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You Say You Want A Revolution...

In 1775, Bostonians awoke to Paul Revere's Midnight Ride. "The British are coming, the British are coming!" And they truly were. When Lieutenant Masen, fighting on the side of the British, arrives at Bella's doorstep as part of the Quartering Act, their fates crash, and problems ensue. Their strictly relationship as dwellers turn into a troubled and complicated love life. Their intertwined fates become one, and romance takes over. Who knew history could be so entertaining? All Human, with a few surprises in store. Starts late-winter 1775. CHAPTER FOUR WILL BE UPLOADED SOON! :)bannefffr.jpg picture by samara_c_2007 Banner made entirely by me! :D -I will start updating soon!

NOTE: This is historical fiction, and will have a heavy dose of history, so in your reviews, tell me if you like history or not, and depending on the opinions, I will see if I will have lots or little history in this :D

3. Betrayal

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As I set the only thing I brought with me down, I breathed in. Relief swept through me like air, and it swallowed me. After Isabella had simply let me in her home without the expected questionnaire, it seemed like I would finally be all right. It seemed as if the incident with Tanya was gone, forever buried feet below the ground as surely as him dead. The haunting thoughts I’d had lately revolved around her, my only love.

The love which I was sure to have married. The love which makes my heart ache for unbearably. The love which became uninterested, the love which faded. She’d deceived me in ways unimaginable, and what killed me the most was that it all occurred right under my nose, under my supervision. I was a complete and utter imbecile for not seeing the gestures, the signs, all of it…

“Edward, darling, I’ll be having tea with Susan this afternoon,” I heard Tanya say through the door. I sat reading a book as she called to me, and I simply nodded. “Of course dear.” Susan was Tanya’s closest friend. They’d known each other since their primary education, and were close as ever, for Susan’s marriage was approaching. I took this as a small gathering, and nothing else. But as the hours dragged on, nightfall came, and Tanya had not yet arrived. I shut the book, and started roaming the halls of the gigantic mansion. Thomas, the butler, had retreated to his living quarters minutes before, and following an extensive search of the first floor, I went up the grand staircase in hopes of perhaps finding Tanya there.

To this day, I wish I’d stayed downstairs and finished my book, or went to bed without word from Tanya. I wish I’d never opened the second door on the right on the second floor…

I decided a door-to-door search would be most effective and so began my search. As I was reaching the second door, I heard a slight giggle coming from behind it. “Stop it, William, stop it.” William? The only William I seem to have recalled was William the gardener. What was he doing upstairs? With a woman? That’d definitely been a woman’s laugh. It sounded familiar. Too familiar, in fact. With thoughts on how I would fire William in my mind, I passed the threshold of the second room into an image I would rather put out of my mind completely...

That haunting image has followed me around everywhere. Since I first saw her with that… that imbecile! I peeked only slightly into that room, the dim light only allowing me to do so before I backed out, gasping for air. Initially, I’d tried convincing myself that it wasn’t Tanya in that room, on that night. But the images swirling around in my head were not lying to me. It had been Tanya, that night, with William.

It wasn’t her betrayal that hurt the most. It’d been William. William, who I’d known since I was a wee boy. Of course, he and I were never close, but the fact that everything happened right under my nose: It killed me. But I believe it doesn’t hurt as much as the reason as to why I ended at this home. I was never one to think things through. I was impetuous, and at times, very hasty in the way I did things. That bastard had no idea what was in store for him. I killed William. William, the gardener. William, whose smile didn’t hurt the eyes. He was a friend of mines. But no friend ever beds your wife.

William, to everyone’s surprise, was a close friend of Lady Georgiana FitzRoy. And although I, nor anyone from Tanya’s family, personally knew Lady Georgiana, or her father, Augustus FitzRoy, they came after me. First began the questioning. And endless amount of questions were hurled at me in the downstairs drawing room. A detective investigating the case always looked questioningly at me. He knew all along that it’d been me who murdered William. Yet, he never seemed to ask why; if he did in fact know that it was me. After four days of questioning from the detective, I couldn’t handle it any longer. Tanya wouldn’t speak to me, although she never found out that I’d caught her sleeping with William. She couldn’t fathom who murdered him, and for what reason. As she cried in my arms the fifth day after his murder, my resolve was set in stone. Her weeping left no mercy in me, for she wept for the man who’d betrayed me. And having her in my arms only reminded me more of the ways she’d betrayed me. It was impossible for me to be around her any longer. So that night, I sneakily left Tanya, and our residence. I was emotionless as I walked past Tanya sleeping at midnight. Her beauty no longer astounded me as it did the first time I met her. It was shameful, dirty. It’d betrayed me.

She slept soundly as I crept out of the back door, towards the servants’ headquarters. The moonlight didn’t fail me when I walked into the woods with only money and a change of clothing in my suitcase. A small, dainty thing I carried with me to this house. Of course, now, the money most definitely gone, and my two changes of clothing were the only thing the case held.

I rubbed my temples imagining the riot that my leaving caused. The authorities were infuriated, I assume, for I was their prime suspect. And Tanya. As I think back about her now, I’m glad that my compassion towards her was subtle. She deserved no compassion after what she’d done to me, and I hoped she was in immense pain after I left her. After all, how much could she truly love me if she slept with William?