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A Pretty Strange Love Story

A Pretty Strange Love story banner My lovely banner up there was made by the generous Marauder by Midnight... *stares adoringly* Bella is becoming a vampire, and Jacob can't stand it. Can Ang help him come to terms with it? Angela thinks that Bella will be the same after she is changed, but Jacob is convinced that she will be a monster. Who is right? And will Angela get to keep her best friend and her boyfriend? Oh, by the way, this is the sequel to A Not So Every Day Romance, so read that one first unless you want to be majorly confused. Go read the author's note... big, plot changing edits! DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything from Twilight.

Sequel to A Not So Every Day Romance

13. Chapter 13

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“Angela? Are you home?” A voice I certainly wasn’t expecting to hear called from somewhere outside my bedroom window.

“Um, yeah. Bella?” I rolled my computer chair over to the window and leaned out curiously. Bella was standing in the yard with her human illusion covering her vampire looks. With it on, she looked exactly like the girl I had befriended junior year – the girl who had become my best friend and then been ripped away from me because of love.

“Hey!” She grinned up at me, showing a few too many teeth for my comfort. “Wanna come swimming with me? Carlisle and Esme found this awesome little hot spring when they were hunting the other day.” She hesitated a moment before saying, “And I was hoping we could talk.”

“Uh, sure.” I turned away from the window and thought about it, not wanting to show Bella my hesitation. Alone. In the woods. With a newly turned vampire. Not a good idea for self preservation … but I didn’t want to hurt Bella.

And Jacob was gone for the day, doing Pack things, so I was alone and bored. And Bella wouldn’t hurt me … I didn’t think.

Then, realizing I was being extremely rude by leaving the girl out in the cold, I leaned back out the window to ask, “Do you wanna come up while I dig out my swimsuit?”

A grin spread over Bella’s face. “Sure. Move out of the way.”

I stepped back, wondering why I had to move. It didn’t really make sense – until the vampire jumped up onto my window sill. “Surprised you, huh?” she asked laughingly, stepping into my room.

I nodded briefly and started rooting through my closet. I knew I had a swimsuit somewhere … Aha. There. Hidden under a pile of dirty laundry – I had been in a bit of a mood, lately, so I didn’t feel like cleaning – was my two piece, slightly skanky swimsuit.

I pulled it out and showcased it to Bella, feeling like a younger version of Vanna White.

“Alice would love that and be suitably thrilled, but me? I’m not really much for fashion.” Bella shrugged. “Looks nice, though … I bet Jake would love to see you in that.” She waggled her eyebrows suggestively, making a giggle slide through my lips.

“You have no idea,” I mumbled, thinking of the thoughts I had seen in Jake’s mind during that mind-meld a week ago. I still hadn’t made a decision about that -- not after that initial ‘screw ‘em and leave ‘em’ thought.

Of course I had changed my mind that night – I still hadn’t figured out where that horrible, burning-in-Hell thought had come from, but I had killed it within two hours, thankfully.

Bella stared at me inquisitively. “Did you sleep with him?” she asked, not like she was being nosy, but as if she wanted to know so she could help me through it.

I shook my head, biting my lower lip. “No. But because of the whole mind-meld thing –“ I had told her about the connection Jacob and I shared the last time we talked on the phone – “I know that he wants it. And I want it too, but …” I broke off, not sure how to continue.

“But?” Bella prodded gently, settling herself on the edge of my bed. And suddenly, I found myself spilling the entire story. The horrible thoughts I had after finding out Jake’s feelings, my hormones taking me by surprise, Emily’s wedding and the Maid of Honor thing, being afraid of the future … the whole enchilada.

In fact, my mental anguish was so much that Jacob could feel it, approximately two hundred miles away. Angela? What’s wrong? Let me in!

I stopped him from completing the mind-meld with extreme difficulty. I wanted nothing more for him to see everything I was feeling so that he could make it better. But that would hurt him, not to mention probably make him worry about the same things … and I couldn’t take his worry on top of my own. And hurting him was definitely at the bottom of my list.

I’m fine, babe. Bella and I are going swimming. I sent back the carefree thought, cautiously holding down the barrier on the rest of my mind.

I had perfected that right after the first incident in the water down at La Push … it was too awkward to have his mind wholly in my body.

“Angela?” Bella’s voice broke me away from our communication, her expression worried. “Are you ok?”

I smiled reassuringly. “Yeah – Jake heard some of my thoughts and figured out that I was upset.” I laughed uneasily. “He’s been a little overprotective lately.” That was the understatement of the year. Every less than happy thought I had was always followed by a worried one from Jacob, unless a miracle happened and I managed to hide my thoughts from him.

“Am I upsetting you?” She sounded so worried … it was sweet. “No, no – my whole sob story was,” I explained tersely. “Now, how about we go swimming?” I ran into the bathroom, bikini in my hand.

I took my time changing, trying to bring myself back under control. Everything was fine. Bella was pretty much back to normal – aside from the whole blood drinking thing – and was here, trying to maintain our friendship.

Jake and I were in love – and lust – with each other, and everything was going fine, aside from the looming future.

So why was I freaking out? We would figure things out, I knew we would. I just had to have faith in our relationship.

And for now, all I had to do was have fun. I slid back into my sweatpants and oversized t-shirt, ready to go. “Ok, let’s go!” I suggested enthusiastically, feeling better than I had about things for a long time. Bella had always had that effect on me, and I was extremely grateful for that at the moment.

Bella nodded, throwing off the funk of my venting and grinning at me predatorily. “Let’s go!” She grabbed my hand and threw me onto her back, piggy-back style, without any warning.

Then, we were flying through the air from Bella’s lunge out of my window. I wasn’t as afraid as I maybe should have been. This was kind of like riding on Jake in his wolf form … only a lot more like flying. “A little warning would be nice next time,” I gasped against the rushing air, knowing my vampire friend with her super hearing could hear me.

Her musical laugh barely registered in my ears before being torn away by the wind. “You’re fine,” she insisted. “Just enjoy it.”

And surprisingly, I did. I never got to look around when I was with Jake, my head had to be down far enough that I got wrap my arms around the russet wolf’s neck, which made the only view I got the broadside of his back.

The rushing scenery gave me a bit of a headache, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying it. The trees on either side of us formed a solid wall of green and brown, and I could barely tell which direction was up. If it hadn’t been for the distinct differences between blue and green, I would never have figured it out.

Abruptly, we stopped. “Aren’t you glad I’m not human anymore?” Bella joked. “If I was, we’d both be in the water right now.” She was referring to her old disability … her clumsiness.

I laughed and started stripping down, suddenly looking forward to the swim. “Good point. But if you were human, we probably wouldn’t have been running through the woods with me on your back, going faster than a speeding vehicle.” My retort was fairly juvenile, but I didn’t care. I suddenly felt much better about life, and I was going to run with it.

We both dove into the water simultaneously; creating a mini tidal wave that swamped the bank on both sides of the small hot spring. We splashed around a while, giggling and having fun like two little school girls.

After swimming for a while, I decided to restart the conversation. There was still so much I wanted to know, and so much I wanted to tell Bella. She had been gone from my life for a long while, and I wanted to make up for lost time. “So, how could you get that close to me? Edward said that newborns couldn’t control themselves that well … and you’ve only been a vampire for a few months.” That was probably the easiest thing I had to say, so I started there.

Bella shrugged, shaking water from her dark hair. “We don’t know, really. Carlisle thinks it has to do with the fact that I knew what I was choosing when Edward turned me, and the fact that blood made me sick when I was human. We’ll probably never know the real reason.” She didn’t sound particularly worried about it, so I let the subject go.

“My turn,” she interjected, before I could even get another word out of my mouth. “Why aren’t you going to sleep with Jake?”

I fell under the water and came up sputtering. “Uh, what?” That was unexpected. Hadn’t I just explained all this back at the house? “I told you – it wouldn’t be right if we’re just going to get separated when I go to college anyway.”

I dragged myself out of the water and lay back in the grass to tan. Bella joined me. “Don’t you love hot springs? It’s warm, even in Forks.” The sun beamed down through the trees, casting a beam on Bella’s face. Tiny lights shone from her pores, surprising me. It was as if tiny diamonds were embedded in her skin. “Wha –“ I gasped, pretty much speechless.

“Vampire side effect,” Bella informed me. “Now answer the question. I know that you didn't give me the only answer.” She stared me down, the red in her eyes fading to a caramel color as she gazed at me knowingly.

“Everything would change,” I admitted. “And the future is part of it, just not all of it.” This was hard … I didn’t even really know why I didn’t want to take the next step with Jacob. I couldn’t figure it out – I was attracted to him. Every time he kissed me, I was ready to jump his bones. So why couldn’t I follow through?

“I would think the answer would be obvious,” a voice scoffed, signaling Edward’s arrival. He suddenly stood to Bella’s right, reddish brown hair disheveled from the run here. His shirt was unbuttoned, leaving little to the imagination. But I didn’t even stare – Jake had a way better body.

“I’ll ignore that last thought,” the vegetarian vampire said dryly, rolling his eyes.

“Edward!” Bella scolded, looking appalled at her boyfriend’s behavior. “What are you doing here? And why are you listening into Angela’s thoughts – that’s rude! And what are you ignoring?”

My face burned, reminiscent of the blushes human Bella had been plagued with. “Oh, God,” I groaned, diving back into the water to escaped the embarrassment.

Edward Cullen had just been listening in on my thoughts about sex. Just freakin’ great.

When I regained enough of my pride to emerge from the water, Edward was gone, leaving Bella lying on the grass, her skin sparkling in the sunlight.“I’m so sorry about him –“ she began, but I cut her off.

“What’d he say?” I asked. I was curious, now, since Edward apparently knew my reasons for avoiding Jake when I didn’t. And I knew that Bella wouldn’t make the situation any more awkward than it already was. Why not get some information while I was already mortified?

“You’re afraid Jake will reevaluate your relationship if you put out,” she said simply. “It’s perfectly normal – which is why you’re over thinking things. You’re used to having supernatural problems – this is just something all couples have to deal with. Talk to Jake, Angela. He’s the only one that’s going to make you feel better about this.”

I knew she was right. But talking to Jake would mean discussing other things, things I wasn’t sure I was ready to talk about.

But if I didn’t, I was going to push Jake away, or go insane. Probably both – the latter sooner than the former. And damn it, I wasn’t willing to let either of those things happen.

I was going to talk to Jake.