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A Pretty Strange Love Story

A Pretty Strange Love story banner My lovely banner up there was made by the generous Marauder by Midnight... *stares adoringly* Bella is becoming a vampire, and Jacob can't stand it. Can Ang help him come to terms with it? Angela thinks that Bella will be the same after she is changed, but Jacob is convinced that she will be a monster. Who is right? And will Angela get to keep her best friend and her boyfriend? Oh, by the way, this is the sequel to A Not So Every Day Romance, so read that one first unless you want to be majorly confused. Go read the author's note... big, plot changing edits! DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything from Twilight.

Sequel to A Not So Every Day Romance

7. The News

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I woke with the sunrise the next morning—the sunlight in Bella’s room was shocking. The whole side wall was made of glass, an endless window. Normally, I would have taken the time to admire the view, but I was on a mission. I was going to La Push today, and Bella and her new family were not going to stop me. I slid out of bed, grimacing as I caught my reflection in the mirror. My hair was a tangled mess, and my clothes were wrinkled and torn in places. There was no way I could let Jake see me like this, he was probably blaming himself enough already.

Alice cleared her throat from the doorway. How long had she been standing there?

“I saw you wake up, and figured you would want clothes.” She eyed me speculatively. “You’re about Bella’s size, and I’m sure she won’t mind lending you something.” At my confused expression, she continued, “She went hunting with Edward early this morning,”

“Oh.” My voice was dull; I just wanted to see Jake. Couldn’t they understand that?

“Here,” Alice led me towards a door in the far wall, and then disappeared inside a closet bigger than the living room in my house.

“Wear this!” She exclaimed when she reappeared, holding a pair of jeans and a fitted tee shirt.

I slipped the clothing on wordlessly.

“Do you have a –“ She handed me a hairbrush before I could even finish the sentence.

“Thanks.” I gulped. I brushed my hair out quickly, wincing when the knots pulled against my super sensitive scalp.

When I was decent, Alice danced out the door, returning with Dr. Cullen. “Well, Angela, I don’t think I’ll be able to stop you from leaving today, so I’ll just change your bandages and get you there.” He regarded me sternly. “And you are not to push yourself in any way, do you understand? Your body needs time to heal.” I nodded impatiently, itching to find Jake.

“Dr. Cullen, is there any way you could, well, not put that bandage on?” I didn’t want it to seem like I was seriously injured, Jake would have a fit.

“No.” Came the firm reply, and cold stone-like fingers wound gauze around my stitches before I could inhale.

“Now, I believe Alice and Jasper are going to drop you off at the border in a few minutes, so you’ll need to have someone come get you at the border.”

I showed him my cell phone and dialed Emily’s number faster than I thought possible.

“Emily? Can you get someone to pick me up at the border? I’m finally allowed to leave… Emily?”

“Yeah, I’ll tell Sam, hon. When?” She finally answered.

I looked over at Alice. “Five minutes.” She mouthed.

“Five minutes,” I repeated to Emily.

“See you soon.” The line went dead.

I frowned. Something was wrong, but what? Alice gave me a reassuring grin. “Are you hungry? Bella always ate something in the morning—“

“I’ll eat with the Pack.” I said, then, noticing Alice’s face, I felt bad. “I just want to make sure he’s ok. I think I still have plans with Bella after everything is straightened out, so I’ll eat here then, alright?”

A much happier Alice led me down the stairs to where Jasper was waiting.

“You know, I could probably get Sue to come get me…” Jasper was eyeing me hungrily, his eyes as dark as pitch. I was beginning to realize this as a sign that vampires were hungry. Or thirsty. Or whatever you call it when a vampire wants to drink someone’s blood.

“Don’t be ridiculous. The border is on our way. We’re going to meet Edward and Bella in Alaska.” Alice told me- totally clueless.

“Ready? Good.” Alice swung me up into her arms like a baby, and ran out the door. Jasper ran beside us, a feral expression in his eyes. I shivered, staring at the danger I could see there.

Seeing Jasper like that made me realize that things with Bella could have been so much worse. Jasper is what I truly considered a monster, though I would never voice that in Alice’s presence.

A dark brown wolf joined us once we reached the outer homes of La Push. I recognized Quil immediately.

“Hey Quil.” I greeted nervously, staring at Jasper as he bent down into a battle stance. My eyes then shifted to Quil as his hackles rose and a low growl rumbled deep in his throat.

I shot a panicked look at Alice, who grabbed Jasper’s arm. “Jazz, calm down. The wolf is here to get her.” Slowly, Jasper’s fierce expression faded, and his eyes became soft as Alice stroked his chest.

“Bye, Angela. We’ll see you soon.” After Alice’s parting remark, both vampires faded into the forest, seeming to be ethereal beings floating back to the underworld.

“Uh, Quil, how are we getting to Emily’s?” He had obviously run here, his enormous body would never have fit into any type of vehicle. He made a chuckling noise and gripped my hand gently in his teeth, somehow managing to do it without bothering the stitches.

He led me through a thicket and Jake’s Rabbit was sitting there, the keys in the ignition. I climbed in the drivers seat, assuming he meant to run ahead.

I assumed correctly, and we met up at Emily’s house. She was sitting on the porch, a little girl beside her. I joined them there, asking, “Who’s this?” as the girl toddled up beside me, making her way for the stairs.

“Angela, grab her!” Quil’s roar came at the last second. I managed to snatch the girl into my arms before she fell. Quil ran towards us, growling at me and taking her from my arms into his own.

“Quil!” Emily said reproachfully, and then looked at me. “Don’t mind him. That’s my niece, Claire. He imprinted with her, so if he’s overly protective, ignore him.”

I stared at her blankly. She spoke as if I should know what she was talking about, and it should be important.

“Jake hasn’t told you…”

“No, he hasn’t Emily. She doesn’t know a lot, and I think we’d better fix that. She doesn’t know about him being the Second, or anything important really. Sam wants us to fix that before we take her, too.” Quil interrupted, sizing me up with his eyes.

“You found him? Thank God. Where is he?” I demanded, very nearly growling when Quil shook his head.

“We found him, but we aren’t going to take you just yet. There are a few things you need to know first.” His voice was deadly serious, and he was still staring at me with a strange expression in his eyes. Worry? Fear? What was wrong?

“What’s wrong? Is he ok? What?” I was practically hysterical.

Emily held my hand, gripping my fingers tightly. “Calm down. He’ll explain. It’ll be alright, Angela.” Her words did nothing to reassure me; in fact they made me more anxious. She knew what was wrong and didn’t want to tell me.

“You know what Emily was saying a minute ago? About imprinting? Well, that’s why you and Jake hit it off so fast. He saw you and immediately fell for you. That’s what imprinting is, finding your other half. It happens for werewolves when we see the person.”

Finding his other half? What, like destiny? That didn’t make any sense, and I told Quil so, hoping that he would understand what I was trying to say.

“Love doesn’t make sense. Anyway, when Jake hurt you, it was like ripping part of himself away, not to mention he felt crazy guilty.” He paused, glancing at my face speculatively. “Has Jake mentioned anything about the problem we’ve been having?”

I frowned. “He doesn’t like to talk about Pack stuff. He tries to keep the two parts of his life separate.”

Quil rolled his eyes. “I know. And that’s probably what’s hurting him right now. If he would have just told you the truth, none of this would have happened. Anyway, we’re having some problems with another coven of vampires. There’s four of them, and they all hate us, apparently for something other than the obvious reasons.”

“Ok,” I said, urging him to continue.

“Well, after Jake… er, attacked you, he wasn’t thinking straight and ran smack into them, all alone. Then, of course, since he was already pissed, he tried to take them down. Only, we got there fast enough to stop them from killing him, but they had already—“

“What? Already what?” I demanded, my voice bordering on hysterical.

“Bit him.” Quil said disgustedly. “A fate worse than death for any werewolf. But Billy thinks there’s a way to save him, but only if you’re willing.”

I wanted to shake him. “Of course I’m willing! For God’s sake, take me to Billy! Where’s Jake?”

“In the yard at his place. We can’t get him to change back, but that’s probably a good thing if we’re going to do this. Angela, make sure you think this through. Billy won’t tell you the bad things; he wants to save Jake too badly. I want my brother back, but I don’t want you both to be miserable either. He wouldn’t ever forgive us if we let you go into this half cocked…” Quil continued to yammer on until I couldn’t take it any more.

“Let’s go!” I shrieked, going crazy from the delay.

He sighed, and nodded at Emily. She nodded back, and they led me outside to the Rabbit. Jake was going to be fine. I would make sure of it.