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The Ties That Can't Break

Edward and Alice thought their lives were pretty much normal. Except that Alice's boyfriend Jasper is a vampire. His sister Bella comes to town and creates chaos.And what about the powerful creature lurcking in the shadows.


1. Memories Always Come Back

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The Ties That Can’t Break

Another tedious day spent. It’s the middle of November and the leaves have lost their vibrant green color. They fall to the ground breaking the bond they shared with the tree for their entire lives. I have lived a long and sometimes not so prosperous life. I’ve been so many places around the world but the one that I always come back to is Washington State. The memories haunt me here but the atmosphere around me is always in constant motion. It reminds me that life goes on. When someone dies there is another 6.7 billion others who are continuing with their lives. Grief can’t consume me.

“Hey Jazz, I can’t wait till Friday’s game! We’re so going to crush those Pirates” said Mike the wide receiver on Forks High’s football team the Mountain Lions. I’m the quarterback.

“Yeah, Coach has us practicing like crazy; there is no way they stand a chance at winning” I answered back. After so many years of life this little game of frivolous football is what I look forward to.

Then I saw Alice, my girlfriend coming down the hall. People this day used the word girlfriend but it doesn’t really mean anything at all does it. She isn’t a girl who is a friend. Jenna is the love of my very long life. She has the most beautiful pale blue eyes that sparkle when she smiles and the palest unblemished complexion. She was so tiny and free spirited that I couldn’t resist talking to her when I started another four years of monotonous high school. Her happiness is infectious. Her spiky black hair was blowing in the fall breeze. She gave me the most breathe taking smile but was interrupted on her way over to me by one of her cheerleader friends trying to talk to her.

Out of nowhere my attention was taken from my love to someone calling my name. It wasn’t out loud but mentally. I turned to the left. It was like a blast from my past. The harsh memories assaulted me again bringing an all new realness to what I’ve experienced. Why was she here? What has she done? A frown appeared upon my face. She noticed it immediately

“What you aren’t happy to see me big brother?” replied Isabella with a grin stretched across her face. I starred at with shock.

“Jasper, Jasper, Jasper, I thought I would at least get a hug or some form of affection not some shocked thoughts, questions. Oh you thought I didn’t hear your little mantra. Living among humans will do that to you brother. You lost your true nature. Well guess what your still a predator” she barely whispered the last part into his ear. She did this for harm of humans finding out their secret.

“Hey Jazz, and … umm I’m sorry do I know you?” Alice asked as she hugged her boyfriend.

“She is” “I’m” Jazz and Bella said at the same time. Bella was the first one to talk. “I’m Bella, Jasper’s baby sister and you’re his girlfriend Alice Cullen it is so nice to finally meet you. I’ve heard so much about you, I feel like I practically know you thanks to my dear brother” Bella said in a sickly sweet voice.

Bella, stop whatever you’re trying to do now. I love her please cut the bullshit, Jasper forced these thoughts into Liz’s head.

“How come Jazz has never said anything about you. He is an emancipated teen, how can he have a little sister somewhere?” Alice asked in a threatening voice. To Bella it was more like a kitten trying to be a lion. It was cute in a sick way.

“I was in foster care; I too just got my freedom it would have been too much for Jazzy to have to take care of himself let alone me” replied Bella in the most believable matter of fact way.

“Well, I think we’re going to be great friends! Do you like shopping? I love it and then if you do we can go shopping together. I think you need a makeover! Oh I can’t wait!” Alice rambled off half squealing and giggling.

“I’m sorry Allie, Maybe you could plan all the girly things that you want to do with my sister some other time. I think I really need to catch up with Belly. I’ll call you tonight okay I love you, bye” Jasper said to Alice. Once out of hearing distance “And you” Jasper said grabbing Bella’s arm “Are going to have a long discussion with me about what you’ve been up to for the last 200 years or so since I have last seen you” hauling Bella to his car.

“How did you get here?” Jasper asked Bella as he was driving. “I ran” Bella replied like it was the only possible answer for her to have chosen.

“So how fast does your car go?” Bella asked in a giddy voice. “No” Jasper answered in a reprimanding tone.

The car came to a halt in front of an old building. Bella stepped out of the passenger’s seat where she expected pavement but found dirt. How old exactly is this boarding house, she thought. Jasper walked up the stone pathway with Bella walking behind him. He opened the door and led the way up to a room.

“Welcome to my humble abode Belly” Jazz said as he invited his sister into his room. “Why are you here?” Jazz began to interrogate Bella. “Whoa you don’t wait to get to the point; I’m here to see you. It gets lonely wandering the Earth alone for 200 odd years” Bella answered in a solemn voice.

“Don’t lie to me, I won’t ask you again Bella” Jazz asked sternly. “I began running and usually I stop when I feel like it and settle down for a few years run again. Something pulled me here. Don’t give me that look Jazz. There is some power here. I thought when I sensed you here that it was only me feeling your power. In this day and age vampires don’t last over 300 years old, for varying reasons Jazz, we are 600 years old, pretty ancient. Any vamp could feel our magnitude of power. But in your presence it isn’t you, you have lost so much instinct and power it of had been you. So who was it or what was it?” Bella explained her reasons for messing up her brother’s neat little world he has isolated himself in.