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AU The Cullens are the unordinary. A vegetarian coven of vampires that call themselves a family. That interact with humans on a daily basis. What happens when a different type of vampire comes knocking at their door? A vampire with fangs? A vampire that doesn't hurt, but heals?

This is an AU of Twilight. Bella is not a part of their family, and they have never met. But they're about to! I own a Twilight-decorated room. Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight. So much in common!

1. Stranger

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Alice shook her head swiftly as she her head cleared of the confusing vision.

She had seen a girl. She looked about her and Edward's age. Perhaps eighteen? Her hair was long and a dark brown, almost to the back of her knees. She was much taller than Alice, like most, but didn't seem to be taller than her sister, Rosalie. Maybe she was around Esme's height. She wore a long, black, elegant gown. On her hands were long gloves, that stretched up to her elbows.

She was beautiful. Her brown eyes seemed to go on to no end. Her lips were plump, her features soft, and her skin was clear, almost translucent looking. But none of these were what left Alice stunned.

No, what really stunned Alice were the fangs protruding from her mouth.

These were not the plastic things you found in stores that made a mockery of vampires. No, her fangs were not very large, but not small either. They glistened and, even from a distance, seemed sharp and threatening.

And, yet, her face did not. Her expression was gentle, almost sheepish.

Alice looked to the side to see Edward with a worried look on his face. It was an expression he wore often, these days, and it unnerved her. He was going through a bit of a depressive state. Something like this couldn't do him any good. She only hoped whoever this was meant no harm to them.

“Alice,” her husband called to her. “Is something wrong?” She looked at him, smiling nervously.

“Jazz,” she began. “I think it's time to call a family meeting.”

Even though her voice was low enough to only be talking to Jasper, the rest of her family heard her, and hurried to the living room, where the three of them were.

Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, and Emmett walked in. Carlisle and Esme both seemed worried, as they should be. Emmett was confident. He never had a doubt that that the Cullen family could do anything and everything, especially with his strength on their side. Rosalie was indifferent.

Alice stood in the middle of the living room, and explained the person she had seen. She was the only thing that Alice had been able to see clearly. The background had been a blur, with barely any color to hint. She was very confused. It wasn't often that her talent was tested so harshly.

“Did anything else make sense to you?” she asked Edward. He had been able to see everything she had. Maybe he had seen something she hadn't. Edward's face was blank, but his eyes raged with dark emotions. He looked up at Alice, and she almost flinched with the intensity of his gaze.

“No.” He voice was rough and husky, like a human that had just woken up. Alice wasn't her usually perky self. Her brother meant a lot to her. It hurt her to see him suffer.

Edward had always been a quiet being. But this wasn't just quiet. It wasn't the first time he had been like this, either. He would go through this, sometimes once a year, sometimes once every three – or so the rest of the family says. She and Jasper hadn't been with him as long as they had.

She had liked him instantly when she had first met him. She had taken over his room, and he hadn't argued. He went out of his way to make her happy, even though he didn't even know her. He was a gentleman, a nice person through and through. It killed her to see him this way.

She loved her brother.

Edward heard this and looked up to meet her eyes again, and let a small smile take over his face. It wasn't very happy, but it was the best they had gotten for quite a while now.

“Did it seem as if this girl meant us any harm?” It was times like this that Edward would usually would speak out and answer before Alice could. Alice waited. Silence. Carlisle still waited for an answer.

“It's hard to tell,” she answered slowly. “Like I said, everything else was hazy, so I couldn't tell if anyone of us was involved . . . and Edward couldn't see anything else either,” she added, turning to him. Silence. She was discouraged.”I'm not sure,” she mumbled.

“Her expression wasn't threatening,” she hear. “Anything but, in fact.” Alice's own expression lit up at the sound of her brother's voice. Perhaps there was hope for this to stop soon?

But he sank back into the same silence he was in before. Alice sighed, and accepted it.

“Maybe we're getting a new family member,” Esme said. Alice, Carlisle, and Emmett smiled at that. Edward was trying not to listen, everyone could tell. Rosalie didn't like all the positive comments Alice had said about the girl.

Rose had always been a very vain creature. She never liked the spotlight off of her for a very long time. This was one of the reasons, she did not like how big her family was, and didn't like that there may be another coming.

Especially if this girl was beautiful.

“Yeah!” Emmett yelled. “Another little sister!” Emmett had never gotten it into his head that Alice was actually older than he was. He never would.

Rosalie scowled. The girl was already stealing the limelight. From her own husband!

And she wasn't even here yet.

Or was she?

Footsteps in the forest reached the Cullen's ears. Alice began having random, blurry visions. This time, not even the girl was clearly visible. It seemed as if she was having visions of colors.

Carlisle automatically stood, the leader of a strong coven, father of a strong family.

Emmett grabbed onto Rosalie, protective, ready to pounce. Emmett was always a fighter. If this girl turned out to be a threat. He would waste no time showing what a threat he was.

Rosalie, thought of herself ahead of the rest. Of course, she worried about them, but, if the woman was strong enough, she would run.

Esme looked to her family. Even Rosalie would fight first, and the rest of them would never leave. She was the opposite of Rosalie. She wouldn't run. She thought of herself last.

Jasper worried about Alice. There were so many emotions in the room, and this was one of the few times that he was able to disregard them. His instinct told him to be worried about himself first, but him, as a person, the humanity he still had in him, only worried for her and the rest of his family. Jasper knew how to fight. He wasn't afraid.

Edward's mind was pulled in every direction, as everyone had their own opinion and reaction to the sudden approach. He did all he could to think for himself, and was so focused on trying to clear his mind, he didn't realize that the girl was silent to him.

The Cullen's listened to the sound of heels hitting the wood of their front porch. Carlisle walked up to the door, and opened it cautiously.

The family looked to the door where the girl stood. She was every bit as beautiful as Alice had described.

“Hello.” Her voice was like silk. “Is this the Cullen residence?”