any better than she is, he’s just more astute at hiding it.” Jasper added thoughtfully.

“True,” Edward replied, lifting me off my feet and returning his mouth to mine with enthusiasm.

“Why don’t you two get a room?” Rosalie chided.

Edward pulled his lips off mine long enough to hiss, “I really don’t want to hear it Rosalie.” I’m sure the remark was meant to be snide, but his smile ruined the effect.

It had been almost a year since I became a vampire; Eleven months of hiding out, sneaking into town only to see Charlie. I didn’t bother with contacts around my dad anymore. My eyes were almost the same golden shade as the others. He took it well. The brown lenses looked almost fake to me, so maybe they didn’t fool him either. I knew it would be decades before I would be able to show my new and greatly changed face in Forks. Honestly, other than Angela and Ben, there really wasn’t anyone I would have wanted to visit there anyhow. But there were many people still in my life. Jacob’s pack was a constant presence at both the big house and at our cottage. I would never say that I was bored. My days were full of my family, my nights full of Edward.

But as my first birthday as a vampire drew near, I knew it was time. Though Edward would never admit it in a thousand years, he was getting a little restless, and to be honest so was I. The others came and went as they pleased, but we stayed at home or in the woods. While the thought of heading out into the real world terrified me, I knew that I didn’t want to stay isolated from society forever.

“We’re going to head east.” Jasper said.

“I know,” Alice snickered.

“We’ll go west. See you guys in a couple of hours.” Rosalie called as she and Emmett took each others hand.

“Hey Jasper,” Emmett called out before Jasper and Alice turned to go. “Two bits Edward’s clothes don’t make it back to the house again?”

“I only make bets on things I might have a shot at winning” Jasper called out over his shoulder already headed away with Alice. I gritted my teeth in irritation, but Edward merely smiled peacefully tightening his hold on me. It surprised me when I finally found out the pitiful amounts the two of them wagered over. But then I supposed that when money is no object, it wasn’t the prize that mattered.

“See you all later… much later” Edward called out as everyone took off into the forest.

We turned and ran north. I decided to broach the subject with my husband. “I was thinking Edward.”

“I’m sure you were, but it is hard for me to be certain.”

I ignored his attempt at humor. “You know Renesme’s birthday is coming up.”

“Yours as well.”

“Well, I was thinking Edward; we haven’t been any where that wasn’t covered in trees in a long time.”

“And what does this have to do with our daughter’s birthday?”

“I’d like to try to go buy her something.” I asked hesitantly.

I slowed to a stop. He spun around and pulled up to my side. “I was thinking that maybe it was time for us to try and get out of Forks for a little couple of hours” I felt so nervous even asking but he grinned pulling me into his arms and looking down into my eyes.

“Where would you like to go? Paris, London, New York.”

I laughed and snuggled closer into his chest. Surely he was kidding. I didn’t think either of us was up to dealing with me in a crowded city with millions of tasty humans about. “I don’t know Edward, someplace small, maybe to a bookstore or something. We haven’t gotten Renesme anything for her birthday and it’s nearly here. I’ve looked on line but I hate the idea of getting her something by mail. Maybe its old fashion, but I like the idea of touching something before I buy it.”

“A book… I think it’s a wonderful idea Bella.” As his enthusiasm blossomed my anxiety did as well. It must have shown on my face and his finger went to my brow to smooth the crease.

“I remember well the first time I went out in public. I won’t deny it’s not frightening but you’re a natural at this.”

“I don’t want to go far. I’ve just been thinking that maybe I am ready to try the real world, or least al bit of it.” I said, my teeth going to my worry lip.

“Bella, you know I won’t let anything happen.”

“Its not that I don’t trust you to keep me out trouble Edward, but it’s a huge step for me.”

“You’ll be fine. You’re around Charlie all the time.”

“I know I do well with Charlie. The pain is really getting better.” Edward flinched as I said the words. I frowned at him, taking his hand and giving it a squeeze. Would he ever get over the need to protect me? “But he’s my dad. Though I certainly don’t desire to snack on anyone, I have to admit his being my dad saved both of us on more than one occasion.”

I would never forget the early months. The gift of having my dad still in my life came with a price. The physical pain of being with him was close to intolerable some days. Edward would hold my hand, rubbing my back and distracting my dad when he thought I needed a break. I never truly realized what Edward went through to be with me until then. The realization made me love him even more; something I thought was impossibility.

“You do fine with the pack too.” He prompted pulling me away from my thoughts.

“Yeah, but they all reek.” Edward chuckled as I wrinkled my nose. “Even Sue smells like them.” I thought about the fact that I have caught a slight werewolfy scent coming off Charlie as well and mentally cringed a little. I was so happy he and Sue had found each other, but I had no desire to think about them finding each other.

“We’ll take Alice and Jasper with us if you like. Between the three of us I think we can keep you out of trouble.

“Did you honestly think that we could shop for dog food with out Alice wanting to tag along?”

“No” he shook his head and sighed.

We both caught the scent of a herd of elk farther to the north.

“Shall we?” I indicated.

He pulled our entwined hands to his face, kissing my wrist, before releasing it.

“Ladies first.” He was such a gentleman. We headed off together toward the herd. He pulled back slightly as we got closer, letting me get my kill first.

“You know you don’t have to wait for me. I’m down to only one a trip.” I said looking up from the dead elk in my hands. He was leaning lazily against a tree having not even bothered with the herd.

“I know. I just enjoy watching you hunt.”

I’m sure if I could still blush, I would be deep crimson. But I did understand. Watching Edward hunt was almost an erotic experience for me. On more than one occasion it had turned out to be just that.

“Come on, let’s get you fed.” I smiled, an idea creeping into my brain.

Edward smiled back, oblivious. His eyes closed and he took a deep breath. I had never tried this before and it was fortunate the he couldn’t see my poor attempts at keeping a straight face. I had observed him often enough that the timing would be easy. Firmly, I planted an image in my head, sure to catch his attention and waited for him to push off to remove my shield.