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Isabella Carter.
Leader of the Saviors, a very powerful and famous group of vampires.
Daughter of Adam and Eve Carter, the first vampires to walk the planet, also known as the Ones.
Sister to Brian, who is 5 years older than her, and Gregoryk Carter, who is 6 years older than her and members of the Saviors.
A dear and long-time friend to Tina Hendrickson, John Arnegard, and Shawn Greenlake, who are also members of the Saviors.
She is more than 3.5 billion years old.
She is the most powerful vampire in the world, owning the powers to stop time, control all four elements. burn people from the soul out until they are just a pile of ash, which is 10 times more painful than the transformation into a vampire, the ability to turn human, a physical and mental shield, and being able to talk to the members of the Savior and the Ones inside her head.
But the Cullen's don't know any of this. They think Bella Carter is Bella Swan, a human. *Rated teen for some swearing.


This sounds good in my head... hopefully I get it right on paper. Haha. Please, give it a chance!! Thanks. Oh, and pretty please with a cherry on top, review?!?!

7. But How?

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"They're almost here." Alice announced with a tight voice. Everyone automatically tensed, and Tina said "Be careful, and make sure not to reveal our presence in any way." She casted one glance at me then turned and headed into the trees, John and Shawn on her heels.

I covered them with my shield and made them invisible, erasing their appearance and scent, as if they were never here. The Cullen's gasped, surprised at how effective my gift really was. But before they could dwell on it, they were here. The Volturi were here to wreak havoc on my life once again.

They came with almost a feeling of darkness, like their presence dampened out the sun and replaced it with dark, stormy clouds. The way they walked, almost as if floating, made them look as if they were walking on air. They had an air of confidence to them; like they knew whatever faced them had no chance at defeating them. It had been true, of course, since Greg had died. They were the superior. They didn't have to worry about the Saviors, since they were most likely dead and all.

Boy, were they in for a surprise.

Jane was naturally in the front, having the most power and control in The Guard. I suppressed the urge to fling them into a tree, and convinced myself that what we were planning was a better thing to do.

Jane was the first to make a sound. "Hmm." Her voice sounded dead, listless, as if she had better places to go and better things to be doing.

"Welcome, Jane." Edward said coolly, ever so polite. I glanced around at the other black hooded figures hulking around behind her, and my gaze landed on the bulkiest one of all. He let his hood drop back and looked back at me. I stared at him, recalling the last time I had seen that face, how he flirted with me, the human, even though he was confident I would be killed, and then my mind drifted back even further, when I was Bella Carter. He'd even flirted outrageously with me then, when he was in the midst of killing my brother.

Now, as he smiled and winked at me, I resisted spitting in his face then proceeding to tear him from limb to limb. I felt Edward stiffen next to me, and glanced up, realizing he saw the wink.

Jane, though, didn't seem to notice our exchange, and if she did she paid no mind to it. Her gaze was on the newborn. "I don't understand." She said quietly but demanding, expecting someone to clear up her confusion.

"She has surrendered." Edward explained, plainly trying to make sure the newborn wouldn't get killed. He was really trying to do what Tina said. Jane, though wasn't going to make it easy. "Surrendered?" she questioned, her eyes flashing to Edward's. "Carlisle gave her the option." He responded, shrugging.

"There are no options for those who break the rules." Jane said dryly. 'Some rules.' I heard Tina say in my head acidly. 'We make the damn rules, not the Volturi. And those are not the rules. The rule says 'Execute those supernatural who threaten the secret if educated', not those who are uneducated!' She said hotly.

'Tina, relax.' I responded lightly. 'They will be punished for their actions at the right time, but that time is not now. Okay?' Tina sighed, but relented.

Meanwhile, Carlisle and Jane had already settled the newborn's fate and were moving on to the army.

"Her name was Victoria" He said, and it came to me that they were talking about the newborn's creator. Jane seemed surprised that Edward killed Victoria, but she hid it well. Her eyes moved to the newborn, and Jane addressed her.

"You there, what is your name?" She said, her voice harsh. The newborn just glared balefully at Jane, and I had to hide the smile that came to my face. To my surprise, Jane just smiled back with an angelic look.

But then realization hit me, and the next second the newborn was writhing on the dirt ground, screaming in agony. I gritted my teeth, knowing I needed to wait to protect the girl, and that it was too late to reveal ourselves.

The screaming seemed to go on for an eternity, but in reality lasted for just a few seconds. Once Jane did stop, she asked again. "Your name?" "Bree." The newborn gasped out. Jane smiled at her, and then Bree started screaming again. My fingers twitched, wanting so badly to throw my shield at her.

My plan to wait for the right time was sounding worse and worse by the second.

Esme frantically tried to make Jane stop. "She will tell you anything you want to know, you don't have to do that to her." Jane's sharp gaze turned to her, and she smiled without humor. "Oh, I know." She responded. Then she turned back to the girl. "Bree."She said sharply. "Is this true? Were there twenty of you?"

Bree was still panting from the pain, but she spoke quickly to Jane, not wanting another torture fest. "Nineteen or twenty, maybe more, I don't know! Sara and the one whose name I don't know got in a fight on the way-"

Jane interrupted, putting her babbling to a stop. "And this Victoria-did she create you?" She asked.

"I don't know," She said, flinching. "Riley never said her name I didn't see that night…It was so dark, and it hurt…" The girl shuddered. "He didn't want us to be able to think of her. He said that our thoughts weren't safe…"

Jane glanced at Edward, and then looked back to the newborn. "Tell me about Riley. Why did he bring you here?"She questioned.

"Riley told us that we had to destroy the strange yellow-eyes here. He said that it would be easy. He said that the city was theirs, and they were coming to get us. He said once they were gone, all the blood would be ours. He gave us her scent." She pointed furiously at me, her arm shaking from fear. "He said we would know that we had the right coven, because she would be with them. He said whoever got to her first could have her."

I heard Edward's teeth clench with an audible snap. Bree glanced at him nervously, but tried to keep her eyes on Jane.

"It looks like Riley was wrong about the easy part." Jane said, her voice smug. The newborn nodded, relaxing her posture. She thought the worst was over. 'We wish.' Shawn thought bitterly. Bree continued. "I don't know what happened. We split up, but the others never came. And Riley left us, and he didn't come to help like he promised. And then it was so confusing, and everybody was in pieces." The girl shuddered. "I was afraid. I wanted to run away. But the leader over there said they wouldn't hurt me if I stopped fighting." She looked over at Carlisle, gratitude written in her eyes.

"Ah, but that wasn't his gift to offer, young one." Jane said softly, her voice strangely gentle. "Broken rules demand a consequence."

'Oh, I'll give you broken, you piece of-"John muttered. He made a move to lunge at Jane, but Tina caught his arm, shaking her head at him. 'Not yet.' She told him, patting his arm.

Jane brought her attention to Carlisle. "Are you sure you got all of them? The other half that split off?" She questioned. Carlisle nodded. "We split up as well." He told her, weariness in his voice. I could tell he was trying to find a way to make sure the newborn would not get harmed.

Jane smirked. "I can't deny that I'm impressed. I've never seen a coven escape this magnitude of offensive intact. Do you know what was behind it? It seems like extreme behavior, considering the way you live here. And why was the girl the key?" Her eyes flickered toward me, and then looked back at Carlisle.

I suppressed a growl.

"Victoria held a grudge against Bella." Edward told her stiffly. Jane laughed softly. "This one seems to bring out bizarrely strong reactions in our kind." She said humorously. 'You have no idea, lady.' John muttered. I fought the urge to smile, and then noticed the sharp pushing on my shield. I glanced back to Jane and saw her smiling directly at me.

I felt Edward stiffen beneath me, and when I looked up at him he was already turning away from me and back to Jane. "Could you please not do that?" He asked through his teeth. Jane just laughed and looked away. "I was just checking. No harm done, apparently." Edward just tightened his arm around me.

Jane got back on topic. "Well, it appears that here's not much left for us to do. Odd," She said, the boredom growing more dominant in her voice now. "We're not used to being rendered unnecessary. It's too bad we missed the fight. It sounds like it would have been entertaining to watch."

"Yes," Edward said strangely, like he was trying to tell her a secret without really saying it. "And you were so close. It's a shame you didn't arrive just a half hour earlier. Perhaps then you could have fulfilled your purpose here." Jane met his gaze with a level-headed look. "Yes. Quite a pity how things turn out, isn't it?"

Tina, John, and Shawn and I all puzzled over the interaction in our heads. 'What in the hell does that mean?' Tina asked. 'I have no idea…' I told her.

Jane turned her attention back to Bree, and her voice was immediately bored once again. "Felix?" She summoned him, demanding he kill her.

This was what we were waiting for. I tensed just in case no one stepped up to protect her. We needed to be ready at all costs.

But Edward spoke up. "Wait," Felix paused, and glanced at Jane. She was looking at Carlisle, one eyebrow raised. "We could explain the rules to the young one." Carlisle told her. "She doesn't seem unwilling to learn. She didn't know what she was doing. Of course, we would certainly be prepared to take responsibility for Bree." 'Nicely worded.' Shawn commented, approval in his tone. I agreed with him, reassured that they would allow her to live, but when I looked at Jane, my confidence in the situation disappeared.

Her expression was mixed with amusement and disbelief. When I saw that look, I wanted to rip her head off.

"We don't make exceptions," She chuckled out. "And we don't give second chances. Keep that in mind," She turned to me. "Caius will be very interested to hear that you're still human, Bella. Perhaps we will get the opportunity to visit here again soon." Alice responded before I did, which was probably a good thing, considering what I was planning to say to her. I had pretty good self control, but not that good. "The date is set. Perhaps we will come visit you instead."

Jane frowned, but shrugged carelessly. She looked at Carlisle. "It was nice to meet you, Carlisle-I'd thought Aro was exaggerating. Well, until we meet again…" Carlisle just nodded at her with a pained expression.

"Take care of that, Felix. I want to go home." She nodded towards the girl, a look of apathy on her face. Carlisle glanced toward the trees nervously, but didn't make a move. No one did, but Emmett.

"Now wait a minute, buddy." Emmett said to Felix, blocking his way. Felix lifted his eyebrows, and glanced at Jane. She had a look of disbelief on her face, but leveled her gaze at Emmett.

I quickly threw out my mental shield, covering his mind with layers upon layers, making it impossible for Jane to ever break through. Jane looked startled, but crouched down and leapt at him-

But she never made it to him. Tina seemed to appear out of thin air, grabbing her by the throat and lifting her up. While I made sure everyone was under my shield, John and Shawn walked out to stand beside Tina and scowl up at Jane.

Jane, however, was wide-eyed with fear. Tina smiled at her wickedly, and then threw her to the ground. She leaned down and whispered in her ear, though we all could hear her. "Remember us?" Jane showed no reaction, other than blank fear and disbelief.

John chuckled and grabbed her by the arm to pull her upright. It seemed that it was then that the rest of the guard snapped out of their shock and came to their senses. They all started running away, fleeing the scene and hoping to get out alive.

"Cowards." Tina hissed under her breath, and swiftly glanced at me, so quickly no one else noticed. I faintly nodded my head forward, and spread my physical shield out, surrounding all of them underneath it and pulling them back, making them stay put.

Tina, John, and Shawn smiled, looking over at Jane. She was whipping her head around in an almost comical way that I would have laughed at in any other situation. "Bu-but how?" She whispered to us. "She's dead, she has been dead for five thousand years…?" She trailed off, leaving it as a question.

John smiled cruelly. "She never died. Did you see a body? Did you see ashes? Did you see any evidence whatsoever implying that she was ever dead?" He questioned her sharply, daring for a reply. Jane slowly shook her head.

John looked toward the rest of the Guard and asked them. "Did you ever find any evidence?" They all furiously shook their heads no, fear in their eyes. "Good," John sounded pleased, "because you shouldn't have."

"Then why isn't she here with you?" Felix questioned, daring as ever. Tina glared at him while answering. "She had other matters to attend to." She said flatly. She turned back to Jane and grabbed her arm. "We will let you go, and you will go and tell your 'masters' that The Saviors are back, and they no longer have any need to rule. You will tell him that we said he should not challenge us, because it will end badly for you. You already went too far, since technically you are responsible for a Carter's death, and you took over the Earth's population, and changed all rules that we made! Is that clear?" Her voice grew louder throughout her speech, and by the end, she was nearly shouting. Jane quickly nodded her head yes.

Tina was suddenly strangely quiet. "If it were up to me, all of you Volturi people would be dead right now, but it isn't, is it?" Jane looked puzzled. "It isn't?" She asked. Tina stared flatly at her. "No, it isn't." "Well, who is it up to, then?" Jane questioned lightly, almost too scared to ask. "Isabella's." She responded shortly, then let go of her arm.

"Leave. All of you leave now, and for your own good do not come back." She told them threateningly. No one moved, and suddenly Shawn shouted, "Leave now!" They jumped, startled, but all turned and fled.

Once they were out of range, Tina relaxed her tense posture and released a big breath of air. She glanced toward Bree, cowering wide-eyed on the ground, and then walked over to her and knelt down, holding out a hand. "My name is Tina Hendrickson, and I am a member of The Saviors." Bree looked at her in confusion, and John rolled his eyes at Tina. "Sweetheart, she doesn't know what The Saviors are. She has never heard of them."

Tina's face was blank for a second, but then a look of realization crossed her face, and she giggled. "Oh, right," She grinned at her mate, and turned back to Bree. "I'll go grab a copy of the Vampiric History book for ya. Be back in a sec, literally." She winked at Bree, and then disappeared.

As promised, she was back almost immediately, with a thick book in hand. She handed it to Bree, and then said, "I know you have another newborn friend of yours waiting for you far from here. Go to him, both of you read the book, and live in peace." She smiled at her, but then turned serious. "You must remember, though, that you must not expose yourselves. That is one thing that the Volturi were right about."She said grudgingly, as if she didn't want to admit there was a similarity between The Saviors and The Volturi. "Though, the difference being we let you live because you didn't know any better." She sighed, and then gave Bree departing words. "Most of all though, be happy. Have a good life." Tina grinned widely at her, and then stepped away.

Bree nodded at her and then turned to the Cullen's, who had been watching it all with the quietest attention. "Thank you, for…saving my life." She told Carlisle quietly. Carlisle smiled and nodded at her, saying "Of course." Bree smiled gratefully at him, and then ran off, the same way the newborns had come.

We all watched her run off until we could see her no longer, and then Shawn broke the silence. "Well, I don't know about you, but I could use a way less tense situation right now and get away from all this seriousness." John guffawed. "Hell, yeah!" She shouted, and they gave a high five. I glanced over at Emmett and saw him smiling widely at them, and then had to pat down the fear that came over me with the thought of having Emmett, Shawn and John in the same room together.

Tina watched them with mild interest as they continued on to do some sort of complicated handshake. "Well, as much as I would like to mock you over your childlike behavior, I can't help but agree. This is too much pressure and nerves for one day." She turned to the Cullen's. "It's very likely that Aro and Caius will get really pissed off over this, and want to come and kill you all." She told them bluntly. "So we should probably stick around for a while."

Esme, ever the hospitable one, immediately confronted them over a place to stay. "Oh, of course if you stay for us, we can welcome you into our home. You are very welcome to have a place to rest in our home while you are here."

Tina smiled at her. "Thank you Esme, that is very generous of you. We would love to stay with you. That is, of course, if it is okay with the rest of your family." She looked at all of them, and her eyes landed on me last. She grinned and lifted up her hand to give me a little finger wave. I just stared at her with a look of incredulity on my face, not believing she was doing that in front of the Cullen's.

Carlisle glanced between us questioningly, but warmly responded to Tina. "Of course it is completely fine with us if you stay at our home. It would be our honor." To his surprise, Tina chuckled, while John and Shawn glanced at each other with wide grins. 'You won't be thinking that for long, Doc.' Tina snickered in her head, and I glared at her. Addressing all three of them, I said 'You will behave yourselves, is that clear?' Shawn laughed out loud, then told me 'Yes, Ma'am!' And snapped a mental military salute at me. I just growled lowly at him in my head.

"Well, I'm puckered out. Shall we head back?" Tina questioned, and Carlisle nodded. "Of course," Tina grinned, and then the three of them started marching towards the Cullen house. I rolled my eyes, and looked up at Edward. He was looking down at me with worry in his eyes. "What's wrong?" I asked him, immediately on my guard. Did he suspect something? But he didn't live up to my fears. "Are you alright? Any normal human would be hyperventilating by now, but you are standing here acting like this is just another walk in the park." He questioned me.

I smiled up at him. "Haven't you figured out by now that I'm not a normal human?" I turned around and stood up on my toes to kiss him. "I'm fine, Edward. You shouldn't worry so much." I mumbled onto his lips. He mumbled something I couldn't understand, and pressed harder onto my lips.

Suddenly we were interrupted by Alice's high pitched voice. "Come on, lovebirds. We have to feed the human." Edward grinned lopsidedly at me, and my heart melted. He was so beautiful. "Let's go, Love." He whispered into my ear, then scooped me up and started running towards the house.