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this is just a random poem i thought of while reading eclipse. i dont know how it relates to the saga either so just read it and tell me what you think.

this is a random poem. please read.

1. Fear

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BY: teamedwardlover

Fear always a misunderstood term. How is that you may


Well for it is always confused with scared.

Most likely you response would be that is not so for they are the same.

Your answer is wrong I say and so say wisdom.

You are confused no doubt. Let me explain.

Fear is not scared. Scared is like your first day of school.

You are scared no doubt. And nervous but there is no fear involved.

Scared is not fear. Fear is like a fear of heights

You will not go up high if you fear heights

So now I tell you fear is what we all have from the time we take our first breath

We all have fear. Stopping us from something

And if you do not get over your fear you are letting fear laugh in your face. Ha it says I have you

When fear has you trapped. You are letting fear have your future. Let go

Let go of your fear. Move from your past and into your future

Why let a fear have you. Stop you… take risk…

And fear will cower away for risk and moving on

Is like a light to a dark. Sunlight to the old vampires

Take your life back! But know this

Fear never leaves….