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A New Life

Banner made by the amazing Oh_Mike How Will I Go On This takes place after Breaking Dawn. Wha happens to Bella and the rest of the Cullen clan since the end of Breaking Dawn? Don't think the worst is over just yet... CHAPTER THREE NOW UPPPP! WOOTWOOT!Please Read&Review, I need feedback and always return the favor. :)

I tried to pick up from breaking dawn as much as i could. This is my first fanfiction, so enjoy. :D


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Within seconds, everyone was inside the living room. Everyone except for Charlie that is. He preferred to know as least as possible and I didn't blame him. To suddenly find out your daughter and her new family are all vampires, and your best friends son along with several others are werewolves; well that must be a little overwhelming.

Carlisle cleared his throat before he spoke.

"I just received a very interesting phone call. It seems as though one of the Volturi has seen the future. One involving Renesmee and Jacob"

I swallowed loudly.

What did Carlisle mean "One involving Renesmee and Jacob." Above all else Renesmee meant the absolute most. And for Jacob; he is my best friend, daughter’s soul mate and quite frankly, one of the funniest men I know. To think about harm coming to either one of them was simply unfathomable.

Carlisle walked closer to Renesmee, eying her up and down. It made me fell squeamish and uncomphortable figured Edwards’s facial expression would make me fell calmer. I’m sure he already knew what Carlisle did.

I was more than wrong.

Edwards’s perfect face could not even hide his pain. If his eyes could water, they would. He looked almost as upset as when he realized I was pregnant with Renesmee.

Carlisle touched Renesmee's face with his fingertips. He sighed and proceeded to tell everyone what exactly is going on.

"As we all know, vampires and werewolves are supposed enemies. It was quite odd for the Volturi to see us allied with them several times. However, they have just been informed of the fact that Jacob here has imprinted on Renesmee."

Carlisle paused realizing I wanted input in the matter.

"What does this even mean?" I threw my hands up in the air out of frustration.

"Did anyone ever think they would not find out about this? I mean, really, who even cares?

I was beyond furious. This did not seem as though it was a big deal. So what, Jacob imprinted on Renesmee. Stranger things have happened. Well, maybe not but this was just really confusing that the Volturi even cared now.

"Bella, I do not think you understand. Please just hear me out." Carlisle pleaded and of course I complied.

"The problem is not that Jacob imprinted on Renesmee, The problem is that they have seen a vision of her in the future. Naturally, she is with Jacob. However, she is quite older in the vision and is well, pregnant."

Everyone’s eyes darted at Renesmee.

"And honestly Bella, mortal enemies; a werewolves and a half-vampire, could quite possibly create the strongest breed of creature we have ever seen."

I could not listen any longer. This was impossible to believe. In fact, I refused to believe it. Even though I tried to mentally manipulate myself into disbelieving, it did not work

I felt myself entering a total blackness, over the shock. I closed my eyes, and even though I can not sleep, I felt myself floating away into a trance like state.