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Bella is almost a year old vampire. As her birthday aproaches she decides that its time to test the waters of the human world. Its a little bit OOC. I thought her transistion went way too easy. No worries though. Its not a blood and guts story. We wont find Edward yanking her off some ten year old. I just thought that maybe it should be a little bit of work. This is a little longer than my usual one shots so I divided it into a couple of chapters. As anyone who reads my stuff knows (and thank you for all that have) it will be lemony.


2. Not All Messages Are the Same

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Closing my eyes and taking a deep breath, I prepared to take off after what remained of the herd with what could be described as a blissfully content mood. I was pleased that hunting had returned to an enjoyable activity rather than a stressful one. Actually, it had become far more fun than I ever imagined it to be, now that my wife could joined me.

So, she wanted to get out into the world. I had been pretty much everywhere I ever wanted to go, but the idea of revisiting those places with her at my side… it would be like seeing them for the first time. She hadn’t been anywhere while human and I relish the thought of showing her all the world had to offer.

I had already put a lot of thought into the two birthdays only a few weeks away. I knew my wife’s stubborn aversion to presents had not changed, but I knew that she did like the CD I got her last year. A new piece, the story, a tale of a caterpillar changing into a butterfly... It was as much about me as her. I planned to play it for her birthday, but came across a company on line in San Francisco that created custom made music boxes. It was difficult to get it wrote down without her knowledge, we rarely left each others side. Finally, I stole a few minutes with Seth out in the garage under the pretense of tuning the Ferrari, a task that guarenteed her absense. He looked over as I pulled a pad and pencil from my pocket and began jotting down notes off the muffler that had been swimming in my head for weeks. When it dawned on him what I was doing, and why I was doing it there, I had to poke him in the ribs to keep him from laughing as we both lay under the car. A couple hours later Alice’s remained poker faced as she brushed past me in the house and picked my pocket, promising me she would take care of it. But I was clueless as to what to get my daughter. I was a guy after all…

“We aren’t getting any younger here… or older for that matter.” She said impatiently pulling me from my reverie.

Wonder what’s up with that? Lately, I had been trying really hard not to ask out loud. My curiosity in regards to her thoughts was endless, but it must be annoying, so I had been refraining as much as I could from asking. I got back to the job at hand and took a deep breath. Hmmm… to the northwest, not far from here…. I let the scent take me and began to move toward it.

Without warning, a vision, so strong and clear it felt almost like it was happening burst into my head. She was behind me, her naked breasts, firm and round, the nipples erect grazing my back. Her hand wrapped around the front of me, sliding down my torso as well… touching me… her tongue trailing down my spine…

The shock of it blinded me. I ran head long into a three foot thick poplar, snapping it in two. Stumbling over the branches, I lost my balance, flipped head over heels, landing on my backside. Though the vision had vanished as soon as her laughter began, my entire body buzzed with the memory of it. I shook my head trying to clear it.

“I never… saw a vampire… trip before.” She actually snorted trying to catch her breath. Still laughing like mad as she skipped over to me an extended her hand.

That little...

I rocketed off the ground, snatching her up as I shot through the air, twisting so that it was my body that caught the three trees we destroyed before we bounced to a stopped on the ground some seventy yards away, ripping the jeans I was wearing.

“Not funny.” I growled into her throat, trying to sound irate.

“It was funny and you know it.” She attempted to put her lip out to pout, but her giggling made it impossible. “Sorry, you didn’t like it.”

She wanted to play, did she? Well, I was the master of play. Years of being careful when she was human gave me, what I thought, was unprecedented levels of patience. I stared into her unrepentant eyes. Maybe I was not as in control as I thought. The moment should have been light, but as I stared into her unrepentant eyes, desire ripped through me making my voice sound intense. “I never said I didn’t like. It’s just that amusing would never be the word I would use to describe that particular part of you anatomy.”

I got myself together as I pulled her powder blue t-shirt out of her jeans and over her head. She rarely wore a bra now, nothing jiggled anymore. Rolling us over, I kissed the shiny scar where her jugular had once throbbed. It was sacred spot as were the rest. Symbols of what she gave up for me and I treated them with the utmost reverence. I began to move down her body. My nose was at the base of her throat, making its way south past her heaving chest. With eager anticipation I began my plan of attack. I blew across the nipple of her breast, firmly dousing the last of her giggles and it began to draw up. With my tongue I lightly traced around the edge, watching with great satisfaction as it grew more and more erect. Her hands dug into my hair. I took a long last breath, inhaling her wonderful scent before allowing my lips to fall on it, tasting her sweetness.

“No, definitely nothing to laugh about here...”

We rolled to our sides. She reached down, clawing at my shirt, poking holes instead of unbuttoning it. The muscles in my stomach tighten as her fingers brushed down them heading toward the fly of my jeans. I kicked off my hiking boots as she stared at my chest, and my now tattered shirt, with a slightly self conscious expression.

“Maybe you should get your pants.”

I chuckled. “Maybe I should. The back pocket is already dangling precariously by a few threads. If I leave it up to you, I’ll be running home in my boxers again.” She frowned, looking both guilty and perturbed. “And we both know you don’t want to prove Emmett right.”

I kissed her forhead, hopped to my feet and had them off quickly. She propped herself up on her elbows, her eyes scanned down me and the giggling began in earnest again. I looked myself over, wondering what was stuck to me.

“The socks are a nice touch.” she smirked

“Well, then I shall leave them on if they please you Mrs. Cullen.”

She continued to snigger and her toe went to the heel of her own boot. I quickly got down on my knees, seizing her legs by the ankles and bracing them on my chest. This was my favorite part…alright, one of my favorite parts.

“Allow me.”

The giggling stopped as her breath caught.

I ducked my head to hide my amusement. “It’s all about being careful and taking your time” I instructed sternly. Kissing her knee, I bent her right leg and placed her foot on the ground. The other I ducked my head down to, placing her shoe lace in my mouth. I pulled gently, pressing my lips tight against my teeth.

I couldn’t keep the grin off my face as I burrowed into the boot with my nose, widening the opening. She squirmed as my breath tickled her ankle and I clamped down on her leg to keep her from wiggling away from me. In frustration her nails dug into the ground, crushing the rocky earth to dust. I pulled the boot off slowly, enjoy the torture I was inflicting on her. You know what they say about pay back… I slid my hand up into her pant leg. My fingers began to tingle with electricity when they reached the skin above her sock. As I removed it, exposing her ankle to my view, my mouth caressed another silver crescent, tossing the sock into the growing pile of garments.

My face continued down to her toes, kissing them one by one. “See, nothing torn or broken” I place her bare foot on the ground and picked up the other to continue the process.

Her impatient groans only served to slow me down further.


I looked up at the sound of her calling my name, planning to respond to what was sure to be a desperate plea for speed. But the sight before me resulted instead with the sound of her lace snapping in two in my mouth. This was no vision. Her right hand was stroking the crotch of her jeans; her left one was at the breast I hadn’t visited yet, her fingers playing with it. With a wicked grin she removed her hand and it slithered up her neck. When it reached her mouth, her index finger ran over the pale pink tongue that protruded slightly from it.

The boot went whistling through the air, sock still inside. The snap of her jeans went flying as well, another casualty of indecent eagerness that now possessed me. I congratulated myself on not causing any more damage to the rest of her pants as I yanked them swiftly off her. Her panties…. Well, she really didn’t need those, did she?

She rolled up on to her own knees, her lips on my shoulder.

“I thought it was all about being careful and taking your time. Clearly you seem to be having a problem with that this afternoon.” She looked up at me with an air of superiority. “I’m pretty sure I heard the snap of my jeans ricochet off a tree.”

Defeated, I pulled her tighter into my chest arguing my case. “It is not my fault that your jeans have been damaged. You don’t fight fair.”

She reached up, knotting her fingers into my hair dragging my mouth down to hers. “Neither do you.”

There was a certain freedom that making love in the forest allowed. After all, our cottage was breakable. As she inhaled my tongue into her mouth, her hand had slid down between us. She seemed to love touching me. I surely was not going to dissuade her in her quest. Her lips pulled off mine, and I was grateful that vampire can’t get hickeys. She sucked on my neck trembling slightly as her hand ran down my erection. My head rolled back and I moaned with pleasure as her fingers descended lower, fondling me as her lips moved to my shoulder. My own hand sought to touch her as well, leaving her breast and stroking the damp spot between her legs.

I couldn’t play any longer; my need was just too strong. I lifted us both off our knees. Her legs wrapped around my waist and she was now eye level with me. She purred as her mouth returned to mine. I took a couple of steps and pressed her up against what I hoped was a sturdy looking tree. My hands reached down under her soft round backside to position her and I thrust into her, fusing us as one.

A shiver went through me, she was just so wet. We both gasped as I penetrated her, both our needs finally being satiated. My hips began to rock. She used my body for leverage, her legs tightening and her arms bearing down my shoulders, moving in time with me. She pulled her mouth from mine once more gasping for breath and calling out to me.

“Edward… Edward… yes… it’s so good… yes…Yes… YES!!!”

This was why this activity was best left for the out doors. I could feel her orgasm blooming, the muscles inside her contracting around me. With her no longer human it was hard to control my actions when I knew that I was pleasing her and no need for prudence. She came and I uprooted the tree we were making love against sending us crashing down on top of it. Still keeping me inside her, she rolled us off it, her leg astride my hips on the ground. I was leaning against the fallen tree watching as her debris strewn hair whipped from side to side as her legs pumped up and down. I lifted my body off the tree, the need to have my mouth on her overpowering me.

Louder and louder she became, her moans turning into something far more feral. Soon she was screaming my name again. My mouth pulled off her. My back arched over the tree as my release followed, my roar echoing down the valley.

The physicality of my orgasm was exhilarating. I had once told her that sex was a pleasure second only to tasting human blood. How could I have been so deluded? Nothing tasted better than her mouth when I was inside her. And as for the momentary exhaustion that accompanied it… there was just nothing else I could do physically to give me that feeling. I basked in its richness as I endeavored to catch my breath. She leaned forward, breathing heavily herself and laid her head on my shoulder.

“Five trees,” I finally said, kissing her nose and still panting a bit. “Not too bad this time.”

“Maybe we could take advantage of the situation.” She said contemplatively. “Start a logging business.”

I started to chuckle. Would she ever stop surprising me? “Maybe,” I considered. “What would we name this company?”

“I have no clue.” She smirked. “Do you have any ideas?”

“No, nothing that we could put in the yellow pages.”

“What would we do for advertising?” she continued.

“That I would like to see.”

“Yes, it would make for an interesting billboard, wouldn’t it?”

I started thinking about interesting billboards and her still on top of me, with me still inside her. It wasn’t long before we began to thin the forest again.


I gathered up our clothes. It took a couple of seconds to sniff out her boot. She was already dressed when I returned. How disappointing… Her tee-shirt was over her jeans instead of tucked in.

“Trying to hide the evidence?” I queried.

“It’s your fault that I have to.”

“No, I dare say that I am not to blame for this. Duress is a frequently used defense. ”

“I’m sorry that my actions resulted in you discomfort…and the loss of your shirt.” She replied trying to appear penitent.

“I think there are still one or two garments unscathed on my side of the closet.”

My wife bit down on her lip. I couldn’t help but laugh at her absurdity. As if I would be bothered by what happened to my clothing, given what generally caused their demise. I sat down along side her, putting my arm around her shoulder and chuckled, “It is ok. Alice doesn’t mind one bit the destruction of either of our wardrobes.”

My phone rang as if on cue. I glanced at the number and flipped it open. I didn’t even get the chance to say hello.

“I know just the place to go. We needed to go and pick up the music box anyhow.” Alice trilled “I’m on my way home right now to pack. Oh, and Rose and Emmett are going to have a wonderful time tomorrow with Renesme.”

“But you can’t see her Alice.”

“Rosalie is going to tell me all about it.”

“Perhaps we should at least ask them.”

“True, it would be rude not to, but you know will be more than happy to do it. Besides, Emmett is looking for a rematch after the thrashing your daughter gave him on the x-box.”