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A Pretty Strange Love Story

A Pretty Strange Love story banner My lovely banner up there was made by the generous Marauder by Midnight... *stares adoringly* Bella is becoming a vampire, and Jacob can't stand it. Can Ang help him come to terms with it? Angela thinks that Bella will be the same after she is changed, but Jacob is convinced that she will be a monster. Who is right? And will Angela get to keep her best friend and her boyfriend? Oh, by the way, this is the sequel to A Not So Every Day Romance, so read that one first unless you want to be majorly confused. Go read the author's note... big, plot changing edits! DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything from Twilight.

Sequel to A Not So Every Day Romance

12. Chapter 12

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“It’s about time!” Paul hollered from the cliff top, waiting just long enough for us to wave before plunging into the icy water below.

It’s actually not that cold, Jacob disagreed, reading my thoughts yet again.

“I’ll take your word for it,” I suggested, and went over to sit on a fallen tree. Of course, Leah occupied the other end. Just my luck.

Stop that, Jake admonished. Some day, you’re gonna learn to trust me. I promise, she’s not mad. And she doesn’t hate you! That’s just the way she treats everyone.

I shook my head in rueful disagreement, but I plopped down on the log anyway, with a discreet look towards the well-muscled werewolf girl sharing my seat.

Jake shrugged – whether mentally or physically, I couldn’t really tell – and followed Paul into the water.

“Go!” Emily pushed Sam towards the cliff, making it seem like it had been a long argument.

“But –”


Sam stared at her, exasperated, but slowly, did as she instructed, stripping down to his boxers and making a tremendous splash.

Then, with a diver’s precision, Emily followed him, a trusting look on her face. “You better catch –” Thwack. Her body hit Sam’s arms, their wet skin causing a loud noise.

“You caught me,” I heard her say breathlessly from below.

“Of course,” Sam said, sounding slightly insulted. “You wanted me to.”

Then, I was fairly sure, there was some kissing; but I wasn’t rude enough to find out.

But the rest of them didn’t let little things like decency and manners stop them from teasing their Alpha. Catcalls and aptly named wolf whistles echoed off of the banks of the river, and someone gave Sam a slightly inappropriate suggestion … my bet was on one of the younger kids.

Colin, Brady and Seth were always trying to fit in with the older boys, and being perverted was one of the ways they tried to do it.

“Ok, ok,” Sam surrendered, and disappeared from my line of vision as he began to make his way back up the rocky embankment.

“Um, Angela?” a husky, feminine voice called, startling me from my reverie. I turned towards it, surprised when I saw that the words had come from Leah.


“Thank you,” she said simply, and gestured to Emily and Sam arriving atop the cliff.

I nodded unsurely. “Sure,”

“No, really. I – Jake told me what you were thinking, and I just wanted to tell you that I – well … I couldn’t have done it.” Tears began to glisten in her eyes, but she brushed them away with an irritated hand and continued, “I know that. And I was dreading that Emily was going to ask me … so, thanks.” I was nearly speechless as I listened to her heartfelt – albeit brusque – reply.

“You’re welcome.”

Good. Now, you can come in. Jake intruded on my thoughts yet again.

Aw, I’m not intruding. I’m just paying attention. Now, seriously, come in.

No way! I rejected the idea. It’s barely sixty five degrees out here, and the water has to be half that! I don’t know how Emily could stand it – but I’m not trying it.

I’ll keep you warm, he insisted flirtatiously. And it’s not that bad. Here, I’ll catch you, like Sam. It’ll be fine.

Leah was looking at me, a wondering expression on her face. “Is Jacob talking to you?”

“More like ordering me,” I corrected, slightly annoyed at him for insisting that I try this. I didn’t want to freeze to death!

You won’t!

“So ignore him,” Leah suggested, as if she was pointing out the most obvious thing in the world.

Boy, did I wish I could. “I doesn’t exactly work like that,” I explained. “When he’s in my head, I can’t get him out. Believe me, if I could, I –”

No you wouldn’t. You like this just as much as I do.Shut up! I snapped mentally, worrying that Leah was going to think I was a basket case, right after she seemed to actually warm towards me.

“What does he want you to do?” she questioned, scanning the watery area for my boyfriend.

“Get in,” I clarified shortly.

Leah nodded in understanding. “Ah. Well, I’m going in. I just needed to—take a breather.”

I was fairly sure that wasn’t what she had been about to say, but I didn’t want to push my luck this early in our tenuous relationship. “Oh, ok … I’ll watch,” I stammered, quite at odds with the way the two of us had suddenly began talking.

“Why don’t you come in with me? That way I can catch you if Jacob doesn’t.”

I’ll catch you! Jake claimed, insulted.

“It’s too cold!” I whined, knowing that my argument was already lost.

“Nonsense,” Jake’s breath whispered across my ear, making me shiver. “Take off your clothes.” Maybe the littler boys fit right in with him!

“Wouldn’t you like to see that?” I taunted, pulling away from him teasingly.

“Ah, but I already have. Or did you forget already?” His voice was breathy, signaling that his arousal rivaled my own, and I felt ready to explode. I was sure that my heart was about to burst from my chest from beating so hard, and the flush in my skin certainly wasn’t from the heat of the day.

“Fine,” I mumbled. “I’m jumping in. But I swear to God, if you don’t catch me, I’m not kissing you for a week!” Yes, it was a lame ass threat. I knew that. But I didn’t care … it was the best I could come up with while he was so close.

“Deal,” he agreed, flashing me a bright, cheery grin. Then, he was gone, the air rushing around the spot he had occupied seconds ago.

I took my time pulling off my clothes. I had a plan, and I knew it was going to drive Jacob crazy. Which is exactly what I wanted. He was going to pay for making me nuts. Oh, yes.

What was that? Jake naturally chose this minute to tune in.

Nothing, I replied innocently, thinking very hard of how cold the water was going to be. He must have left my mind, because he didn’t say anything as I slid out of my jeans and coat and trudged warily towards the cliff.

I didn’t waste time contemplating what I was about to do. That would just give him time to figure out my plan, and I would probably manage to talk myself out of it.

I plunged into the water, much less gracefully than Emily had. Well … it wasn’t exactly the water. Jacob’s warm, muscular arms caught me before I hit the icy water. He cradled me close to his body, keeping all body parts from exposure to the cold.

“Hi.” His breath tickled my ear as he spoke.

“Hi,” I replied breathlessly. Then, I executed my plan. My arms twined around his neck like two trained cobras, pulling his face down to meet mine. His eyes lit in surprise, but I didn’t stop. I kissed him happily, weaving in and out of his mind as our lips met in a fiery passion.

Then, suddenly, I couldn’t remove my mind from his. I saw myself through his eyes; the goo-goo love expression on my face, my hair terribly mussed, and a smudge of dirt on my nose.

But he didn’t see any of that. Jacob saw the most precious being on the earth … the most fragile, gentle creature that he didn’t deserve. Someone he loved more than life itself. And, someone he was attracted to. Heat pulled in my –his—body, making me –him—distinctly uncomfortable as her—my—body was pressed close up against mine –his.

This total mind-meld was giving me some serious identity issues! It was like we were the same person! Jake must have entered my mind at some point, because he realized what was happening. His arms retracted from my body like I had burned him, and I hit the water before I realized he had let go.

The icy water renewed my senses and sent me spiraling back into my own subconscious, thankfully. I pushed myself to the top.

When my head broke the water, I gulped a lungful of clear, chilly air and swam to the edge, cursing as my breath returned to me.

When Jake came towards me, a troubled expression on his face, I no longer felt angry about the dumping.

His thoughts from before humbled me, and I felt totally awed knowing what I now knew. He loved me. True, he had told me this before, and I believed him, but this was something else. Something utterly different. I had been him, and felt the way he felt about me. What other women would kill to know, I now knew. My other half truly loved me.

“Uh – yeah. That was weird.” His voice was stressed, as if he already knew exactly what I saw and feared how I would react.

“Yeah,” I agreed. “One minute, I was me … then the next, I was you!” I truly was flummoxed about how the whole thing happened, but it was not what I wanted to talk about. However, it probably wasn’t the best idea to jump right into what I wanted to talk about … it’s the sort of subject you should approach cautiously, with copious amounts of small talk.

“So, uh … what – uh, exactly did you see, when you were—um, in me?” Jacob stammered, as unsure as I was as to how to approach the subject.

I flushed; something I did very rarely. “Well –”

“That’s what I thought. Ang, you’ve got to understand –.” Jacob already knew what I was going to say, probably by the uncharacteristic redness covering my cheeks.

“I do!” I interjected. “Better that you expect, probably,” I murmured. Oh, I definitely knew. We stared at each other awkwardly, then did what we did best. Ignored the issue.

“Ok,” I drawled. “Well –”

Luckily, Emily chose that moment to interrupt.

“Angela! Hey, would you be terribly upset if I stole you and Leah for a while? We need to pick out dresses for the wedding, and I am in desperate need of another feminine opinion for a cake and colors, and theme … am I interrupting something?”

She must have caught the confounded expressions on our faces and misread them.

“Oh, no. We were just talking,” I assured her, shooting a look at Jacob’s suddenly blank expression.

“Oh, good.” She looked up at the darkening sky. “Can you believe it’s so late already? Maybe we should put off our trip ‘til tomorrow. We can’t really get much done before all the shops close, anyway.”

I nodded. “Sure. I’m not doing anything.”

Emily looked to Leah. “Me neither,” Leah agreed, looking distinctly uncomfortable. “I never do anything, remember?” she deadpanned. No one laughed. “Sheesh! I was just kidding.” She scrambled back up the cliff, water pooling in the small of her back, then running down her legs.


I drove home a little later, still thinking about my out of body experience. Jacob loved me. Really loved me. And, he wanted to sleep with me. Why didn’t that scare me more? I wasn’t ready to settle down!

I mean, I wasn’t quite as ambitious as my mother, but I still had plans for my future. I was going to college. Jake wasn’t. I was going to have a career. Jake already had one. Protecting the reservation from evil vampires. So, how could we ever build a life together?

Then it occurred to me to wonder why, when I thought of sex, I automatically thought of marriage. The two things were not mutually inclusive. So, why couldn’t I sleep with Jake? We both wanted it – so what if it wouldn’t necessarily work out? In the long run, we’d both grow up, and we’d go our separate ways. Right? That was what normal teenage couples did.

If that was true, though, why did the thought of not seeing him fill my heart with sadness?

No. I refused to even contemplate that line of thinking.

I was going to sleep with Jake. Decision made.

And then, well, it’s like my sister Clara always says, “Let the chips fall where they may.”