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Isabella Carter.
Leader of the Saviors, a very powerful and famous group of vampires.
Daughter of Adam and Eve Carter, the first vampires to walk the planet, also known as the Ones.
Sister to Brian, who is 5 years older than her, and Gregoryk Carter, who is 6 years older than her and members of the Saviors.
A dear and long-time friend to Tina Hendrickson, John Arnegard, and Shawn Greenlake, who are also members of the Saviors.
She is more than 3.5 billion years old.
She is the most powerful vampire in the world, owning the powers to stop time, control all four elements. burn people from the soul out until they are just a pile of ash, which is 10 times more painful than the transformation into a vampire, the ability to turn human, a physical and mental shield, and being able to talk to the members of the Savior and the Ones inside her head.
But the Cullen's don't know any of this. They think Bella Carter is Bella Swan, a human. *Rated teen for some swearing.


This sounds good in my head... hopefully I get it right on paper. Haha. Please, give it a chance!! Thanks. Oh, and pretty please with a cherry on top, review?!?!

6. Chapter 6

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Naturally, I wanted to step up and take care of the situation, as I had done my whole life. But then, of course, I came to my senses and stiffened my body up, forcing myself not to take her on.

Tina was, well, sputtering. There was no other way to put her act. She had no idea how to handle the situation as well. The guys were acting like…the guys, I guess.

I knew I had to do something. I couldn't let myself killed by Victoria. Not only did the whole world need the Carter's and Saviors for order between our secret lives, but Mom and Daddy would be heartbroken. Also, my brother's would kick my butt when I got to where I was going for giving up so easily.

I scanned through the possibilities quickly. I could reveal my identity. Kill Victoria and her henchman and take care of the rest of the guilty newborns quickly, without anyone getting hurt. But I then realized that everyone would get hurt. The world would find out of my feelings and contact with the Cullen's and wolves, and they would try to get to them as soon as they heard.

I could just let her kill me. I was willing to let myself get killed, if it was for the greater good. I was leaning towards the idea, until John called me an ignorant idiot and Shawn said to screw it.

Then I knew what I would do. I passed my thoughts through to the gang, and they immediately took action, going to where it was necessary for them to be in order for my plan to work.

I had thought this through in less than five seconds.

I diverted my attention back to Victoria, who was attempting to catch my eye, though it was a difficult task, due to Seth's hulking frame right in front of me.

"Well, Bella, it looks as though I will finally have my chance at killing you." She told me in her high pitched girly voice. It didn't fit her body. It was such a sweet voice on a deadly woman. Seth growled at her, and shifted his body, putting himself in more of a protective stance. "Your mate was almost always with you, and when he wasn't, the little fortune-telling pixie kept an eye on you." She carried on. Alice! I almost forgot her. Of course she would have seen this by now, and Edward would be on his way, coming as fast as he can. That meant we had to finish this quickly, too.

It seemed that Victoria was in just as much of a rush as I was. She stepped forward, and her little Egor stepped with her, and unexpectedly pounced onto Seth. I immediately started forward to help him, but Tina hissed a warning in my head. 'Don't, Bells. If you do, it will ruin it all. He can handle himself for the time being.' I grudgingly relaxed my muscles once again, and turned my attention towards Victoria.

She was sauntering towards me at a leisurely pace, as if she wanted all of this imprinted in her mind to never forget. "Don't worry, little Bella. It will only hurt…a lot." She smiled cruelly, and then was suddenly right in front of me. She pulled her hand back, and I heard the wind whistling as she brought it down. I braced myself for the blow-.

But it never came. Instead, she grabbed my wrist in a painful grip, and brought me towards her. She inhaled deeply, and smiled. "You smell so…sweet."She whispered in my ear, and a chill went through my body. Tina started to come out of her hiding place, but I stopped her. 'Not yet, Tina! We need to wait for the perfect time!' She growled, but listened to me, retreating back.

"Maybe I could take a little taste before I kill you." She said menacingly, before throwing me across the clearing. I landed on a pile of rocks, and the pain was everywhere instantly. I bit back a cry, and turned my attention to my surroundings.

She was back in front of me in less than a second. She grabbed me by the throat and lifted me up. Pain shot through like it was intent on making sure I would know what it was like. I wasn't used to being this vulnerable.

'That's it. I'm not waiting any longer.' I heard Tina hiss in my head.

I watched with intensity as Tina flew out of the shadows and pushed Victoria off to the side, going along with her. I dropped to the ground and rubbed my neck, looking up as John and Shawn immediately joined her, and together they had her down within an instant.

"You okay, Bells?" Her beautiful hazel eyes were tinted with worry, and her dark brown, almost black, and always perfect hair, was slightly out of place due to the fight. Although, it wasn't much of a fight since they got her down immediately.

"Fine." I responded breathlessly, and then forced my legs to lift me, wincing as I rose. Shawn immediately started to come and help me, but I waved him off. He stopped, but kept a secure gaze on me, just in case.

I walked, well; more like limped, towards Victoria, and then grabbed her by the neck. "You wouldn't mind if I quoted you, would you, Victoria? Because… 'This is only going to hurt…a lot.'" I said. When I looked at her, I could see the fear in her eyes. I knew she heard the authority, the power, which was in my voice. It was something that eventually came so naturally to me now I didn't notice it anymore.

"Who are you?" Her sweet voice shook as she spoke. It was strange, after seeing her have no fear in her eyes, that she was now deathly afraid of me.

"I am someone that you wished you had not gotten into with. I am someone that you will not win a battle to." I absentmindedly noted John muttering "Melodramatic much?" under his breath, but I was far too concentrated on Victoria to respond to any degree.

"But what is your name?"She asked. Her dark red eyes looked in mine, and in that instant, I let go of part of my humanity, letting her see my true vampire eyes.

She gasped. I knew what she was seeing. Sharp, ice blue eyes. Eyes that only a Carter had. It had always been that way. I suppose it was just a trait that carried on. Maybe it was because we were the first vampires. But we never knew why. When my parents first opened their eyes to this world, they were ice blue, and it carried on to me and my brothers. All vampires knew that.

Including Victoria.

"Isabella Carter." She whispered, and a look of terror washed over her face. She knew she could never escape. She knew she had no chance. I just looked at her and didn't respond. When I did speak, though, I addressed the gang.

"Go help Seth. I'll take care of her. But do it quickly, Edward will be here soon. We can't have him discover the truth." I kept my eyes on Victoria's the whole time I spoke. I heard them retreat into the direction Seth and Egor went off to.

When I couldn't hear their footsteps anymore, Victoria spoke. "Why?" I slipped. My mask on my face hiding my emotions disappeared, and I felt them playing across my face. Surprise, shock, anger, sadness, and then…pain.

It was such a simple question, such a small one. But it held so much meaning, so much possibilities, so much of…me, that it broke me apart.

I realized she was still waiting for an answer. I didn't want to face the question, and we both knew it. She saw what I felt when she asked it. So instead of answering, I took the easy way out. I took the weak way out. "Life is full of mysteries." I said quietly, and then ripped her head off.

Her head bounced twice before rolling away into the trees. I just watched. You see, even though it was necessary for me to kill people in my line of 'work', I still hated it. I hated it especially when I did it with my own hands. Normally I just used my physical shield to do it, or my 'soul burning' technique. Sometimes I just set them on fire, too, if I was impatient.

So while killing someone was hard enough, for that person to be Victoria was even harder.

Suddenly, voices were inside my head. 'Bells, we're on our way. Seth is with us. You should lie down…or something along those lines. Make yourself look like a human who just got thrown into a pile of rocks.' Tina told me. I started nodding my head, but then realized that she couldn't see me. Instead of responding to her, I just lay down in the position I was before Victoria grabbed me by the neck.

I heard them as they were approaching. Seth's heavy paws were hitting the ground, extremely loud to the barely noticeable steps of Tina, John, and Shawn. I briefly wondered why Seth would trust three mysterious vampires who seemed to appear out of nowhere. But then I realized that they would have saved him from Egor, so he may have some trust in them.

I sent out a shield through the ground and felt my surroundings. Through the shield, I felt Seth step out of the trees first, followed by Tina, Shawn, and John. I heard Seth gasp, well, as well as a wolf can gasp. I heard him run over to me, and then suddenly he was in front of me, his dark, wide eyes filled with worry. A growl rumbled through his chest, as if to ask if I was alright. I tried to smile reassuringly, but it turned out to be a pretty pathetic attempt to assure him.

I sucked in some breath to tell him that I was fine, but as soon as I did so, I started coughing uncontrollably. My throat was still sore from being grabbed by the neck.

Suddenly I was in Edward's arms, and he was rocking me, stroking my hair and kissing the top of my head. I hadn't heard him coming. It seemed that I was a bit distracted by everything else that I didn't hear him coming.

He continued cradling me in his arms and dropping reassuring kisses on my head, until he noticed that a werewolf and three vampires were very close by, watching the whole thing.

He stood up carefully, still keeping me in his arms. I had my arms wrapped around his neck, and my head buried in the crook of his shoulder. He faced Seth and the gang, and addressed them.

"Seth, thank you. I will be forever grateful." I didn't have to see his face to know that it was burning with gratitude. Then Edward took a deep breath, and looked at Tina. I tensed, not knowing what was coming, and how this was going to play out.

"Miss Hendrickson, I can't thank you en-" "Call me Tina. I hate being called Miss Hendrickson." Tina interrupted him. Edward stuttered, and then corrected himself, continuing on with his sentence. "Tina, I thank you. You saved my Bella's life." The way he said my name, the way he cradled it in a way, filled my heart with love. It seemed Tina heard it too, because her eyes softened. Tina was still a little peeved at Edward for leaving me. She was there to see what I went through. She was one of the very few who actually saw my thoughts, heard them.

Then I realized something. 'Tina! I'm a human. And he's a vampire. We're in a romantic relationship. I, a human, know of Vampire existence! Do something.' I told her. I listened to her conduct a plan, and then she played it out.

I took my head out from Edward's neck and watched as Tina pursed her lips and watched us intently. "Yes, your Bella. Hmm. About that…"She trailed off and fixed her eyes on Edward, questioning him.

He tensed. I knew what he was thinking. This was it. It was whether we were going to be able to stay forever together or not. If the Saviors declared something, anything, it was going to, or not going to, happen. What they decide…happens. I so wanted to reassure him, tell him that nothing would happen, that everything would be okay. But I knew I couldn't, so I just kept my mouth shut and let Tina go along with her plan.

Edward took a deep breath, and then started talking. "Please, let me explain the situation." He pleaded with her. To his surprise, and my utter incredulity, Tina started laughing. Laughing! I clenched my teeth to force myself not to yell at her, but instead glared at her. She caught my eye and immediately stopped laughing, putting on a serious face.

"Do you love each other?" She asked. Edward was startled by the question, but answered with a "Yes, of course." Tina nodded approvingly, and then moved on to the next question. "And you have the full intention of changing her?" Edward paused before answering, but eventually answered with a grim "Yes, I do."

Once she was satisfied with Edward, she turned her attention to me. "You love him and his family, correct?" I merely nodded at her. Only someone who knew her well could tell that she was stifling a laugh. "And you will not tell this secret?" She asked again. "Of course not!" I immediately responded, my voice an octave higher than it normally is.

She again stifled a laugh, but moved on. "Then this situation will be completely fine." She finished off. Then she smirked, finally letting her true side out. "Edward-would you mind if I call you Edward, or do you prefer Mr. Cullen?" She asked. "No, no, Edward is fine." Edward said. "Okay." Tina continued. "Edward. Don't be so… tense. Yeah, we're the Saviors. Regardless, we are still people. We're not supernatural. Well, compared to other vampires… my point is, don't treat us like royalty. We hate that. Bells, especially. Just respect us." She shot him a smile.

First Edward looked shocked, as was understandable, but then he suddenly looked alarmed and glanced down at me. "Miss- I mean, Tina, what…why are you saying this in front of…?" He trailed off, extremely confused.

Oh, yeah. I was a human. I should have been a bit freaked out by very powerful, more powerful than normal vampire. I should be wary over words like 'Saviors' and 'don't treat us like royalty'. It looks like it's my turn to play my part.

"What…what is she talking about, Edward?" I whispered at him. He glanced down at me nervously, and then looked at Tina once again.

Tina smiled, and then looked at me. "Well, young human, you see-" But she was cut off by Alice running into the small clearing. "The Volturi are coming!" She shouted before noticing Tina, John, and Shawn. When she did, though, she stopped immediately in her tracks. She wasn't used to being taken by surprise.

Edward cleared his throat, and then gently said, "Alice, these are the…Saviors." Her eyed widened, but she was still respectful. She nodded her head at them, and said "It's an honor to meet you."

Tina ignored her, and concentrated on the sentence that I was pretty focused on as well. "The Volturi are coming here?" She questioned Alice, her eyebrow quirked.

She nodded, and then proceeded to explain. "Yes, they decided to come and take care of the newborns, but obviously they got here a little too late. The wolves are here, and Caius isn't in the least bit fond of werewolves. This puts them in danger…" She trailed off.

"Don't worry about the Volturi." Tina said brusquely. "We will take care of that problem… if needed." Suddenly, her face contorted into her 'thinking face', then changed into one of knowledge. She'd obviously just thought of a plan.

Tina turned to Seth. "Tell the rest of your pack to leave immediately. You leave as well." Seth bobbed his large head, then turned and fled toward the direction of La Push. She turned her attention back to us, and then said, "We need to get with the rest of your family. They are waiting in the clearing. John, Shawn, take care of the bodies, and then meet us at the clearing." They nodded their heads, and then Tina, Alice, Edward, and I headed towards the clearing.


They were expecting us when we emerged from the trees. They heard our approach, and were all crouched defensively. My eyes immediately landed on the black haired newborn that Jasper was standing close by to, and my wariness immediately heightened.

Tina saw her too. Once Edward and Alice explained what happened, and who Tina, John and Shawn, who joined us slightly after, Tina addressed it.

"Who is the newborn? I thought you took care of them all." She questioned. Carlisle immediately explained. "She was willing to surrender peacefully. She was… different from the others. Surely we can make an exception?" He finished the sentence, making it sound like a question rather than a statement. He was asking the Savior's permission.

"Of course!" Tina said agreeably. "We want only what is good, and if the young girl is willing to learn…well, then we should embrace that." She noticed Carlisle's relieved expression, and her look sharpened. "Though, the Volturi wouldn't stand for that, would they?" She said their name spitefully, as if their name on her tongue was disgusting. John put a gentle hand on her shoulder, and she immediately calmed down. "I'm sorry." She sighed. "I have bitter feelings over the Volturi."

Carlisle's eyes widened. He hadn't known that the Savior's and Volturi were on opposite sides. Though, no one did. "I hadn't the slightest idea…I thought the Savior's gave the Volturi permission to rule…I thought you gave them your blessing to-"

"And why in the world would we do that?" Tina interrupted him. Carlisle stuttered. "Well, since Gregoryk Carter was murdered, and Lady Isabella went into a state of grief, everyone assumed she wasn't fit to lead." I flinched. I was too busy worrying about my own pain, that I abandoned my people. I felt so ashamed of myself.

All three of them heard my thoughts, and immediately chastised me. 'Don't talk like that.' 'You were hurting, Bells.' 'It's the damn Volturi's fault, not yours.' I sighed. There was no point in arguing with them.

"No one knew the truth." Tina continued the conversation with Carlisle. "Everyone assumed Isabella killed herself she was so depressed. That she left the Volturi to rule. But it isn't true." Everyone gasped.

"So… Miss Carter isn't dead?" Esme said quietly, as if afraid to ask the question. I flinched again. "No." Tina said flatly. "She's not. She's not with us right now because there are some issues in the South she needed to take care of. She sent us here to help you. She'd taken a particular liking to you Cullen's ever since she found out about you." She said slyly, smirking. I fought the urge to smack her upside the head. Smug little thing…

"Oh." Carlisle said, obviously surprised. "Well. Why… what did happen then?" He asked her.

Tina silently asked me permission to tell, and I was hesitant, but allowed it. "The Volturi were around much longer than you think. They were young vampires during the times of Greg's death. They wanted to takeover, but they knew they couldn't with Carter's ruling. So they found a vampire, her name was Margaret, who could control minds. Somehow she managed to get through Bell's mental shield that was around her closest friends and family at all times, and took control of Greg's mind.

"He was only supposed to be gone for two days, and when he didn't come home after the fifth day, Bells started getting worried. So we went to look for him. We ran into them after about four days of searching. He- he just about killed me, John, and Shawn. We would have too. Well, it was like this. Either Bells let Greg kill us, or she… she would have to kill him. She chose us." She finished quietly, emotion thick in her voice.

I chocked back a sob. Oh, Greg. I missed him so much. I was so… broken after having to kill him. It was too late before I noticed I had tears running down my face. Edward noticed, as well, along with everyone else.

"Bella? What's wrong, love?" Edward asked anxiously. I quickly thought of an excuse. "It's just so sad, for her to have to kill her brother to protect other people that she loved." I sobbed out. Tina smiled at me, looking very much like she wanted to cry as well. Edward just said "Oh, Bella.", and rubbed the tears off my face.

"I'm still confused. Who are you again?" I said, desperate to change the subject from my dead big brother.

"Oh, yes. That's right. Well-" But Becka was interrupted yet again by Alice. "Actually, we don't really have time. The Volturi are going to be here in about two minutes." "Oh." Tina said. "Well, then I'll explain that later. Right now I need to tell you what we are going to do." Tina then proceeded to let an evil looking smile spread on her face.

Emmett then spoke for the first time since we were here. "How the hell do you expect to fool the Volturi?" He said loudly.

Tina looked offended. "Obviously you haven't learned much about vampire past. So this is what we are going to do: Shawn, John, and I will be hiding very close by in the trees, just in case something goes wrong and we need to step in. You Cullen's will tell them that you were lucky to get out unscathed from the newborns. Make sure to convince them that the newborn should not be killed. Try as hard as you can, but if you can't…" She hesitated, but continued. "We will take action."

Everyone nodded but Carlisle. "But Tina, the Volturi will not only feel your presence, but smell you as well. How are you expecting to stay out of sight? And what if they expect you here?" He questioned.

Tina smiled. "You may have forgotten, Carlisle, but everyone thinks that the Saviors are long gone, dead even. So that will not be an issue. As for not noticing our presence, we have a way for them not to notice them. But first I will have to contact her…" She trailed off, appearing to be in thought, but in truth talking to me in her head.

"You wouldn't mind telling us how you plan to accomplish that would you?" Rosalie said. Tina smiled pleasantly at her. "Of course I wouldn't. You see, as you may recall, Bells has a gift of disappearance. If she puts her physical shield over other people and disappears, so will the others inside of the shield will disappear as well." She explained.

"But…I thought you said that Lady Isabella was in the South." Jasper said with confusion. Shawn smiled, and answered before Tina could. "She is. But you would be surprised how far she can spread her shield. Bells is very strong."

"Oh, I understand now. So she will still be in the South, but she will know what I going on here as well." Edward said. "Precisely." Tina answered. "You are talking to her in your head, correct." Edward continued. Tina grinned. "You sure have done your studying in vampiric history, haven't you? You obviously like to do things thoroughly. I'm sure you and Bells would get along splendidly." She said with humor in her voice, leaving Edward a bit confused.

I fought the urge to hit her upside the head once again.

"They're almost here." Alice announced with a tight voice. Everyone automatically tensed, and Tina said "Be careful, and make sure not to reveal our presence in any way." She casted one glance at me then turned and headed into the trees, John and Shawn on her heels.

I covered them with my shield and made them invisible, erasing their appearance and scent, as if they were never here. The Cullen's gasped, surprised at how effective my gift really was. But before they could dwell on it, they were here. The Volturi were here to wreak havoc on my life once again.