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Bella is almost a year old vampire. As her birthday aproaches she decides that its time to test the waters of the human world. Its a little bit OOC. I thought her transistion went way too easy. No worries though. Its not a blood and guts story. We wont find Edward yanking her off some ten year old. I just thought that maybe it should be a little bit of work. This is a little longer than my usual one shots so I divided it into a couple of chapters. As anyone who reads my stuff knows (and thank you for all that have) it will be lemony.


4. Walking hand in hand

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As Alice predicted the traffic on the street was relatively light, maybe a dozen or so humans out this balmy afternoon. She and Jasper were ahead of us. Jasper seemed to radiate contentment these days. Both of us it seemed were learning to let go of our pasts. His arm was around her shoulder as they walked down the street, leaning down occasionally to kiss the top of her spiky hair. I couldn’t help listening to his loving thoughts about Alice; they came in so strong and powerful.

I couldn’t shake my own contentment or the grin from my face as we followed them down the street hand in hand. Bella did wonderful at the gas stations. Maybe Alice was right, I did worry too much. As we continued on to the bookstore, there didn’t seem to be a male in site that wasn’t gawking at my wife. Let them look, I chuckled to myself. This would have bothered me at one time I was sure. But I had evolved. She had proved beyond all measure that I was the only one she would ever want. So I swelled with pride in the glory of what was mine.

“You seem amused by something.”

I turned and kissed my wife’s questioning face. “Just happy to show you off to the rest of the world,” I replied. Her forehead crinkled even more in confusion causing me to laugh out loud. Would she ever understand how beautiful she truly was?

She let out a happy sigh and gave my hand a squeeze. My gaze drew down to the fingers entwined in my own and the scar on her wrist. I don’t really know what came over me. Maybe I did still need to announce my claim to the watchful males in this town. I honestly doubted it. The truth was I had become overwhelmed by the necessity to have my lips on her body. I pulled us to a stop, grabbing her by the waist and hoisting her up on a nearby bench. Taking both hands in mine, I kissed the silvery crescents there.

“Edward! We’re in the middle of the street!”

“Doesn’t bother me a bit.” I replied.

Alice and Jasper turned around and headed back to us. “Get her down.” Alice half snarled. “I don’t need to deal with Bella all worked up and we have work to do. You two can play with each other later.”

Jasper chuckled, “You should know better by now Edward to slow my wife down when she’s on a shopping mission.”

“All right, all right.” I took her again by the waist, lifting her off the bench. Before her feet could touch the sidewalk I stopped. Her mouth was just too close to resist. I pulled mine on to it surprised that though she didn’t rebuff me, she seemed a little more in hesitant than usual.

Jasper let out an exasperated sigh. “Edward.” If Alice doesn’t get done what she came for, I’ll have hell to pay. She told me before we left I was suppose to make you two behave.

I pulled my lips from hers laughing. “I’d like to see you try.”

“Who are you talking to?” Bella asked as I put her back on the ground.

“Jasper,” I replied. “Your sister in law asked that Jasper lower your libido for this trip.”


“It was for safety’s sake Bella.” Alice retorted “And I didn’t just say Bella’s, it’s your fault that she gets like that.”

“Don’t worry about Bella, Alice.” Jasper said seeking to defend himself. “She has been on lockdown mode without any assistance from me since we got into the car. It’s only him we have to worry about today.”

I was horrified. I couldn’t believe I had been this inconsiderate. I dropped her hand and tried to take a deliberate step away, but she would have none of it.

“You do not have my permission to let go of me today.” She said entwining our fingers back together again.

“I’m so sorry. I promised to behave myself from now on.”

“You can make it up to me…later.”

I kept my seventeen year old hormonal impulses to myself and we turned the corner and walked up to a large brownstone bearing the simple sign “Fine & Rare Books”. The neighborhood must at one time been a fairly nice one, given the size and architecture of the buildings, but the houses now were no longer residential. Instead signs hung from the building advertising antique shops, restaurants and the not.

We opened the door and entered the foyer. A large chandelier hung from the twenty foot high ceiling. A grand staircase of oak lay directly in front of the door leading to a balcony that wrapped itself gracefully in a semi-circle around the front entrance. As I turned to close the door behind us an elderly man came from one of the other rooms on the first floor.

I held out my hand, keeping Bella’s in my right. I spent the last hour keeping the left one on the heated steering wheel. The balmy August day had not dissipated the warmth in my hand and the curator didn’t even flinch as he took it to greet us.

“Welcome to Fine and Rare Books. My name is Arthur Fletcher, curator and proprietor of this collection.”

“Good afternoon, my name is Edward Cullen. This is my wife Bella and this is my sister Alice and her husband Jasper Hale.”

“We’ve been expecting you.” He replied. “Doctor Cullen called this morning saying you would be here today. I have corresponded with him over the phone and in letters many occasions, but I haven’t seen him in years. Is he in good health?” Even when we had to move in a hurry, Carlisle never left wothout his books. Mr. Fletcher and my father had been trading for years. However, his last face to face with Carlisle was in 1970.

“He’s doing fine. I’ll be happy to pass along your regards.”

“Well now, what can I do for you nice young people?”

“We’re looking for something special for our sister’s birthday. She loves books, takes after her grandfather.”

“How old is she?”

“She’s twelve, but quite a bright girl.” Bella answered.

“Hmmm…. Let’s see… I just got in a first edition of Anne of Green Gables.”

“Already got it.” Alice chimed in.

“Dickens perhaps… No, your grandfather completed his first edition set in the mid seventies” he frowned trying to think of something that would appeal. I kinda liked this fellow. Not once did he think about how much money he was going to get out of us today, just how happy our daughter would hopefully be to get a nice present.

He’s got the Jungle Book upstairs Edward, Pollyanna, the Hobbit, the Sword and the Stone... Alice began mentally trilling out everything that was upstairs. She had already picked out what she was planning to get. Trust Alice to find one of the most expensive books in the place.

“Would you mind us looking around a bit?” Bella asked with an expression akin to a kid in a candy store, a very expensive candy store.

“Certainly, anything for Doctor Cullen’s grandchildren.”