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A New Life

Banner made by the amazing Oh_Mike How Will I Go On This takes place after Breaking Dawn. Wha happens to Bella and the rest of the Cullen clan since the end of Breaking Dawn? Don't think the worst is over just yet... CHAPTER THREE NOW UPPPP! WOOTWOOT!Please Read&Review, I need feedback and always return the favor. :)

I tried to pick up from breaking dawn as much as i could. This is my first fanfiction, so enjoy. :D


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I let out a sigh as I trudged back over to the Cullen house. I was quite annoyed at the entire situation. I had already exploded several times today; I honestly had no energy left to feel anger anymore. Just pain.

I felt pain because my best friend was gone.

I felt pain because my beautiful daughter, whom so many had risked their lives to fight for, was gone.

I felt pain because Jacob was the one who did this to me.

And worse of all, I felt pain because I truly disbelieved anyone felt as horrible about this situation as I did.

Not even Edward.

I continued to walk slowly to the house, examining everything that my eyes glanced at. So many beautiful things in this forest; I never noticed many of them before.

So many beautiful things that reminded me of my even more beautiful Renesmee.


Before I realized it, I was at the door of the Cullen house. I could see Edward talking to Seth through the glass, and they were laughing. Really? Laughing? Nobody understands how serious this is, we should all be feeling miserable, and having a worldwide search for Renesmee. Not laughing.

"Relax Bella; Seth only made a humorous comment. It still does not mean none of us are not concerned with Jacob whisking away Renesmee. We are all very worried."

"What are you talking about Edward? I didn't even say anything to you."
I felt very frustrated, talking to Edward. He sometimes made me feel as though I was talking to a teacher. I could defend my point all day long, but in the end I was still wrong, and he was still right. Besides, how did Edward even know what I was talking about?

Edward laughed again.

"Love, you were talking under your breath. You may have thought I couldn't have heard you, but I did. We are going to find them Bella. We are going to find them as soon as we can. The worse situation would be if we don't find them before they...explore their sexuality. Which will be a while, anyways. And quite frankly, I can assure you if that were the case, I would rip Jacob's head off in a heartbeat."

Edward let out a small chuckle and moved swiftly to me, placing his long arm around my waist.

I said nothing. There was nothing that I could say that would help any of us find her quicker. I suppose it was just easier to go along with whatever Edward suggested for now.

"Yeah, ease up, Bella! We'll find Renesmee and her little dog too!"

Emmet began to crack up at Seth's remark. The Wizard of Oz was one of my favorite movies, and if I were not feeling so glum, I myself would have been laughing right beside them.

Carlisle walked into the room and everyone went quiet.

Whenever he entered the room with that serious look on his face, no one said a word. It was almost as if Jesus Christ in the flesh walked right in front of us. But in a way, Carlisle was some type of a god. Caring, understanding, intelligent, and had unconditional love for each and every one of us; even when we didn't deserve it.

Carlisle cleared his throat and began to speak.

"I think everyone here is just as concerned as Bella is. We are all just showing our emotions differently. However, no matter how we choose to deal with our feelings over Renesmee and Jacob's disappearance, we must do something. Now, Seth, from what I understand the rest of the pack is searching for Jacob and Renesmee, yes?

"Yes sir! We are on it like there is no tomorrow! I'm sure you've seen how determined we all are. We'll get them home safely."

Seth grinned, showing every one of us pearl white teeth.

It was sometimes refreshing to have someone around here, who made the everyone feel lighter. Made us all feel like things might just work out.

But then again, even if Seth was on his death bed, he'd still be just so damn happy.

"Good, in the meantime, I think we should all look as well. I would find it most reasonable to split up in our natural pairs. Esme and I will stay here with Seth. The rest of you choose a direction, I suppose, and just begin to look."

"Yes, that is a great idea, Carlisle. There really is no danger of us all splitting up. So, I suppose we should all pack up tonight and start searching."

Edward pulled me by my hand to walk to our cottage as I listened to everyone chatter frustratingly over Edward’s comment.

Nobody actually wanted to search. But we all loved Renesmee, and most of us love, or loved, Jacob. We had to find them.

"We're almost there love; just grab a few things once we get through the door."


My voice sounded weak, I just wanted to get the hell out of Forks and find Renesmee.

Edward opened the door for us and I glided in. I pulled the bedroom door open, practically pulling it off the hinges. I opened the even bigger door to the ridiculously stocked closet and began to pack.

Within seconds, I was finished. I tried to leave but I couldn't.

"Bella, we need to talk."

And as soon as I opened the door, it shut with a loud creak.

He cleared his throat.

"Don't worry Bella; I just want to speak to you. Edward just let me in."

Billy Black wheeled himself closer to me.

This could not be good....