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My Twilight

This Twilight if Bella were more teenager-ish, outgoing, and popular. Normal Pairings OOC


1. Chapter 1- First Sight

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"Mom, please. Just relax. I'm moving to Forks, not Japan. I'll visit whenever I can. Okay?" I tried unsuccessfully to calm my mother down at the airport. People were starting to stare, a few looked away when I glared at them.

"I know, Bella. But... baby, I'm gonna miss you so much." Renee cried. I hugged her until Phil dragged her away, to give me some time with my two best friends, Graham and Kendra.

Kendra had been my best friend ever since Pre-K. She was beautiful to put it mildly. She had white blonde wavy hair to her mid-back and lighter-than-sky-blue eyes with a tan complexion from cheerleading. I'd been with her through her dad's death, her moms second marriage, her mother's cancer and mother's death.

Graham had been in my music class with me in fifth grade. People always said we should go out or that we did, but our feelings for each other were purly platonic. But if you said he wasn't cute you were blind. He had spiky black hair and hypnotic green eyes with a heathly tan complexion from football. He was obsessed with vampires and fictional creatures.

"What are we gonna do without you Bellz?" Graham asked as he and Kenny pulled me into a hug.

"Probably shrivle up and die without my mad cooking skills." I laughed along with Kenny and Graham. Both faces were wet.

"Graham are you crying? Oh, you are so lucky I don't go to school with you anymore on you would never here the end of that! Football Star Graham Ashford Cries. Hehe!" I laughed.

"Shut up, Bells." Graham laughed. Kendra couldn't bring herself to do so. This was really hard for her; Renee and I wer both leaving and we were always like her family. She had her step-dad, Chris but he wasn't her real dad.

"Hey, Kenny. You're gonna visit. Okay? I'm a phone call away. Do me a favor don't start cutting again okay? You are all Chris has left. He loves you. We love you, and I can't lose my sister. Your parents want you to be happy. You do anything stupid and you'll deal with me, ya got it?" I asked her. She nodded and began crying again. I hugged her.

"Take care of her, will you?" I asked Graham over her head. He nodded.

"Loading flight 186, Phoenix to Forks, Washington. Loading Flight 186." An irrated voice came over the intercom. My mom, Phil, Graham, and Kendra were around me in a moment. I hugged them all and with a final goodbye I got on the plane, leaving them and my beloved Arizona behind.


I arrived in the small, dreary town of Forks several hours later. As I got off the plane I gained several stares.

I looked down at me outfit and smirked. I had on a lacy black tank, a cropped bright pink leather jacket, black-and-pink plaid short shorts over top fishnet tights, and black lace up combat boots. My nails were black. My hair was thrown up in a messy ponytail but my black highlights wer surely seen by on-lookers. The way my top and jacket and top were cut people could see my butterfly tatoo on my back and my pierced belly-button. My make-up was dark and bold at the same time. Clearly these people didn't have much creativity in this little town.

A blonde girl was openly staring at me. "What's your problem, Blondie?" I called at her, sneering.

"Bells!" My father,Charlie, called to me. He looked ticked I'd openly been a jerk. Better get used to that. Charlie was the Chief of Police. Ha, I was sure to be an emmbarrassment. At the age of seventeen I'd done something illegal at least twenty-seven times and gotten arrested ten times.

"Char- Dad! It's so good to see you again." I flashed him my 'You-can't-resist-me' smile. It worked, as always. It'd gotten me out of a speeding ticket twice.

"Let's get you home. You're probably tired. How was your flight, Bells?" He asked towing me to his police car. Please, please tell me he got my baby and I don't have to ride in that.

"Hey, dad, did you get my car?" I asked.Please say yes.

"Yeah. How did you afford a Black 911 Turbo Porsche?" He asked, confused and unhappy. He must of been upset that maybe Phil had bought me the car.

"My band, Fallen Angels, gets a lot of gigs and they pay pretty good. We spilt the profits." Fallen Angels was made up of me on voice, guitar, and dancing, Graham on drums, and Kendra on lead guitar.

"Oh. I forgot you played... um, what was it you play again?" He asked, sheepish.

"Guitar, piano, voice, drums, and flute." I said, rolling my eyes.

"Oh." The rest of the ride was filled with a loud silence.


"Oh, baby when you talk like that You make a woman go mad So be wise and keep on Reading the signs of my body Oh I'm on tonight You know my hips don't lie And I'm starting to feel it's right All the attraction The tension Don't you see baby This is Perfection" My alarm sang at six thirty.

"Uhg!" First day. Whopee. I dragged myself out of bed and got into the hot shower.

Once I was in my room I began to get ready.

I decided to wear a homemade black tank that said 'You don't like me? Bite me!' in blood red letters, blood red trench coat, dark denim skinny jeans, and six inch black heeled boots. My hair hung in ringlets showing off my highlights. My nails stayed black- no surprise there. My lips were blood red, my eyes had a purple/black rim around them, and my cheeks stayed there pale color.

"Bells, you ready? I'm headin' out." Charlie called.

"Yeah. I'm good." I called.

" 'Kay. Good luck. See ya after school." I heard the door slam shut.

A few minutes later I walked downstairs and saw that Charlie had stocked up on all my favorite foods. After grabbing an already made cup of my favorite coffee and cereral bar I was in the car and off to Forks High.

When I pulled in the parking lot, heads turned to face my car-it be due to my car or blaring rap music I do not know.

I sighed and got out.

My heel hit the parking lot with a click. Peolpe turned and stared, a few gasped. I rolled my eyes.

"Hi, I'm Isabella Swan." I said to a red haired woman behind the front desk when I entered the office.

"Oh, of course. Here is your class route and a map of the school. I hope you enjoy it here." I smiled in response.

Engilsh passed in a blur as did all my classes up until Trig, my class with Jessica Stanley, a less annoying dumber-if possible-brunette version of a blonde bimbo named Lauren Mallory.

Jessica. Never. Shut. Up.

When we walked to her table at lunch I reconized a blonde player from my English class, Mike Newton. I smiled when needed while the rest talked.

"Hey, Jessica. Who's tall, pale, and full of himself over there?" I asked when I glanced at a table that seated five pale beautiful people but only one stuck out to me.

"Oh, that's Edward Cullen. The people next to him are his siblings. Emmett and Alice Cullen and Jasper and Rosalie Hale." She said in a dreamy voice.

"They don't look related." I pointed out.

"They're not. Well, Rosalie and Jasper are- the blondes. They're twins. But get this! They're all together. Rosalie's with Emmett. Jasper's with Alice. Edward's the single one, but don't waste your time. He doesn't date. No one here is good enough for him." Jessica said in a stiff voice.

"The bronze haired one is Edward, right?" I asked. She nodded. "When'd he turn you down?" I asked with a smirk.

"You little-" She was cut off by a roar off laughter from the Cullen and Hale table.

Emmett was rolling on the floor along with Alice and Edward. Rosalie and Jasper were having trouble keeping striaght faces.

The bell rang.

As I walked down the hall Emmett Cullen passed me and smiled. When I finally reached the Bio room I saw Edward Cullen sitting at the only desk with a remaining seat open.

"Ah, Ms. Swan I have a desk for you right over here." Mr. Molina said pointing to the chair next to Edward Cullen. The second I took a step forward he stiffened.

His hand was over his face before I could even blink. The closer I got the clearer I could see his face. He looked like he smeeled something bad.

"Are you okay?" I asked as I sat down.

"Fine." He hissed. What the crap is his problem? That question was going through my mind for the rest of the day. I went out to my car and waited for him to come out with his family. I pulled out a cigarette.

When they finally came out they stopped at their car- a shiny silver Volvo.

"... just calm down. Edward everything is going to be fine." The pixie like one, Alice was telling Edward.

"Fine? Fine?! Alice I was about to-" He hissed but was cut off by Jasper clearing his throat when he caught sight of me.

"Look, Cullen. I don't know what your problem is with me- and personally I don't really care. I don't know why you hate me. And I don't know why people are scared of you, but you need to hear this. I am not them. I will not take any bull from anyone including you and your family. I am different. I'm not scared of you and I will never be scared of you. You got it? Good." And with that I walked of, got in my car, and sped out of the parking lot.