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A New Life

Banner made by the amazing Oh_Mike How Will I Go On This takes place after Breaking Dawn. Wha happens to Bella and the rest of the Cullen clan since the end of Breaking Dawn? Don't think the worst is over just yet... CHAPTER THREE NOW UPPPP! WOOTWOOT!Please Read&Review, I need feedback and always return the favor. :)

I tried to pick up from breaking dawn as much as i could. This is my first fanfiction, so enjoy. :D


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I opened my eyes. Now that I was a vampire there was never any need to sleep. Actually, I couldn't sleep even if I wanted to. However, I occasionally felt the need to rest. After I opened my eyes I couldn't help myself from smiling.There he was, my perfect and beautiful huband. Even though I was a vampire as well now, I still remained in awe at Edwards beauty.

"Yes, Edward?"

"I just wanted to make sure you were okay, love. Sometime you seem as though you are still human."

He smiled the crooked smile I love so much.

"Oh, Edward."

I sighed.

"You are just jealous because I can beat you at wrestling now. Why else would you possibly refuse to fight me anymore"

Since I became a vampire, only one time, did Edward actually agree to fight me. After I pestered him tremendously a few weeks ago, he finally gave in to fight playfully. Much to my surprise however, I won.

"Bella darling, you are utterly ridiculous sometimes. Now get up, so we can go get Renesmee from Alice and Jasper. I'm ready for her to come home."

I smiled secretly to myself. If it were possible to cry, I would have. I used to think Edward could not get any better than he already was. I was wrong. He was such a good father, it made me sometimes think Renesmee liked him better than myself. Although that was silly to think, It occasionally entered my mind.

"Alright. Lets go." I responded to Edward, and began sprinting towards the Cullen house from our large cottage.

I looked over my shoulder, watching Edward laugh quietly and catch up to me.

"I love you." Edward said as he caught up. He took my hand and we ran even faster to see our beautiful daughter.

Although both Edward and I ran in silenced, we could not help grinning from ear to ear. To think, we unexpectedly became parents to the most beautiful child on earth was mind boggling. I never thought I could love anyone as near as much as I loved my Edward.

I was wrong.

Renesmee literally made me feel as if I had grown another heart. As soon as I looked into by daughters eyes, I felt so maternal and protective of her. How could I have created such a breathtakingly beautiful child? I was more sure now than ever, I was the luckiest girl on the planet.

"Renesmee?" Edward called our daughters name. I was so deep in thought, I hadn't even realized we were back at the house.

Jacob walked in the room, cradling Renesmee. She smiled as soon as she saw Edward and I. Three pairs of eyes stared at Renesmee lovingly.

I do not think I will ever get over the fact Jacob imprinted on Renesmee. It felt so weird to know that Jacob, my Jacob, was no longer battling for my affection.

Not that I wasn't relieved.

While we both loved each other tremendously, the roles we played in each other's lives were now so different. I could not see anyone worthy of my daughter. She was much too good for any boy. Jacob, I suppose, is the best you can get though, when it comes to my daughter.

But still, my daughter and my Jacob?

Together, for the rest of their lives?

It just felt so strange. But right now, in this very moment, I felt content. I was surrounded by my loved ones. Even Charlie was here, although he did not know the exact circumstances of everything.

As I became lost again in my thinking, a voice suddenly distracted me.

"Everyone?" Carlisle called out in a stern voice.

"Please come to the living room, I have some very important news."

Oh, no. "Important news." Hmmph. How could there be anything else that might even be remotley bad? I thought I suffered through just about everything bad imaginable. What could be worse than nearly losing my Renesmee?

And now something else?