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monochromatic banner Bella is in a coma , barely alive. Edward manages to save her ,but seeks the help of another being, more dangerous and dicieving than any vampire. His wish to save Bella comes at a high price and he's tricked into giving something he'd rather keep all to himself. BellaXEdward spoilers Violence, mild horror. (Banner made by me-however sucky it is) Disclaimer: I don't own anything that you recognize from Twilight/New Moon/ Eclipse, they all belong to Stephenie Meyer.


3. The Dead

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Edward straightened up and wiped the moist, warm blood off his chin with the tip of his finger. He gazed hungrily at the glossy red , stain on his finger and then struck it into his mouth, savoring the velvety sweet taste with every roll of his tongue. His eyes rolled back in his skull, and he felt goose bumps erupt like diamond hard incrustations along his spine. As he slowly opened his eyes, Edward became aware of a low rumbling. His eyes darted around, seconds later he realized the rumbling, was actually a growl; vibrating from deep inside his chest cavity. All conscious reasoning had long escaped his hungry and fevered mind. Edward felt his lip upper curling over his top teeth, and the reabbreviating growl collapsed into an angry hiss.

As he approached Bella's sleeping form again, he saw nothing other than his next meal. Lowering his head until he could feel the heat of the blood pulsing through the gaping wound; he had earlier created on Bella's neck, Edward tasted blood once more.

Fireworks exploded over his vision and his head pounded with the vibrant purples and shocking pinks of pure pleasure. He felt like a starving animal, ravenously devouring it's prey.

Then, the fire started to burn. Like a thousand suns has suddenly combusted in his stomach, Edward was knocked back. He made scarping motions at his own neck as the heat seared through his system. What had happened, he did not know, but as his knees began to give in to gravity Edward was hit by something so strong it knocked him clean out of reality.

A young girl sat on a large rock, her feet dangling into the water of a huge glassy lake. She watched a shoal of silvery fish dart about up ahead as she disturbed the water with her toe.

Eyes welling with tears she looked down at the dirt splattered book on her lap. She shook her head fiercely, as if trying to dislodge the emotion and flipped the book open to a random page. It was handwritten in a flowing Gothic script and torn at the edges. She ran her fingers gently across the yellowing page, feeling the indents where the writer had pressed a little too hard in places. Making as if she was going to turn the page the girl ripped it clean out of the book with a strangled sob. Crying freely she tore the paper into tiny pieces and threw them with all her might into the lake. They fluttered through the air and settled on the surface of the water like confetti. Her small fingers scrabbled at page after page until everything of the book was destroyed.

Hiccuping, the girl stared bleakly at the water apparently too distraught to cry anymore. She lowered herself into the lake ;it was extremely cold ;and clutched two handfuls of soggy paper in her fists. Sinking until she was neck deep the girl gazed at the clear blue sky. It was the first day it hadn't rained in months. Closing her eyes against the light she breathed in the deep freshness of spring.

The girl emptied her lungs and began to sink below the surface, whispering one word so silently it couldn't be made out.

Edward gasped, like he himself was arising from a choking lake of water. He breathed deeply through his nose, and then remembering who he was, shakily got to his feet. He gazed around the room feeling disorientated. Then it all came crashing back. Emmett was led on his back a few paces back, unconscious by the way he looked. He'd tried to stop Edward from biting Bella. The thought shuddered through him.

He approached the bed she lay on, hands twitching at his sides. Edward suddenly had the childish urge to cover his eyes and run from the room. However he grounded his feet and stared with apprehensive horror over to Bella. She was sleeping soundly, without a speck of blood on her night clothes. He urged her head over to the left with the tips of his fingers, much like how he would handle a delicate butterfly. Now with a better view of her neck Edward saw two flaming puncture marks on her pale skin. He couldn't make that mark with his teeth, and so that meant the inevitable. Somebody else had been there. With a feral growl Edward braced himself in front of Bella's bed, protecting her from whatever horror would leap out of the dark at them. There was silence, for what could have been hours, minutes or mere seconds. Then there came light footsteps on the stairs , Edward's head snapped in the direction of the noise, although he didn't move. The sound was faint and quick, no human could move like that.

Emmett still lay unconscious on the floor, and Bella was vulnerable in her bed. Edward knew one way or another he would have to chose, which to pull to safety. Protect his love and leave Emmett, his brother to be claimed by whatever lurked on the other side of the door ;or leave Bella open for attack and rescue Emmett.

Then the door handle flew down and the door opened wide.

A/N: Okay, I KNOW it's short! But it's just a little taster to wet your appetites while I work on my coursework. The next chapter will be much, MUCH better.

So sorry guys. :(

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