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monochromatic banner Bella is in a coma , barely alive. Edward manages to save her ,but seeks the help of another being, more dangerous and dicieving than any vampire. His wish to save Bella comes at a high price and he's tricked into giving something he'd rather keep all to himself. BellaXEdward spoilers Violence, mild horror. (Banner made by me-however sucky it is) Disclaimer: I don't own anything that you recognize from Twilight/New Moon/ Eclipse, they all belong to Stephenie Meyer.


4. Times up

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With the split second he had to chose between the love of his existence, and his family, Edward made up his mind. He lunged forwards, feeling like his stomach had been left behind and landed nimbly on his toes, knees bent and squatting by Emmett's side. Edward grabbed one fistful of his brother's collar and the other circled under his armpit. Leaping backwards with his whole might and a pained grunt of effort he heaved Emmett over to Bella's bed. He just had time to leap, much like a cat would ,in front of the bed arms spread wide to protect both Emmett and Bella.

The door swung inward just as the last ray of daylight escaped from the room. Edward felt his breath hitch. A women stood in the doorway. But not just any women. She was exquisite. She had a feline look to her face, her eyes were large, almond shaped and the purest milky blue. Her lips were painted a beautiful array of colors and her hair tumbled down her back in a golden caramel cascade. Her blanc eyes did a full sweep of the room, and, apparently satisfied she took a quick step forwards.

“Edward,” she smiled, making a small curtsy so her floaty dress fluttered at the hem. As the bottom of her skirts rose up, Edward saw her feet were bare. She stepped closer once more, and curiously picked a pen up from the dresser on her right. Momentarily distracted ,she clicked the pen open, starting a little when it clicked alarmingly and the nib shot out of the shiny silver case. She rose an eyebrow at it and set it back down on the dresser. The pen was glowing red, and then faded back to it's original color. Her feet hissed and sizzled against the floor as she walked, leaving scorch marks on the varnished wood.

“Edward,” she repeated, still smiling but it looked forced. Edward nodded curtly in return, and quickly avoided her eyes. They were blanc and milky like forgotten moons. The image sent a series of shivers chattering up his spine.

She danced up to him and ran a finger under his jaw. Edward bit down on his tongue as her scorching skin burned at his icy face, the cold against hot made it a thousand times worse.

“You look thin, when was your last...meal?,” she asked, looking up through her thick eyelashes at Edward. His teeth clenched together with a definite snap. He wondered if she knew what had happened, or hadn't happened. He couldn't make out if this was a dream or reality.

A small sultry smile tugged at the corner of her painted lips. Edward's nostrils flared, and he looked with determination at the ceiling, the tendons in his neck straining out. She laughed throatily and grasped his hands abruptly. Her sandpaper dry hands tightened around his. A spearing jet of hot light screamed through Edward's mind. He felt as if his ears were whistling with steam, and then his world collapsed again.

The small girl looked up through her curtain of dark hair. She was sat alone at a large dressed table. Every surface was groaning with crispy turkeys, slices of pink ham and bowls of golden potatoes. She ate nothing, only stared at the vast , carefully painted ceiling overhead. It was illustrated with a selection of weeping angels and speared cherubs, all falling to the hand of a fiery devil. The morbid ,divine parade hung over her head like a raincloud.

Edward snapped his eyes open to find himself led on his back, writhing around on the floor with the beautiful, yet dangerous women looming over him. She still had his hands clasped in her own vice grip.

“She needs to see you Edward, it's been a long time and you owe us a favor,” she whispered, placing a quick, hot kiss on his lips, Momentarily stunning him out of the pain. Her clouded eyes gazed into his face, searching for something that she seeked.

She released his hands and strode quickly to the door.

“You haven't got long, time's running out,” she smiled again.

An image of Bella's punctured neck crept to the front of Edward's thoughts. His stomach turned over in sick repulsion. Edward opened his mouth to speak but the woman was gone.

He looked dazedly around the room and then scrabbled to his feet. Bella was still alive he knew that, he could hear her heart beat from where he stood. Emmett would awake soon. That was for certain. Edward knew he had to repay his debts, and like a man walking to the gallows, the blazing light fell from his vision, and the world was left a dull monochrome.

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