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A New Life

Banner made by the amazing Oh_Mike How Will I Go On This takes place after Breaking Dawn. Wha happens to Bella and the rest of the Cullen clan since the end of Breaking Dawn? Don't think the worst is over just yet... CHAPTER THREE NOW UPPPP! WOOTWOOT!Please Read&Review, I need feedback and always return the favor. :)

I tried to pick up from breaking dawn as much as i could. This is my first fanfiction, so enjoy. :D


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I opened my eyes, hoping I had heard Carlisle wrong. Of course I did not though. One of the advantages of being a vampire was that I could hear crystal clear; today however, I wished I could not. "Bella...Bella, are you alright?" Edward asked me, as he shook my shoulders. Why would he ask me if I was alright anyways. He was obviously in immense pain as well. But as always, he "acted" to make everyone feel a little lighter. I slapped Edwards hands off of me. "No, I am not okay Edward! You just heard Carlisle." "Quit Bella, just shut up, would you?" Jacob interrupted us and at the same time he was shaking; trying to hold himself together. "There is no way Renesmee can become pregnant if we don't have, you know, intercourse." I could tell Jacob was embarrassed by the entire situation. I fact, I don't think he was even worried about anything besides the possibility of me ripping his head off out of anger. "Ugh, Jacob, I cant not let you be with Renesmee that way. You two are already soul mates...we'll just have to find some type of solution to solve this problem" I felt slightly better now. I mean, there was no real problem here, we would all work together and solve it. It would be okay. Who am I kidding? "If I may, interrupt Bella, there is a solution, I think. If I am correct, and please feel free to enlighten me if I am wrong Jacob, but there might not have to be half werewolves child after all. As far as I know, once werewolves can control their changing, they can continue to age and thus, be human basically..." "That seems unlikely Carlisle. Maybe if we neutered Jacob!" Alice chimed in her ridiculous opinion and let out a few giggles. At least someone could find humor in this terrible situation. "Please, Alice. Let's be serious. I do not think there is anything we can do right this moment about the situation. If it's okay with everyone else, I think we should all take some alone time to ponder the situation at hand." Edward smiled, looking quite smug with his comment. "Yes everyone," Carlisle agreed. "We should take some time to think. So everyone, you may be dismissed from the living room. "Come on," Edward tugged at my hand. "Let's go home. We'll leave Renesmee here for the night." Reluctantly I complied, and followed Edwars to our cottage. As we walked fast (I didn't fell like running), so many thoughts flew into my mind. What kind of super creature could be bred between my daughter and best friend? I mean, Renesmee is so special, but a child that is half of Renesmee and half of Jacob? Ughhh, that is so wrong. I love both of them dearly, but to think of them having any sort of intercourse was...I don't even have words for it. And what of they did breed a child, what would the Volturi do? I had no idea what we were going to do about the situation, but I'll be damned if I don't put a stop to it. ******************************************************************************************************* To get my mind off of the whole super-baby thing, Edward and I spent quality alone time in the cottage. As we laid on the bed thinking about everything, Edward's phone went off. "Hello?" Edwars answered strangely. I couldn't here who was on the other side of the phone for some reason; with my perfect hearing I should be able to hear anything clearly now. Yet, nothing, "Uh-huh, yeah, we'll be right there." Edward's voice crumpled back into the same voice he had when he first heard the news of Renesmee and Jacob earlier. As he hung up the phone, I asked him what was going on. Edward placed his hands over his face and groaned. "Renesmee and Jacob are missing..."