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Calming Sensations

Bella is a vampire and they are starting college at Dartmouth. Bella has to leave Renesmee in Forks and she has to live in the dorms. Once they start classes at Dartmouth, something doesnt seem right. What could it be? The story is from Bella's point of view.


1. Chapter 1

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It was exactly two weeks before Edward and I were going to be headed to Dartmouth, and we still had a lot to do. We have to move to the house, and I want to make sure that Renesmee’s room is exactly how it is in our cottage. Edward and I decided that since Renesmee is still growing at an extremely fast rate, we cannot put her in normal school, for it will raise suspicion.

Esme has offered to take care of her while we are in class. Me and Edward decided to major in the same thing, so we could be in the same classes together. We decided to major in business. Alice and jasper decided to major in business too.

Edward, Alice, Jasper, and I are taking two classes a day. They are all in the morning because we want to stay away from as many humans as possible.

* * * * * *

The same second that Edward and I were about to open the door o go inside, Alice greeted us, “Good morning! Bella, do you want to go shopping? We need new clothes for school.”

“Do we have to go?” I asked, while looking at Edward for help. He smiled and squeezed my hand more.

“Yes. Renesmee needs new clothes too, and what harm is another shopping spree?” She trilled.

“You don’t think my closet full of new clothes that I haven’t even touched is enough for school? Let alone the rest of my existence?”

“No, we are going shopping. Besides, Edward and Carlisle have some Dartmouth scheduling to do. They need to switch some classes around for us,” she said flatly.


“Yeah! We will leave in ten minutes.”

I turned to Edward with a disappointed look. He kissed me lightly on the lips. “I’m sure Renesmee will love whatever you buy her.”

“I guess she will like some new clothes. I’ll go wake her up before we leave. Then again, Jacob is with her, and I’m sure he will bring her over once she wakes up.”

“I’m sure he will.” This time he pulled me closer and kissed me. My lips crushing against his soft, smooth lips. Then Alice walked in, ready to leave.

“Ahem,” she coughed.

I pulled away slowly from Edward. “Let’s go,” I said annoyed.

We took Alice’s yellow Porsche. She sped allt he way to Seattle. I’m surprised that we never get a ticket from the police with all the speeding that we do.

When we got to the mall, I hissed under my breath. “It’s going to be fun!” Alice shrilled.

“Can’t wait.”

“It’s going to be fun. Just think, two hours, and we are done for today,” she encouraged me. “Let’s go pick out some cute clothes for Renesmee.”

Surprisingly we only got to a few stores, when my phone rank. At the same moment, Alice had a vision. Her blank stare on her face worried me.

I got my phone out quickly and saw that it was Edward. “Hi Edward. Is something wrong? Alice looks worried.”

“There is a very slight problem come back and we will tell you.” He was talking so fast, that if I was human, I would not have been able to understand him.

“We are leaving now.” I grabbed Alice, who stood there worried and we walked quickly for a human pace to the car.