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Isabella Carter.
Leader of the Saviors, a very powerful and famous group of vampires.
Daughter of Adam and Eve Carter, the first vampires to walk the planet, also known as the Ones.
Sister to Brian, who is 5 years older than her, and Gregoryk Carter, who is 6 years older than her and members of the Saviors.
A dear and long-time friend to Tina Hendrickson, John Arnegard, and Shawn Greenlake, who are also members of the Saviors.
She is more than 3.5 billion years old.
She is the most powerful vampire in the world, owning the powers to stop time, control all four elements. burn people from the soul out until they are just a pile of ash, which is 10 times more painful than the transformation into a vampire, the ability to turn human, a physical and mental shield, and being able to talk to the members of the Savior and the Ones inside her head.
But the Cullen's don't know any of this. They think Bella Carter is Bella Swan, a human. *Rated teen for some swearing.


This sounds good in my head... hopefully I get it right on paper. Haha. Please, give it a chance!! Thanks. Oh, and pretty please with a cherry on top, review?!?!

2. Chapter 2

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Well, this was surely going to be interesting.

I knew I had to go, even though I didn't want to. I didn't want to smell the wolves awful smell, no matter how much I loved them. Yeah, yeah, I know vampires are supposed to hate werewolves, but Jacob was there for me when I... wasn't functioning. Also, I knew I had to go in order to prevent Jake and Edward mouthing off to eachother, even if they said they would be on good behavior.

Of course, Tina thought the whole scenario was funny in the first place. Mortal enemies teaming up to save the most powerful vampire in the world, one who could have wiped out an army of 1,000 vampires, let alone 20. Then she also found it humorous because, when I kept complaining about all of this frustrating crap, she reminded me I was forcing this upon myself. She was laughing at me every chance she got since she found out about it, and it didn't help that John and Shawn agreed with Tina either. So, I was the laughing stock in my oh-so-supportive coven all week.

But I couldn't complain. I needed to let them do this so I could hide me and my coven's identity and protect the Cullen's and the pack. I knew that if anyone, especially any other vampire who wasn't the Savior's biggest fan, found out that I was in love with one of the Cullen's, loved the rest of the Cullen family to pieces, and was great friend's with the wolves, they would use that information to their advantage. They probably, no, they would, hurt one of them to get to me. Or maybe even worse, kill them. And I will not let that happen. I couldn't imagine one of them, any of them, being hurt because of me and someone's issue with me, which I know a lot of people do. I tried to block it out, but the image just wouldn't slip away. I immediately tensed up as I saw the image in my mind. A vampire, grabbing Alice by the neck and slowly leaning down until his teeth were right on Alice's neck. He dug his teeth into her skin and pulled-

"Please relax." Edward said soothingly. He must have noticed my tension.

"Sure." I responded, trying to convince him to let his worry about my built up muscles slip.

"This is going to work, Bella. I can feel it." Oh, that is what he was talking about. 'Duh!' I shouted to myself. He doesn't know your fretting about those worries, he thinks you are worried about them and their getting along. I snapped my teeth shut, trying to fight the urge to tell him the truth, for the billionth time. I heard Tina outside snicker, probably laughing at what Edward said, and how I responded. 'That annoying eavesdropper!'I thought. Can't get one moment alone, can I?!

"Listen to me, Bella. This is going to be easy. The newborns will be completely taken by surprise. They'll have no more idea that werewolves even exist than you idd. I've seen how they act in a group, the way Jasper remembers. I truly believe that the wolves hunting techniques will work flawlessly against them. And with them divided and confused, there won't be enough for the rest of us to do. Someone may have to sit out." He teased. I almost laughed out loud. Fighting them would be so easy for me, and they had to have all of these people doing all this stuff to protect a person who is fully capable of protecting herself.

For Tina's benefit, I decided to throw in some sarcasm for her, while at the same time still making sure I was convincing Edward I was deeply worried about everyone's safety, when I really wasn't. Because, if one of them was in the least amount of danger, I would stop them, screw everything else. "Peice of cake." I muttered. Apparently my comment was pretty funny for Tina. I heard her burst out laughing. 'Get out of here, Tina! He'll hear you!' I hissed in my head, throwing the thought at her. Thankfully, she scurried off, desperately trying to stop herself from guffawing loudly right then and there.

"Shhh," Edward responded, bringing me back into my room, and out of the Tina's brain. He lovingly stroked my cheek. " You'll see. Don't worry now." Then he started to hum my lullaby to me. I smiled peacefully and slid my eyelids shut, listening to the wonderful rythm and silkiness of his beautiful voice. I didn't know that it could be possible for me to love someone as much as I love Edward. My love for Richard, I inwardly cringed at his name, was not as near as strong as my love for Edward. Maybe it had to do with the fact that he still thought I was human. 'What if he found out the truth about you, but not from me?' I asked myself. 'What will he think of you, then?'

I cringed away from that thought, horrified. I didn't even want to think about that. He would probably be disguisted by me. After all that he and his family risked for me, when I was perfectly capable of protecting myself. He would hate me if he found out.

I was still thinking about what the outcome would be if he figured out, when Edward slowly and gently started moving away from me. He thought I was asleep! I snorted aloud, sat up, and grabbed his sleeve. "oh, no you don't. I already told you, I am going to that meeting one way or another. So why don't you just stop being stubborn and take me?" I questioned, glaring at him.

He snorted. "Me stop being stubborn?" He questioned incredulously. I gave him a sour look. "Please. Just take me." I begged. I was going to be there for that meeting, whether he knew it or not. He looked at me for a little while, then sighed, giving in. "Fine," He said. "Just be good."

He picked me up, set me on his back, and jumped out the window, heading towards the clearing where we would meet the rest of the Cullen's and the wolves. I heard footsteps following behind me. All three of them must be back now, probably hoping to get some entertainment. I was officially pissed off at them now. Why couldn't they just give me a little amount of alone time with Edward? Oh, whatever. I guess it was good for them to be there. Then I wouldn't have to explain all of it to them later. 'Just stay quiet and out of sight, okay?' I thought at them, stressing 'quiet' and 'out of sight'. 'Yep!', 'No problem Bells!', and 'Stop being such a worry-wart. We'll be fine!' were the responses I got thrown back at me. I just grumbled back at them. 'Hey, Bells. Don't forget to tell your boytoy about our 'theory'. He will probably want to know.' Shawn reminded me. 'For the millionth time, Shawn, do NOT call him my boytoy!' I growled at him in my head. But at the same time, I was thanking him for reminding me. Time to put our 'theory' to the test. Of course it wasn't a theory, it was a fact. Tina checked it out last week, and saw that bitch Victoria making more newborns for her pathetic excuse of an army.
"Hey, Edward?" I said quietly to him. We were more than halfway to the clearing where we would meet up with the wolves.

"Yes, Love?" He responded, curiosity in his voice. "Umm... I have a theory. I mean, about everything that is happening. I think all three are connected. The newborns in Seattle, the visitor in my room, and Victoria coming to look for me. I think Victoria is making the army, and Victoria sent one of her newborns to go an find something with my scent." I took an unnessesary deep breath after saying all of it, keeping up the human charade. Edward had his 'thinking mask' on. That was what me and the gang called it behind his back. I know it seems mean, but it isn't supposed to be. In fact, it's one of the things I love most about him. "Maybe. I will have to talk about it with Carlisle. But definetly possible. You're very perceptive today. I think it's impressive." He said admiringly and amusingly, managing to mix both of them together. I almost snorted. It wasn't that I was perceptive, it was that I decided to give him some hints of what is going on. I knew all of what was going on already, it was just that I said it out loud to him or not.

A couple of minutes after my little 'theory', we got to the clearing. I looked around and saw Alice standing a ways away from the group. "What's wrong with Alice?" I whispered Edward, even though I knew every single person in the clearing could hear me say it. He smirked and responded, " Alice is a little discouraged right now. She can't see anything since the dogs are on their way. It makes her uncomftorable." He finished with a little laugh. Unsurprisingly, Alice heard what he said and stuck her tongue out at Edward. He and I both chuckled. Ah, good ol' Alice. I heard the gang snickering behind me and smiled, thinking how grateful I am to be surrounded with people who love me so much.

Edward and I walked a little farther into the clearing, and Emmett walked over to us. " Hey Edward." He looked down at me, and a grin spread across his face. "Hey Bella. Is he going to let you practice too?" He said. He probably had no idea how much I wanted that sentence to be true. I hadn't had a good fight in a while, and it gets kind of boring to keep fighting Tina, John, and Shawn all the time. "Don't give her any ideas." Edward muttered, glancing at me. I smirked at him, fighting the urge to tell him that I really wouldn't get hurt. He smiled at me, and guided me over to Esme and Carlisle, and started talking to them.

I smelled them before I saw them. The overwhelming scent of wet dog shocked me. Sure, I was expecting a pretty nasty odor, but that strong? It was impossible for that strong of a scent to be coming from only six werewolves. I prayed feverently that there wasn't more than eight of them. It had been a law in the immortal species for eons that werewolve packs were forbidden to have more than eight pack members. If this rule was broken, the required amount of werewolve would be killed until there were only eight of them.

Then I saw them. All I could process was 'no'. no, no, no, NO! This could not be happening! 'Bella...' I heard a frantic voice in my mind.

There were ten of them.

Shit! How the hell was I supposed to handle this situation?! I couldn't kill them, I owed the werewolves so much. Plus, that would uncover my identity right away. But I had laws and rules to follow out. 'No...' I thought again, hating that it had come to this decision. 'Bella, what are we going to do? We have laws! They have broken the law!' I heard Tina say in my mind. Then there were more voices. So many... 'Bella?' 'What should we do?' 'Well, this sucks.' 'Bella?' 'Bella?''Bella?'

'STOP!' I screamed at the voices, and they fell silent. I thought hard, desperately trying to find a solution to this problem. 'Bella?' I heard a quiet voice belonging to John. 'What are we going to do?'

'I...I...' I stuttered in my mind. Finally, I had a solution. Trying hard to keep this conversation only in our heads, I said very quietly, 'Okay, this is what we will do.' I said, my voice somehow managing to break in my head. Ridiculous. I took a deep breath, and glanced at Edward, who was still too preoccupied by the number of wolves to notice I was about to have a breakdown. 'We are going to...'