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A Pretty Strange Love Story

A Pretty Strange Love story banner My lovely banner up there was made by the generous Marauder by Midnight... *stares adoringly* Bella is becoming a vampire, and Jacob can't stand it. Can Ang help him come to terms with it? Angela thinks that Bella will be the same after she is changed, but Jacob is convinced that she will be a monster. Who is right? And will Angela get to keep her best friend and her boyfriend? Oh, by the way, this is the sequel to A Not So Every Day Romance, so read that one first unless you want to be majorly confused. Go read the author's note... big, plot changing edits! DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything from Twilight.

Sequel to A Not So Every Day Romance

9. The Chapter that's Really Chapter 8...

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Quil drove this time; my mind was too numb. Emily sat in the back seat with me, patting my hand occasionally, and telling me that it would be ok. I wanted to scream at her, rage that everything wouldn’t be ok. Jacob could die. Didn’t she understand that? He was everything important to me. Everything would end if he died. I would end.

I remembered the way Bella was when Edward had gone away last year; a shadow of the vivacious person she had once been. I understood that now. She felt completely alone, as if the last person on earth who cared about her was gone, even if that wasn’t exactly true. I knew I would still have my family, even my mother, and Bella, although that was scant comfort anymore.

A hand slapping me across the face made me notice that I couldn’t breathe, and brought me back my sense. Jacob was not dead yet, and Quil had said that I might be able to save him. Focus, Angela!

“Thanks,” I gasped out to Emily, the owner of the hand. She nodded unsurely, as if she couldn’t decide if she had done the right thing.

“Really,” I tried to assure her, “I needed that.”

“We’re here,” Quil interrupted from the front, and got out and opened the door for us.

My legs felt shaky under me; I barely remembered how to walk. The whole world looked different now, less bright and inviting, more dead and frightening. Even Billy’s dilapidated old cottage looked cold and uninviting. Everything did, without Jacob.

“Come on!” Quil called back to us impatiently, way ahead of us. Emily and I followed him around back of the house, losing our breath as we hurried to catch up.

He swung the gate open, and several giant wolves greeted us. Black and hulking, Sam appeared at the front and grabbed my sleeve in his teeth leading me into the center of a circle I hadn’t realized they formed. A sense of déjà vu overcame me and I remembered at the beginning, when I had gone into the middle of another circle to calm Jake down, so Bella could become a vampire. Was this karma? For allowing her to … No. There was nothing I could have done to prevent it, I knew. Seriously, the Cullens could have taken me out in a second, and then all that would have been different is that Jake would have been in danger so much earlier.

He was lying there in the middle, his red-brown sides heaving, covered in sweat. His mouth lolled open, allowing me to see the broken teeth in his mouth, most likely from his fight with the vampires. Blood still coated his sides, numerous gashes the obvious cause.

Tears began to stream down my face as I knelt beside him, aware of all of his brothers and Emily staring. “Oh, God. Jake,” I sobbed, and buried my head in his neck fur, stroking the unmarred fur. He made a strangled noise and tried to move his head toward me, but fell back to the ground, his body convulsing.

“What’s happening?” I cried, putting both of my hands on his head to calm his frenzied seizure.

“His body is rejecting the bloodsucker venom,” Billy’s voice answered me, deadly calm. “It can’t accept it; it goes against nature. It’s killing him.” He sounded so sure; it made me want to scream.

“Why did you bring me here if there’s nothing I can do?” I demanded, my vision going red for an instant as I spun to glare at the Quiluete Elder.

“But there is,” he said quietly. “But come inside. We shouldn’t talk about it right here.” Translation: He didn’t want Jake to hear it, whatever it was. I followed him with one last panicked glance at Jacob. He watched me go, breaking into another seizure as I watched.

I resisted the urge to run back to him, hoping that I was doing the right thing by following Billy.

We sat across from each other at the kitchen table, allowing me to study him before he began to speak.

His long hair was unkempt, and dark shadows adorned his bloodshot eyes. He looked incredibly weary and old, much older than I had noticed before. His hands shook on the armrests of his wheelchair, and pure, unadulterated worry transformed him into someone whom I didn’t know.

“There are stories, passed from Elder to Elder on their deathbeds. You’ve heard most of them when we convene the Pack to try and help them, but there are certain ones that we don’t share. Ones that could ruin people’s lives. But in this case, one of them could save one. My son’s.” His dark eyes were strangely alight, and he leaned across the table as he spoke.

I could only listen, enraptured, as he began to speak.

“Generations ago, there was a warrior, a chief of the Quiluete people. His name was Ta-Ho-La, and he was one of the strongest warriors known at the time. He came after Taha Aki and the spirit warriors, and was one of the chosen to have a wolf inside him. "

“He fell in love with a woman and imprinted; her name was Ani. She was young and strong, a horsewoman. He chose to take her as his bride, and they began preparations for the ceremony. The day before their wedding, Ta-Ho-La took Ani for a walk through the forest. He smelled the Cold One immediately and transformed, shielding Ani with his body.

“There were three of the enemy, two females and a male. They all attacked at once, leaving Ta-Ho-La nearly defenseless. The sound of Ani’s breathing behind him pushed him on, and he managed to take down the two females and face the male.

“His jaws clamped down on the vampire’s throat, and Ta-Ho-La believed that he had won. In that second his guard was down, the vampire also bit him, injecting venom into his system. Ta-Ho-La ripped the leech’s head off and managed to transform back to a human to burn the pieces of all the enemies, but after the deed was done he fell to the ground in wolf form, convulsing.

“Ani ran to him, her tears awakening the human in him. He tried to phase back, but found himself unable. If he had, the poison would have spread faster, so his body simply wouldn’t allow it. Ani lay on top of him, ready to die alongside him. She didn’t quite understand what was happening, but she knew that her betrothed was dying. Her love was so absolute that she was prepared to die with him, and that was what she was going to do.

“She began to sing, a tune with no words, the same song she had been known to sing with the horses to calm them. Strange lights began to appear as the wind carried her voice around, and the rest of Ta-Ho-La’s Pack arrived, surrounding them.

“Still Ani sang, until Ta-Ho-La ceased convulsing, and suddenly, he sat before her, a man. His voice joined hers in celebration, and melody and counter-melody weaved together in a song that couldn’t be replicated. Their very minds blended together, and they became one.” Billy’s tale was so very entrancing that I nearly forgot about Jacob lying on the ground outside, bleeding and dying.

“Ta-Ho-La used Ani’s strength to fight the venom, and together, they fought the poison and won.

“Later, though, they realized that they could not completely separate their minds. They could feel the others emotions, read their thoughts, and when one was injured, the same injury appeared on the other’s body. When Ta-Ho-La was a wolf, Ani read the Pack mind as well. They managed to get through every obstacle, but since their time, only two others have tried.

“Both women were driven mad. Some humans can not stand the omnipresent Pack mind, the feral thoughts that go through a wolf’s mind. Neither of the women could understand, and both killed themselves to escape, which killed the one they were bonded to. The Spirit Bond is not to be taken lightly, Angela. You must decide whether you are willing. It might very well kill you as Jacob absorbs your strength, or you might be driven mad later. But if you do not, Jacob will die.”

So, there really wasn’t that much of a choice. If Jake died, I didn’t want to live anyway, so why shouldn’t I try it? As long as Jacob lived, I didn’t really care what happened to me. It was worth it.

Plus, it had worked for Ani, why shouldn’t it work for me? There was no one in the world that I loved more than Jacob, we could make it through.

“What do I have to do?”