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monochromatic banner Bella is in a coma , barely alive. Edward manages to save her ,but seeks the help of another being, more dangerous and dicieving than any vampire. His wish to save Bella comes at a high price and he's tricked into giving something he'd rather keep all to himself. BellaXEdward spoilers Violence, mild horror. (Banner made by me-however sucky it is) Disclaimer: I don't own anything that you recognize from Twilight/New Moon/ Eclipse, they all belong to Stephenie Meyer.


2. Mackerel Sky

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Chapter 2~Mackerel Sky


A/N: Basically, I messed up on the genres, sorry for any inconvenience. I accidentally labeled it humor instead of horror, call me retarded if it will make anything better. Anyway , the nest chapter as promised. Hopefully a few things will be cleared up now.

“Like I said Edward, she's in a coma....I'm sorry but there's nothing else we can do,” Carlisle soothed, Edward just shook his head, his hurt radiating out as fury. He growled and whacked a stack of books off the nearby desk. Alice sighed from the doorway and watched the medical journals fall with a dull thump. She looked up as Edward stalked towards her, she squared her shoulders and prepared herself for the storm he was about to wreak.

“Why didn't you tell me?” he managed to grunt out in between grinding his teeth furiously. Alice gave him a look, and folded her arms confidently, showing she was not one to be bullied into fear or apology.

“Edward, I didn't know. Not even an inkling came my way, There's nothing we could have done to have foreseen this, not even you sensed another person in the house.” Alice told him gently and pushed him to the chair beside Bella's bed. He collapsed into it, loosing all his former grace.

He gently stroked Bella's icy cheek, avoiding the gauze that held the wires leading through her nose in place. This was the second time he'd seen her in a critical state, it hurt ten times as much this time around. He'd broken his promise to never let anything hurt her.

Fumbling in his pocket Edward managed to grip his trembling fingers over his small , black mobile. Punching a familiar number into the keypad he listened as the dial tone rang for an agonizingly long time.

“Hello?” came a bright and cheery voice on the other end, looks like Charlie still hadn't worked out how to use the caller ID on his mobile.

“Good morning Mr Swan,” Edward announced himself as he glanced at the clock, 11:30AM it read.

“Edward! How's my girl doing?” he imagined chief swam smiling expectantly in his holiday apartment all the way from the tropical islands. It made Edwards stomach lurch uncomfortably. Never before had he felt such a swirling guilt. Realizing he should say something Edward burbled out a load of rubbish:

“She's fine! she's just a bit ill- um, er a stomach bug! I would put her on the phone but she's ...err, Edward glanced around helplessly , immediately landing in on Bella's closed eyes.

“Asleep,” he said lamely, practically kicking himself, “she's sleeping,” There was a silence over the line. Edward prayed for him not to see through his barefaced lie!

“Oh, Well ,get her to ring me when she's feeling up to it, is it serious? I'll come home,” If Edward's heart was still working it would have imploded by now.

“No, there's no need for that! She told me to tell you not to worry , we just went to a bad restaurant last night...” never before had Edward felt so inarticulate. “Enjoy the rest of your Holiday Mr Swan,” he croaked.

“Thanks, Edward and call me Charlie!” there was a pause in which Charlie took a breath.

“I'm glad my girl's with you, she needs someone to keep her out of accidents, I trust you a lot Edward, give my love to Bella,” Edward felt as if he'd just been kicked in the guts. Lying to Charlie was one thing , but to be believed and more trust given was torturous. The line went dead. He pocketed the phone and glanced up too see Carlisle and Alice staring straight back.

“How long until he comes home?”Carlisle asked quietly.

“Two weeks,” Alice answered ,since Edward was deemed speechless. He nodded, gathered the journals off the floor and left Edward alone in the room , safe for Alice following closely behind him.

“Alice?” Edward called just as she was about to close the door. She nodded and took one lithe step back into the bedroom/converted care unit.

“What can you see? Your thoughts are too guarded for me lately,” Alice nodded.

“Nothing Edward, not a single thing,” she said honestly and Edward knew she was being completely truthful.

The door closed with a gentle snap and Edward sat forward, burying his head in his hands. The silence seemed to press upon his ears until the weight was unbearable.

“Change me.” Edward sat up straight and leaned over Bella. Gripping her shoulders and give them a gentle shake. Her lips formed the words once more, but no sound came out. Carlisle had mentioned people in coma's could sometimes speak.

Even without details he knew exactly what Bella had meant. Staring down at her hand, where to previous mark had bean left. Checking over his shoulder , Edward brought her limp hand to his lips and traced the bite mark. Dropping her arm, he unwillingly leaned over her body and drew his finger nail across her neck. A little trail of blood followed his scratch. Edward felt as if a monster was roaring inside him, clawing at his guts , as if it wanted to break free and drink the blood itself. His eyes became dark. The blood seemed to pool out of that small scratch. Red, warm. So hungry. He gave the crimson trail one curious lick. Nearly hurling, it didn't taste like it had last time. He wanted to stop, to pull back, but his teeth continued to sink into Bella's soft neck.

“EDWARD!” he faintly felt someone tugging his shoulder. He growled and threw them off. There was a crash as they hit the floor and before long his teeth were sinking into her neck once more, drawing the blood from within. The darkness had completely fogged his brain until he slipped away from reality.

A/N: A bit lame , I was in a rush to finish so I could post this update before I go on vacation. Sorry another Cliffie!