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Alternative Intertwining

Isabella Swan never belonged to the world she was born into. She was always destined to become a vampire. They interlaced into her future. But what if when she came to Forks and met the Cullen’s, she already had been twined in their dark world not too long ago? She’s still human, but with friends and family living in twilight. (Don’t own anything except the changes in the storyline) (Use of content from ‘Twilight’ and Leaked-copy-of-‘Midnight Sun’)


1. Shadow Stalker

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My mother drove me to the airport with the windows rolled down. It was seventy-five degrees in Phoenix, the sky a perfect, cloudless blue.

Jamie, Tory or Rent couldn’t take me because; A) If they went out in sunlight people would attempt to capture and run tests on them, given the fact their skin sparkled like diamonds. B) I wanted to spend my last few moments in Arizona with my loving, erratic, harebrained mother who now had to fend for herself.

All I can say is thank God she had found Phil. I knew that he would pay the bills on time, stock the fridge, put gas in her tank and help her find her way when she got lost.

I’d miss doing all of them things for her; she was my best-friend and my responsibility. It felt alien and wrong to be putting them on someone elts, who could do something wrong, or break my carefully developed routine.

I loved Phil like a brother, not a dad, and he the same for me. We were siblings whilst I was my mother’s mother. I had brought her up the second I was born. I always had protected her from the start, as my mum made you feel that way about her. You could just feel deep inside how vulnerable she is.

Phil and I trust each other to share the massive undertaking it is; looking after of my mum. It was just me at first, and then I shared the work load with him. I guess it was like weaning myself off of her, letting her go slowly.

In the Olympic Peninsula of northwest Washington State, a small town of Forks exists under a near-constant cover of clouds. It rains on this inconsequential town more than any other place in the United States of America. It was from this town and its gloomy, omnipresent shade that my mother escaped with me when I was only a few months old. It was in this town that I’d been compelled to spend a month every summer until I was fourteen. That was the year I finally put my foot down; these past three summers, my dad, Charlie, vacationed with me in California for two weeks instead.

My fifteenth summer in California was when I met them. Mysterious sweetheart James, or as I like to call him, Jamie. Flame haired, fiery Victoria or just simply Tory. Last but by no means least, tall, dark and deadly Laurent, better know as Rent. They were all vampires but that failed to matter to me. I loved them all, undead or not.

I’ll never forget the day we met. Well . . . of course I won’t, it was the day my whole life was flipped upside down, and my views of the world radically, broken apart.

~~ California ~~

Charlie and I had just arrived the day before, and I was looking forward to when Charlie would want to get out his baiting gear, and head for the hills, or water, I think, is more appropriate. This was so I could reintroduce myself to the secluded Californian town in which we stayed when we came.

“Hey Bells you don’t wanna come fishing with me tomorrow, do you?” Charlie asked me from my solid brown oak doorway, as I unpacked my belongings. Making me relax as I now knew I had tomorrow to myself to wander round and pick a present for my mum that she would like.

“Umm . . . can I pass please dad. I want to go and have a look round the shops. That’s if it’s ok with you?” I knew it would be, given my dads ‘y’ chromosome, resulting in a hatred of shopping.

“Sure that’d be fine, just don’t stay out too late. Come home before 7 ‘o’ clock. That’s the deadline. Well I’ll just . . . erm . . . go now.”

My dad never has or will be comfortable with setting rules. Just like how he can’t discuss his feelings and how he just curls in on himself. Not literally of course, that’d just be weird.

That night I slept and actually got some rest, given my sleep talking decided not to strike that night. Well that’s what I thought was the cause of my bliss. . .

The next morning I woke up at around 7 with Charlie already long gone. I quickly got dressed into my favourite light blue shorts and sleeveless, white eyeless lace. The top I, a year later, would be wearing as a farewell gesture, as I left my beloved home in Phoenix.

So I set off wandering the blistering streets of California, my only protection factor a gazillion sunblock and the shade of whatever I could find.

If you saw a person moving in the shadows you would expect them to be following someone. Not that a second person could actually be stalking the shadow drifter.

That creeping feeling that crawls up your back, telling you that a stranger is watching your every move, struck me. With goosebumps running all the way down my body from the back of my neck to my toes, I-whilst still moving-turned my head to see the face of my . . . companion of sorts. And see him I did.

His rich skin flowing like silk over his perfectly carved face. His red eyes gleaming like rubies that contrasted with his dark colouring, making him even more magnificent than the most beautiful night. He was beautiful and unnaturally perfect.

He was also staring deep into my eyes, with a hunger that no amount of feeding could sedate. It wasn’t a physical hunger, but one of wanting, possessing, capturing.

He was danger. But I couldn’t find it in myself to fear him. He needed me, and I wanted to help his tortured soul if that was what life had planned for me. I knew self defence that would keep me alive, well, hopefully.

I swallowed my fear and braved death. “I don’t appreciate being followed without warning. If you have something to tell me, then it would be greatly appreciated if you would just get it out of the way.”

To say he was surprised was an understatement. He was astonished, and a wee bit pleased.

“Hello, my name is Laurent and these are my friends; James and Victoria.” As he said their names they appeared on either side. James on the right and Victoria the left.

They were all opposites; Laurent was easily the most beautiful, his hair a short glossy black. He was of a medium build, hard-muscled, with an easy smile that exposed a flash of gleaming white teeth.

The woman was wilder, her chaotic hair quivering in the miniscule, refreshing breeze. Her posture was distinctly feline.

The second male, James, was slighter than Laurent, and possessed light brown hair that had flashes of dirty blond. His eyes, though completely still, somehow seemed the most vigilant.

Other than the common perfection of them all, their only links were their catlike postures and deep burgundy eyes.

The female was the one to encourage me to speak up. They had the feel of making you want to fear them. Although I could tell they wanted me to relax and not feel threatened.

“You’re a smart girl, I’ll wager. You’re frightened, but please don’t be. We have no reason to harm you, and want you to trust us. I know this trust will only come if you chose it to, so we want to get to know you better. As you know all of our names, can you put us on the same page and tell me yours?”

She had a lioness’ confidence and a will power of steel that was obvious. I liked her already; she fit into my two favourite types of people. Quiet and kind or confident and painfully truthful. Lying didn’t fit into either category because I never felt the need to put it in. I have always been an awful liar and trust people to be better than me. I had no qualms in answering her.

“Isabella Swan, but I prefer Bella.” My voice didn’t even break, I was impressed.

James spoke up which I felt was a massive surprise to the other two. “How old are you Isabella?”

“Ahh, I see you didn’t understand when I said I prefer Bella. I meant if you wish to talk to, ask me a question or get my full undivided attention I will only respond to Bella or Bells for the people who know me best.” My response earned a smile, a name correction and a hand from James, which I accepted. Whilst on the other hand I earned a shocked response from Laurent and Victoria. Apparently no one talked to James like I just did, and expect to get away with it. Never mind get a positive response out of him. It was the start of a deep understanding, and respect he had for anyone who could say what they wanted, without being cocky.

I spent the day getting to know them and finding out what they were. I wasn’t scared when I found out; I was too preoccupied with watching my world alter. I was a sceptic when it came to spirits, so how much different is finding out something elts mythical really does exist.