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Red and Beautiful

Meet Stephanie, a strong vampire. She is unique, with not one, but three vampire powers.


1. First glance at our demoness

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Stephanie waited. Her prey would arrive at 8:00, and she was, as always, ready. In case you haven’t guessed, she hunted humans. She was unique, with three vampire powers, something that made others of her kind step away

Her 1st power is the most complex, the most impossible to explain. Stephanie could make others not think of her, like she wasn’t there. She lived in a house, but everyone else thought it was abandoned. This ability was passive, and she could disable it, which she only did when she lured her prey to her house. It was simple. She simply went to the local school, and asked a student, every five days to come to her house.

Her second power was the ability to knock anyone unconscious magically. When knocked out, they would not awaken unless she wanted them to.

Her final power was the ability to know, instantly, if anyone around her wished her ill will. It wasnt mind reading, but it was close to that.

She smiled, it was 8:00. Her prey showed up right on time. She chatted with the 14 year old girl, just being normal, until her prey had to go to the bathroom. Then, she pressed a button. All the winders closed, with steel barricades on each. No reason for anyone to see what came next.

Once her prey was done, she immediately used her second power. The girl slumped, but did not fall. The power didn’t let them. Just like that human book, Charlottes Web, heh heh., she thought. Then, she wrapped her legs around her victims body, and bit her neck. She drained the victim, and then dropped her into a vat of acid in the basement. The bones were then dropped into a fire. After that, the remains were put into a garbage disposal.

Later, she emptied the garbage disposal, and immediately turned her gift of not being able to be noticed back on. "Another worthless human eliminated." she said to no one, with a smirk