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A Pretty Strange Love Story

A Pretty Strange Love story banner My lovely banner up there was made by the generous Marauder by Midnight... *stares adoringly* Bella is becoming a vampire, and Jacob can't stand it. Can Ang help him come to terms with it? Angela thinks that Bella will be the same after she is changed, but Jacob is convinced that she will be a monster. Who is right? And will Angela get to keep her best friend and her boyfriend? Oh, by the way, this is the sequel to A Not So Every Day Romance, so read that one first unless you want to be majorly confused. Go read the author's note... big, plot changing edits! DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything from Twilight.

Sequel to A Not So Every Day Romance

10. Chapter 10

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“You’re sure?” Billy asked, hope shining in his eyes. I nodded, and gazed out the window at the circle of wolves, pacing anxiously.

“Do they know?” I asked, and Sam walked through the door, a grim expression on his face.

“We all heard. Including Jake. He doesn’t want you to risk it, Angela. He says to tell you that he would rather die than put you in danger like that.” Sam turned to Billy. “He also says to tell you that you shouldn’t have told her that story.”

Billy looked anything but regretful. “I did what I had to. It’s up to her now,” Billy said, sounding strangely portentous.

“And I already made my decision,” I put in. “And you can tell Jacob that he can just stuff it. I’m not going to keep on living if he’s dead; what’s the point?” I knew I was sounding melodramatic, but damn it, it was the truth!

“He probably heard you. I can’t listen to him as a human. Are you sure you want to do this? Billy explained the risks adequately, but are you sure you understand?”

I nodded again, getting impatient. Jake was dying out there, and they were worried about me?

“Worst case scenario, Jake dies. Best-case scenarios, we both have a whacked out mental connection. Middle case scenario, I die. I am not going for the first one, but anything else is fine.” I stared out towards Jake and said loudly, “And you better have heard that!”

Jake growled weakly in my direction, but was cut off by another seizure. They were getting closer together now, a sure sign that time was running out.

Sam nodded, seeming to finally realize that I was not going to change my mind. Billy looked at me proudly, and said, “Well, then let’s get started.”

Sam pushed Billy outside, and I followed.

“Get down beside him,” Billy ordered, and I knelt by the seizing russet colored wolf, placing a hand on his side, careful to avoid one of the painful-looking gashes.

His eyes pivoted toward me, looking very much alert. He was resigned to me doing this, but there was still worry in his eyes. At least he wouldn’t hate me.

I let every memory I had of Jacob open my mind, without Billy’s prodding. Jake’s mind was already opened, I could tell. That must have been how the Pack mind worked, when the guys transformed, their minds became open.

I tried to meld my mind with his, but met a solid wall.

“I can’t do it!” I said, panic threading through my voice.

“Sing,” Billy told me. “Sing with your heart.”

Sing? I couldn’t sing, I knew that very well. Every music teacher I had ever had had told me this. Jake’s life was resting on my musical ability? How screwed up was that?

But Ani’s story came floating to my mind, her courage, her strength, her ability to do whatever it took to save the man that she loved. I needed that.

“Angela,” a husky, feminine voice called to me, separated from our world by a strange mist. “Angela, you must believe. Let go of your fears, let go of everything. All that matters is your love. It will give you the strength to do what is needed. You are as strong as I was, stronger. I made mistakes, mistakes that you will not. Bring him to you. Use your heart, not your mind.”

The strange mist disappeared, and, totally unconscious of the fact that several people were watching, I began to sing.

The voice that came from my throat was not my own; that much was obvious. When I tried to sing, a high croaking noise came from my lips. This voice was low and melodious, and hit every pitch it tried to.

The song rose and fell with the winds, awakening every creature that dwelt within the wood. Sparkling, shimmering lights appeared around Jacob and I, hiding everyone else in the yard.

We were the only two in the universe, the only two that mattered. Our love became a physical thing as I continued to sing, connecting us as surely as a metal cable. Thin, but utterly unbreakable.

Our minds became one in the instant I realized this, molding together. Every bit of pain Jake was feeling crashed into my body, bringing me completely to the ground. The lights stopped flashing and the world became hazy as they faded, leaving me feeling exhausted and alone.

Beside me, Jacob became human shaped, his wounds still there, but he was smiling. He pulled me into his arms, careful not to bump our wounds … there were wounds on my body, the exact same as his. The red hot sting of the venom stopped pulsing through our veins at the same instant, and Jacob’s grin faded.

“Angela,” he murmured. “What have we done?”

“Saved your life,” I murmured back, caressing his cheek, still marveling over the fact that I had saved him.

“But at what price?”

I pulled away from him, the world spinning as I struggled to stand up. His thoughts flew around in my head, ranging from why? To I love her so much, and she was so brave …

An invisible door seemed to slam shut on his thoughts, and I was left alone in my own head.

“Thank you,” was all he said, before pulling me close and kissing me.

The door swung open again as he stopped concentrating, and I could feel him entering my mind as well.

We sifted through each other’s minds as we kissed, our lips grinding harshly against each other, and hands roaming over the other’s body, searching for wounds. They all healed as our minds were combined, presumably using the other’s strength.

I looked through his memories of the past day, feeling his absolute horror as he decided I was trying to shut him out when Bella came back … learning of his insecurities that I would side with the vampires instead of him.

Then, when I had done that stupid stuff; forgetting to call him, not telling him about Edward’s visit, leaving him to talk to Bella … it had all fueled the fire that was slowly eating him up inside.

He had been angry at himself for being unable to keep me near him, and safe, angry at Bella for taking me away, angry at the Cullens, particularly Edward for taking her away, which led to taking me away … he was just so angry that he had exploded, which had hurt me.

That hadn’t been what he wanted, he just wanted to keep me safe. He became a monster in his own eyes, and was looking for a fight when he ran across the vampires’ trail. He had known he should have called for backup, but wanted to vent.

I went through the despair and pain along with him as the vampire bit him, a female with strawberry blonde hair. The other three pointing and laughing, egging their friend on. “Go on, Tanya, leave him! Let him die slowly!” an older male said, glee unmistakable in his eyes.

He was the monster, not Jacob.

“They helped you?” Jacob asked, pulling away from me and shutting the door on his mind again. “Bella and them?”

I nodded. “Yes. Bella really is my friend Jake, but I would never choose her over you.”

He nodded sheepishly, a flush stealing over his cheeks. “That was really stupid of me to think. I was just …”

“I know. I saw.” I told him, no other explanation necessary. “Now, tell me, how are you closing your mind like that? I want to learn how.”

“Just imagine a door or something shielding your thoughts.” He said with a shrug. “It isn’t hard.”

But it was. No matter what I did, Jacob was still able to hear everything I was thinking, but I couldn’t hear him.

“Ah!” I finally exclaimed, throwing my hands in the air. “I give up, at least for now.”

I stretched my cramped muscles, and realized for the first time since Jake and I had spirit bonded that he was naked. Completely naked.

I felt my face turn bright red, and Jake immediately read my thoughts and went into the house, where, presumably, everyone else had gone to give us some alone time.

Jake’s embarrassment at the guys’ teasing dropped his barriers and I slipped into his mind and watched him dress.

That is, until I felt like a peeping Tom-ette and pulled out of there in a hurry, feeling Jake’s amusement as he realized what had happened.

This was really going to take some getting used to.