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The Ties That Can't Break

Edward and Alice thought their lives were pretty much normal. Except that Alice's boyfriend Jasper is a vampire. His sister Bella comes to town and creates chaos.And what about the powerful creature lurcking in the shadows.


2. Love Changes Everyone

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“Maybe you were just imagining it Bella, I always thought you were on the verge of psychotic” Jazz said smiling at Bella. Bella got up from her seat on his bed to standing at the window. “I’m not crazy, I know I have done some things for you not to trust me but I’m sorry the Order was controlling me I… I…I” Bella broke into sobs the tears that would have been running down her cheek if she was human weren’t there.

“I loved her too Jazz, I’m sorry I got her killed. I was young and couldn’t control the aching thirst to suck dry any human in my way. I didn’t want to kill your wife but they put her and me in a cage together. They forced me to end her life. We were stronger together don’t you realize that. They tried to turn us against each other using our weaknesses at the time. Your Maria and my self control. I remember what happened here 200 years ago they tried to pull us apart again. 500 innocent people got dragged into it and died from it. While the world just thought there was an outbreak of the flu”.

“Bella, how are we stronger together?” Jazz questioned Bella. “The telepathy, the ability we have to connect when we need each other. We love each other something other vampires can’t even do” Bella explained.

We have each other Bella thought mentally to her brother. “So Alice looks just like your dead wife Maria” Bella replied in nonchalant manor. “It isn’t what you think Bella; she isn’t like Maria, Alice she makes me happy for once in my immortal life. Plus she is a kind, caring person unlike Maria.” Jasper tried to explain his bizarre actions to Bella.

“Oh I know I just wanted to get a rise out of you” Bella said in a teasing way. “So are you in rolling in High School?”Jasper wondered trying to get off the subject of his love life. “Yeah, I guess. I get to annoy you all day and your human” Bella replied in playful tone.

“So I see you still drink from humans” Jazz said resentfully “And I see you still don’t” Bella said in a sarcastic filled come back. “Don’t be a killer Bella your better than that” Jazz wanted her to stop hurting others and herself. She sounds strong and cocky but she feels guilt for every drop of blood she has taken.

“I’ll have you know the last person I killed was your precious Maria. You think I’m some cold blooded murder but I’m not. If I was you wouldn’t pick fights because I would always win. All I have in this life is you. I could go to the Order right now and tell them the sins you have committed, fraternizing with a human.” With that Bella opened the window and was almost out till she turned around and said “I haven’t bitten anyone since the last time we saw each other, I bought a blood bank. I help humans and don’t hurt them at the same time. I thought you would be proud of me.” Then Bella bounded out the window. Jasper was downright shocked with the threat he was just given. He starred right out the window. Bella was far gone now, where he didn’t know.

Bella looked around this small god forsaken town and found nothing enthralling. There was a tiny hole in the wall bar/pub that seemed the only place actually somewhat exciting. Go figure! She walked into the bar to find it almost deserted but in reality this was the most people they got there on an uneventful weekday.

1 woman and 2 men were by the pool table betting who ever won got the night with the girl. Their lives must suck Bella thought. What has the world come to? Bella sat on a stool at the bar next to a man who was 38 years old. Over the years Bella became very good at telling peoples ages, heck she had nothing else to do. The man was beyond handsome. With the oddest shade of hair it was like someone poured a bottle of honey on his hair. Then his eyes were the brightest emerald green she had ever seen in her life. Then his chiseled sculptured face made him look like a Greek god. The man thoughts were about how much his daughter missed her mother. He knew he couldn’t raise a teenager by himself. He knew what it was like to be a teenage boy, oh god help me, the man thought. So he was drowning his woes in alcohol, Bella thought to herself.

“I’ll have a beer Mr. Bartender” said Bella “I’ll need some I.D little missy” said the beer belly middle aged bartender. “First off no one calls me little missy and my driver’s license is right here Bar boy” Bella told the man whose name tag Tyler.

Name Isabella Swan age 25, she made the bartender believe that that was what the I.D read.

Bella turned to the man on her right the one with daughter issues and began to speak. “So my name’s Bella and I’m new to Forks. I’m guessing that the five other people here are the life of the town.” grinning at him.

“No the life of this town is in fact at the retirement home, I’m Edward by the way”Edward commented laughing. Bella laughed along with him. “Well than I bet that is where we should be then, hey Tyler where is my beer dude?” she called to the bartender.

Edward was hysterical laughing with this young girl she made him feel again. He wasn’t angry at his ex-wife Tanya. Or hurt that she had an affair. The pain was long gone when he looked at this girl with chocolate eyes that lighted up this cold dank bar.

Something inside Bella changed she wanted to make Edward laugh again and again. Smile more and she wanted his acceptance. She didn’t understand these feelings they are all brand new to her. The bartender had not even given her the beer she ordered an hour ago. Which was weird because there was only six people in the bar including her. She got up to walk out and leave these uneasy feelings behind her. She never made it to the door. Edward came from behind and grasped her wrist “Don’t leave” was all he said. She didn’t and she couldn’t go against what he said. They stayed there through the entire night laughing and getting to know each other. Tyler had to escort them out when he was closing the bar.

“I don’t want to say goodbye yet” Bella whispered to Edward. “Then don’t” Edward replied. They got into his car and drove to his home. He had a large old Victorian styled house. Bella got out of the car where Edward was waiting. He took her hand and led her into the house. Inside they shared a passionate kiss. In that moment they were more in love than Romeo and Juliet. Bella was in too deep but the descent held no way for her to resurface, then came the next kiss and the next. The frenzied kisses grew to more as Edward brought them the bedroom. He laid Bella onto the bed and they made love. Edward was asleep lying right next to her. If there was a heaven then this is what she would picture it to be. Bella now knew what love was. She understood why her brother cherished it. It wasn’t all about being loved but to be able to love.