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Calming Sensations

Bella is a vampire and they are starting college at Dartmouth. Bella has to leave Renesmee in Forks and she has to live in the dorms. Once they start classes at Dartmouth, something doesnt seem right. What could it be? The story is from Bella's point of view.


5. Chapter 5

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“I guess this is the best we can do.” Alice murmured, while looking at the room, frowning in disapproval.

I laughed, still amazed at the musical bell like quality to it, even though I’ve long since past gotten used to being a vampire. Edward and jasper laughed as well, while Alice pouted. After a moment, her irritated expression relaxed and she smiled.

“Don’t worry, Alice. Surely you can survive a year or two without wearing new clothes everyday.” Edward chuckled as he pulled me tighter against him.

Alice turned her golden eyes towards him and stuck out her tongue. She cast a glance over him, her expression calculation.

“Not all of us are content with wearing dirty old clothes,” she said to him.

I didn’t turn to see what Edward was wearing. I already knew. Photographic memory came in handy sometimes.

“His clothes are still new! He’s only worn those jeans twice and his shirt and jacket he wore once about five weeks ago.” I said to her.

Alice scrunched up her nose as she turned her eyes to me. A sigh of exasperation breathed out through her lips and everyone smiled.

“Really, Bella. Clothes are a one-time thing. Wearing them twice…” Alice trailed off and her tiny, slender body gave a delicate shudder.

I rolled my eyes at her theatrics.

“Alright, Alice, one time thing. Got it.” I said, half to appease her and half to simply drop the stupid subject. Like always, I know we’d be arguing for hours, going absolutely nowhere.

“Now, can we please go hunt?” I asked aloud. My throat was burning stronger than before and I knew if I didn’t get blood soon, I’d have a hard time controlling myself around the humans.

“Yes, of course.” Edward said, releasing his hold on my waist and sliding one of his hands into mine. He brought up our intertwined hands and kissed the back of mine softly. His eyes shone with concern as he looked down at me probably afraid that I was in a lot of pain.

I smiled at him to silently let him know I was okay, though my smile was a bit forced.

Alice and Jasper stepped out of the room and into the hall, moving at a brisk human pace as other humans had begun to show up and search for their down.

I squeezed Edward’s hand for reassurance and he stooped down and kissed my briefly. “Bella, love, you can do this.” He murmured, his lips moving against mine as he spoke.

He smiled then pulled away and we stepped out of the dorm. I pulled the door shut behind me and closed my mouth at the same time. I was determined not to breathe in… not until I was far, far away from the humans, where their scent would be weak.

At least then there wasn’t a good chance of me attacking them then. Other strong, fresher scents would overpower any traces of humans. It was only my first day at college and I was already struggling with not eating people, this year was going to be fun.

I stood up, letting the drained body of the elk in front of me fall from my hands an onto the forest floor. It was the third elk that I drained and I felt slushy. I was full, but still thirsty, my throat still parched.

But it wasn’t nearly as bad as earlier today. The burning was a dull ache, not strong enough to take up my attention I could put the thought of it aside. Though it always remained in my thoughts, the burn a constant reminder and price I have to pay to live this life.

Yet if I could go back in time and do it over again, I wouldn’t change a thing.

I pulled out of my thoughts when Edward straightened up, not a single drop of blood was anywhere on his perfect body. His clothes weren’t ripped or stained or even scuffled for that matter.

Quickly, I glanced down at myself. No blood, no ripped clothes. When we strode out of the woods and back to our car, we would appear as though we’d simply taken a stroll, rather than wrestling giant elks to the ground.

Edward caught my eye and smiled my favorite crooked smile.

I smiled in return and he made his way over to me. His hands reached out and grasped my waist, his fingers gently pressing into my sides as he pulled me to him, so I was pressed up against his chest.

Tilting my head back to the look up at him, our eyes met. His eyes were a wondrous ocher. The gold coloring was bright and clear, like liquid topaz.

I knew that my eyes would be the same color his were at this moment. Id been a vampire long enough, been feeding off animal blood long enough so that the startling shade of red my eyes had been those first few months, had darkened. First becoming amber, then a brilliant gold. I didn’t have to use contacts anymore, thank goodness. Those things were irritating beyond belief.

“Look, Edward. I’m getting better!” I said cheerfully. “No clothes are ripped and I look like I just took a walk, instead of jumping on elks.” I laughed and he did as well, reaching up and ruffling my hair playfully.

“I’m not surprised,” he said with a chuckle. “You’re so good at all of this. It’s so natural for you. Hunting, feeding, control…I’m proud of you, Bella.” He said to me, hugging me tight.

I hugged him back, mentally reminding myself to be careful. Though, my body was almost finished soaking up my human blood. I was still stronger than everyone. It hasn’t been a full year yet… another few months and my strength will fade. I won’t be stronger than Emmett anymore… but I’ll still be thousands of time times stronger than your average human. And that was finding by me. I didn’t need to be the strongest. But I was going to miss beating Emmett at arm wrestling.

Edward leaned down and kissed me and I kissed him back enthusiastically. Right now, my heart should be beating frantically, but it was forever silenced.

He pulled back and released me, sliding a hand into mine. A moment later, I heard two sets of light footsteps, and Edward and I turned in the direction.

Alice cam bounding out of the trees, her run flowing and graceful. Jasper was right behind her, his run seeming more stronger though also graceful. Alice was a nimble Gazelle, Jasper a strong buck.

The two pulled to a stop in front of s and Alice glared around at the dead elks. Raising a brow, she looked back up at me, her eyes a bright gold, like ours.

“Jeez, Bella.” Alice said, her tone slightly disapproving as she went on, “eat enough? You’re really lucky our bodies don’t change, because if they did, you’d have to spend hours working it off.” She trilled. I simply rolled my eyes at her and stuck my tongue out at her. Normally I’d be embarrassed, but I wasn’t because at least my throat didn’t feel like it was being burned from the inside out, though it did ache dully.

Alice’s eyes flit over me, checking my appearance. Suddenly, her eyes widened in horror and with lightning speed, she reached out and grabbed my arm. Raising it to look at it closely she frowned.

“You ripped your shirt! Oh, now you’re going to have to change when we get back! But we can’t just change your shirt; it wouldn’t work with your outfit! You’re just going to have to change the whole thing! And your outfit was so cute, too.”

“Alice, it’s just one little, tiny, rip it’s no big deal.” I let my shield down, so Edward could read my thoughts. Help me Edward; I do not want to change.

“Alice, is that really necessary?” Edward asked. He gave me a quick grin.

“Yes, let’s go.” Alice answered. Before I knew it, she was dragging me back to our room to change.

When we got to the room, Alice immediately started going through the clothes, throwing them all over the place, using her vampire speed. “Too blue for today, won’t go with this shirt, not enough color…” she was saying. As eh was throwing the clothes on the ground, I was going around and folding them back up.

After what seemed like forever, Alice choose out an outfit for me to wear. A baby blue dress with leggings, a sweater and ballet flats for shoes. I hated it, but since we wasted so much time, it was already pushing five in the evening, and we were going to be late for our first class.