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Calming Sensations

Bella is a vampire and they are starting college at Dartmouth. Bella has to leave Renesmee in Forks and she has to live in the dorms. Once they start classes at Dartmouth, something doesnt seem right. What could it be? The story is from Bella's point of view.


2. Chapter 2

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“Alice what did you see?”

“Edward is overly worried. I already have a plan on how to get out of this little mess we have.”

“What mess Alice?”

“Oh Bella, you have no patience, you ill find out in a second.”

Before I know it, we arrived at the house. Edward was on the porch with Renesmee in his arms, waiting for us. Alice and I ran into the house.

“Mommy!” Renesmee shrieked. I took Renesmee in my arms and we went to the kitchen table to discuss this “problem” we have.

“When Carlisle and I were trying to fix some scheduling problems, we ran across another. We missed this part, but for the first two years that you attend Dartmouth, you have to live in the dorms. It is not that big of a problem, but if we live in the dorms with other students, they will wonder why we don’t eat or sleep.” Edward was talking calmly.

“I already have a plan. It says that you can request your roommate. Well, I can request Bella and Edward, you request Jasper.” Alice said.

Edward and I exchanged looks. We wanted to live together. We are married and should be able to. That’s what we were expecting to do, live with each other and Renesmee of course.

“You two will still have plenty of time together. We can stay in the dorms, but some nights, we could sneak back to the house. Plus, we will need to go hunting and shopping.” Alice added.

“Where is Jasper,” I asked.

“Jasper’s out hunting with Esme, Rose, and Emmet. They’ll be back soon.” Alice explained.

“I think that, that is a great idea Alice. You can still visit the house on the weekends.” Carlisle explained.

“Wait,” I said. “Won’t people think that we are different if they lights are on all night?”

“Well Bella, we will have to pretend to be asleep. Humans probably stay up until two in the morning, and then we will have to turn out the lights. We can still see just fine in the dark.” Alice went on.

“Fine,” I mumbled. I resolved to let the others deal with the details. They seemed to know more about it than I did. And honestly? I didn’t want to deal with it. Childishly, I crossed my arms over my chest and felt my lips turn down into a pout.

“Bella, love?” Edward’s silky voice caused me to lift my eyes. My eyes met his golden ones and I felt my features soften. Then I remembered I wouldn’t be in the same dorm as him. And I’d been looking forward to being with him, especially at night. So I pouted again.

Edward’s lips pulled up into my favorite, crooked smile and his hands reached out. He grasped my arms, unfolding them and pulling me towards him. In moments, I found myself in my favorite place in the entire world, in Edward’s strong and loving embrace. After this, all my attempts to remain angry failed. I wound my arms around his waist and struggled to get closer up against him.

“What’s wrong, Bella?” Edward asked in a gentle tone.

“Nothing.” I mumbled in reply. I didn’t want him to worry about why I was upset, so I let it go.

Edward gave an exasperated groan. “Don’t do that to me Bella! Your mind is the only one shielded from me. It bothers me, because when you’re upset, or when something is worrying you, I don’t immediately know what it is.” He pulled back out of his embrace so he could look down at me. His golden eyes lightened up and I sighed.

“I’m just bummed that we won’t be living together.” I found myself explaining. His lips parted and he was on the verge of speaking but I lifted my index finger and pressed it against his lips. He caught the message and smiling, took my hand in his and kissed my fingertips. I continued speaking. “I know we’ll still have plenty of time together, but what about Renesmee? We won’t be able to spend as much time with our baby.” Gently pulling my hand from Edward’s I moved over to Renesmee, who had taken a seat on the kitchen counter.

“It’s alright, Momma. Grandma Esme is going to take care of me when you and daddy have classes.” Renesmee said. My baby gave me a brilliant smile and I smiled in return.

“But, you won’t be able to be with us in the dorms, Nessie. I won’t get to see you very much for a little while.” The thought that I wouldn’t get to spend the majority of my time with my baby, saddened me.

In response to my words, Nessie lifted her arms up towards me. Instinctively knowing what she wanted, I scooped her up into my arms and held her tight against me. She threw her arms around my neck, hugging me back.

“I don’t mind, Momma. Of course I’m going to miss you and daddy. But, you want to go to college. Don’t let me stop you. I have lotsa people to look after me. Grandma Esme, Grandpa Carlisle, Aunt Rosalie, and Uncle Emmet. I’ll be fine. Don’t worry about me,” she spoke softly, her voice chiming in my ear.

I gave a small laugh, here my baby was, being strong for me. We all knew Nessie didn’t want to be separated from us, but she was being brave about it, so we wouldn’t worry. “I know you’ll be fine baby. You’re in good hands.”

Turning to Edward with Nessie still in my arms, I locked eyes with him. “You know, I don’t even need to go to college.” I spoke for the gazillionth time. Before anyone could speak, I hurried on. “I mean I could learn anything and everything I need to from you guys. College is just a waste of time, and money.” Even though I was now officially a part of this family, I still have issues with the whole money thing.

As always, Edward’s face hardened as he looked at me. I knew this was a touchy subject. He’d wanted me to have every human experience possible—including at least a year of college. Before I would be turned. But, of course, things didn’t carry out as planned. However, if we could go back in time and do it over, I wouldn’t change a thing.

“Bella, money is no issue. You should know that by now. And, you promised me, love. You promised you would go to college for one year.” He crossed his arms and one of his brows raised. A cocky smile played upon his lips. He knew he already won.

I gave a small, angry growl. “Still a waste of time,” I muttered rebelliously.

Edward’s wonderful laugh filled the air, soon followed by Alice’s chimney one. I blinked in surprise. I’d all but forgotten Alice throughout this ordeal.

“Bella, you’ve got eternity ahead of you,” Alice chimed walking over to stand beside me. “So, you better start learning to be patient,” she said with another music peal of laughter.

I shifted Renesmee in my arms so one hand was free. Then I reached out to whack Alice’s head. Of course it wouldn’t hurt her at all, but it would give me some satisfaction. I was going full speed, loving the enhanced senses and reflexes of being a vampire.

However, my hand only grasped empty air. Alice was about ten feet back from me, and angelic smile playing on her face.

“Saw you coming, Bella.” She trilled. I made a show of rolling my eyes. Stupid, future-seeing vampire.

Giggling Alice opened her mouth to speak, but promptly fell silent. Her golden eyes glazed over with a distant, glassy look. A vision.