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A Pretty Strange Love Story

A Pretty Strange Love story banner My lovely banner up there was made by the generous Marauder by Midnight... *stares adoringly* Bella is becoming a vampire, and Jacob can't stand it. Can Ang help him come to terms with it? Angela thinks that Bella will be the same after she is changed, but Jacob is convinced that she will be a monster. Who is right? And will Angela get to keep her best friend and her boyfriend? Oh, by the way, this is the sequel to A Not So Every Day Romance, so read that one first unless you want to be majorly confused. Go read the author's note... big, plot changing edits! DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything from Twilight.

Sequel to A Not So Every Day Romance

4. A Reunion

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Running with Edward was terrifying. Alice was extra careful to make sure I didn’t hit her shoulder bone, or flop up and down, but Edward just grabbed me and threw me up there like I was a sack of potatoes.

Finally, thankfully, it was over. He stopped and I hopped down, as quickly as I possibly could.

“Edward! What did you do, drag her here? Holy Crow!” Bella’s now musical voice said from behind me.

“Alice?” Bella’s voice asked, and Alice’s pixie-like form danced over to help me up.

I looked up at Bella in confusion; why hadn’t she helped me up? She was my best friend, and it was her boyfriend that did it.

“I can smell you the whole way over here. It would not be a good idea to get any closer,” Bella said by way of explanation. Then I remembered. New vampires had a really hard time controlling their urges to drink blood. And I was the only one with blood in a five mile radius, so it probably was a good idea for me to stay back.

“It’s not only blood I’m smelling from her,” Alice said, wrinkling her nose.

Her husband, Jasper, nodded. “The stench of dog is almost enough to offset my hunger.”

I immediately took offense on my boyfriend’s behalf. “Jake says you guys smell bad, and I’m more inclined to believe him!”

The Cullens all looked taken aback. Did I notice that before? They were all in the clearing with me? No. All I had seen was Alice, Edward, and Bella. Then I was able to see Jasper when he spoke.

“Uh, have you guys been here the whole time?” I asked with a jump, forgetting my earlier anger.

Bella grinned, and suddenly, she was the only one I could see. “Cool, huh? It’s my talent. Illusion, that is. They’re here, you just can’t see them. I can make anything invisible, or make it look like something else.”

Her grin grew wider. “And, this isn’t really what I look like, I just had to keep up appearances for graduation when all of those people who knew me before. Watch!” Bella was obviously very excited about her power, but me, not so much. It could spell big trouble for the Pack if they ever decided to turn against us.

“When,” Edward said, (Bella glaring at him for interrupting her moment, as the real Bella would never do; the Bella I knew hated attention), “did you become one of them?” he finished scornfully. “The last time I checked you were best friends with Bella, and cared for her as much as the dog you are with. Or was I wrong?”

Bella was looking at me like she was about to cry. Oh, damn! I had forgotten that Edward could read thoughts.

A thought popped up in my mind, completely unbidden. I became closer with Jake when Bella abandoned me, and I had to find someone to talk to.

I quickly squashed it, hoping that Edward wouldn’t feel the need to reveal my thoughts to Bella. He apparently didn’t, and I checked my watch. I had less than five minutes before Jake came looking for me.

“No, of course I love them both. Things are just, a little, uh, different now. I can hardly talk to someone who can’t come closer than five feet away. It’s just for a while though, right? I mean, it won’t take a million years or anything. We’ll have time to catch up then. Jake is going to come crashing through those trees at any moment, so I’d better go.”

I knew that I was making things worse, but I couldn’t have Jacob coming to find me. As soon as he heard a word from this, new Bella’s mouth, the treaty that bound him from attacking would be a thing of the past.

And as soon as he attacked, I knew, the Cullens would fight back. And Jake would lose. There were eight vampires, and only one of him. Even if he got the whole Pack to fight, they would still lose. There were only six werewolves.

“Angela is right, Bella. We will get you two together at a more opportune time.” Carlisle Cullen came out of the illusion fog, and spoke to me.

“It will be soon, right Angela?” There was the barest hint of a threat in Edward’s voice, one to not say anything else that would upset Bella.

I nodded, and smiled at her. “I missed you, Bells. And I’m glad you’re back.”

Edward stepped forward and slung me, more gently this time, over his shoulder, and we raced back towards the school.

He dropped me by the woods’ edge, near where Jacob was staring angrily, and said, “Leave your window open tonight.” Then, he vanished.

I looked to Jacob, ready to argue about the window thing, but he didn’t say anything. Not one blessed thing. His face bore a defeated look, and he simply trudged to the car, not saying a word.

“Bella’s a vampire,” he said simply, and tears fell from his eyes freely. “I failed.”

I couldn’t take it. I wrapped my arms around his body and pulled him into the back seat. His head fell on my shoulder, and I stroked his hair gently, like I would when he was a—

“Let’s go to the Fall.” I suggested. The Fall was our place, one that Jake’s mother had taken him to when he was little, and he had taken me to when I had first found out that he was a werewolf. Since then, we had gone there whenever one of us was upset. Jake could phase whenever he wanted to there, and we had some of our best moments there.

Jake nodded, and climbed out the door, wiping his eyes. I followed, and jumped in the passenger seat. Jake could drive, because I really didn’t want to. I always got lost when I drove in La Push.

We drove in silence, and then trekked through the woods in silence.

Soon, I could see the waterfall that we had named the place for.

“You didn’t fail,” I blurted suddenly, feeling like I would burst if I didn’t tell him soon.

He looked at me sadly. “Bella is – was, my best friend. I let her become a monster. I failed.”

I shook my head vehemently. “Bella isn’t a monster! I went and talked to her, remember? She was the same as always, except a little happier and more confident. It really seemed like she was happy.” Jacob looked like he was hanging onto my words as a life preserver.

“I don’t want to talk about this anymore.” Jake said abruptly. “You just graduated. We should be celebrating.”

“Uh-huh. And what did you have in mind, Mr. Black?” I asked in the most seductive voice I could manage.

“Well, I was thinking something like this…” He picked me up so I could reach his head, and pressed his lips to mine. My body went up in flames, and so did rational thought. My arms wrapped around his neck of their own volition, and I pulled myself closer, deepening the kiss.

Jake’s hands found the hem of my shirt, and it came off before I realized what was happening. Things were happening so fast. We were kissing, and almost on top of each other. Jacob’s shirt was gone too, and his eyes had darkened; with lust? What was I doing?

I pulled away so fast I fell backwards, spots of color burning in my cheeks. What had just happened? What had I almost let happen?

“Oh man, Angela, I’m so sorry, I don’t know what I was …”

“Jake, shut up. It takes two people to do that. We just, lost our heads for a minute. Or two. The point is, nothing happened. Everything’s cool.” I just kept babbling.

“Let’s go home.” I suggested, and started for the car.

“Uh, Ang? You might want to – .” He broke off and gestured towards me. I glanced down and turned bright red again. I had forgotten my shirt. I yanked it on, and dove into the car.

After Jacob dropped me off, my family took me out to dinner. All of us. It was, of course, a nightmare. Mom yelled at dad and I all night, and Clara looked ready to cry. I just couldn’t take any more that day.

I was at the end of my rope, with my vampire friend, who wasn’t really my friend anymore, she was a completely different person. And then, there was my werewolf boyfriend who felt like a failure because of my vampire not-so-best friend, and Bella’s boyfriend telling me to leave my window open, most likely so he could come yell at me tonight. Now, the final straw, was my mother telling me that if I didn’t go to med school, she wouldn’t be paying for school at all.

I was so ready to blow. “Mother, that is it. I will not take your attitude anymore, to me, or dad. Dad is a wonderful parent, better than you, from what I gather from Clara, and what I remember from before you left. I can’t take the stress from you yelling right now, I just can’t. I am not going to med school, and nothing you say will change my mind on that front. I get dizzy at the sight of blood, which you would know if you knew me at all. I’m also terrible at math, which would pretty much decimate my chances of passing anyway! I’m going to college for something I want to do, not what you want me to do, and Clara will too. If you say another word on the subject, I will go stay with Jake until you leave. Understand?”

At my mother’s stiff nod, I finished my steak and stood up. Luckily, I drove here alone, and could leave.

“I’m going to go home. See you there.” I left the restaurant with basically everyone there staring at me.