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Isabella Carter.
Leader of the Saviors, a very powerful and famous group of vampires.
Daughter of Adam and Eve Carter, the first vampires to walk the planet, also known as the Ones.
Sister to Brian, who is 5 years older than her, and Gregoryk Carter, who is 6 years older than her and members of the Saviors.
A dear and long-time friend to Tina Hendrickson, John Arnegard, and Shawn Greenlake, who are also members of the Saviors.
She is more than 3.5 billion years old.
She is the most powerful vampire in the world, owning the powers to stop time, control all four elements. burn people from the soul out until they are just a pile of ash, which is 10 times more painful than the transformation into a vampire, the ability to turn human, a physical and mental shield, and being able to talk to the members of the Savior and the Ones inside her head.
But the Cullen's don't know any of this. They think Bella Carter is Bella Swan, a human. *Rated teen for some swearing.


This sounds good in my head... hopefully I get it right on paper. Haha. Please, give it a chance!! Thanks. Oh, and pretty please with a cherry on top, review?!?!

3. Chapter 3

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I took a deep breath, and glanced at Edward, who was still too preoccupied by the number of wolves to notice I was about to have a breakdown. 'We are going to...'

'We are going to... let them be.' I winced, knowing how much noise and yelling in my head was about to come.

And surely, noise and yelling came it did.

'WHAT!?!?! YOU CANNOT BREAK THE LAWS YOU CREATED!!!' 'You're kidding, right? you can't do that!!!' 'Oh, my God...' I could easily tell who said what. Of course, Tina's voice would be the loudest, and Shawn would say the least. Typical.

I sighed. I should've known this was coming. In the back of my mind, I recognized Emmett's voice saying, "Have you ever seen anything like it?", and I knew immediately he was talking about the wolves. 'Tina, I can't just kill them because they are something they can't prevent from happening. That isn't what The Savior do.'

'Well, yeah, actually. We do. We have been for the past four billion years. We have always killed off the required amount of werewolves until there were eight of them. Because it's the law that you created.' She hissed at me pointedly.

'But this pack is different!' I exclaimed desperately. 'They supported me and were there for me when I needed someone the most! Plus, they're Jake's friends!' Tina puffed out air frustratingly. 'So you're favoriting now?' She said.

I growled. 'No. Maybe. I... okay, maybe I am, but so what?! I created the laws, thank you very much. I can do whatever I want.' I knew this was kind of mean of me, but I was not going to let them get killed. 'Well, isn't someone a little snotty today?' I heard John mutter. I growled at him and responded, 'Shut up.'

Tina still wasn't saying anything. 'Tina?' I asked tentatively. She sighed. 'Fine. But you are in big trouble, missy. I'm not going to easily let you off the hook. Just keep that in mind.'

I smiled delightedly. 'Thank you!! Love you!' I blew her an imaginary kiss in my mind. She just snorted and responded, 'Well, if you're not going to kill anyone, you might as well give us a little entertainment. Shall we proceed with the Cullen's vs. Stinky Pups match??'

'Tina,' I said warningly, 'how many times do I have to tell you not to call them that?' She just snickered and grinned smugly.

I chuckled, then ended the conversation in my head, seeing what was going on around me. "Bella?! Oh, finally. Where did you go?' Edward chuckled lightly. Apparentally while I was busy arguing about the wolves' lives, he was trying to get my attention.

I smiled lightly at him, and looked around, noticing that I got everyone's attention while I was conversing with the voices in my head. I thought about that, then realized that it sounded really bad.

Anyways, I, having to play the Blushing Bella that I was, made my fake blood flood my cheeks, and looked down at my hands. Edward laughed lightly, and snaked his arm around my waist pulling me over to where it looked as if Alice was going to be sitting for the practice.

We sat, and I watched Jasper go into the middle of the crooked, spaced out circle that the vampires and werevolves had made. Jasper explained what he was going to show us, and how we were to fight the newborns in Redhead's pussy army.

The 'tutorial', if you will, went pretty good. Not so much action, but it was pretty amusing to see Alice beat Jasper so easily and swiftly. I chuckled a bit when that happened. Edward really did enjoy himself, too. Just as it was getting more interesting, Shawn reminded me that I was supposed to be human, and normal humans were supposed to be tired after being awake this long. I resisted the urge to tell him that I was no ordinary human, and fake yawned, leaning back against Edward and closing my eyes.

Edward, being his usual worried and loving self, looked down at me with soft eyes. "You must be tired. You've had a really long day. Do you want me to take you home?" I thought about that, then decided it would be a good idea. I had to face Tina's 'big trouble' consequence eventually, anyways. "Sure." I said quietly. "But you guys don't have to stop. You can fill me in on what went on tomorrow." I smiled slightly. They weren't going to be doing anything else other than continue to practice techniques, I could see that.

Edward was surprised. "Are you sure? You fought so hard to get here, and now you want to go home. I'm astounded." He said sarcastically, kissing my forehead lightly. I smiled and said, 'Well, I'm pretty tired, and I really don't think it would be a good idea to fall asleep here, given I sleep-talk. And we all know that would not be good..." I heard Emmett chuckle, who, by doing so, made it very obvious he was eavesdropping. I turned my head to glare at him. " Pay attention to Jasper, Emmett. You'll need to know these things, given how much you actually know." I threw the insult at him.

Everyone, including the wolves, started laughing, obviously hearing what I said. Even Rose cracked a smile at that. Emmett first just glared at me, but then, seeing Edward's threatening look, replaced it with a sad puppy face. "I'm hurt, Bells. That was deep." I grinned smugly at him, letting my eyelids slide down. Seeing this, Edward straightened up, bringing me up with him.

"We should get going, Love. You're tired. Let's go." I nodded my head while letting out a big yawn. "Yeah, okay. Let's go." All of the Cullen's, other than Rosalie, said their goodbyes to me, and I waved over to the wolves just as we were leaving.

Once we were surrounded by the trees and out of the big field, Edward scooped me up in my arms, and whispered in my ear. "You can sleep, sweet-heart. I'll carry you." I smiled up at him, feeling a surge of love for him go through me, and closed my eyes.

I dozed off, feeling the love of my life's arms holding me close.