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The Ties That Can't Break

Edward and Alice thought their lives were pretty much normal. Except that Alice's boyfriend Jasper is a vampire. His sister Bella comes to town and creates chaos.And what about the powerful creature lurcking in the shadows.


3. Love Sucks

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Chapter 3- Love sucks

The next morning Bella woke from her resting period. The part of each day she dreaded most. Where her memories play like a film in her head for her to experience each wrong she has committed to humanity. But last night it wasn’t horrible at all. Locked in the arms of the man she loved. She knew this couldn’t last forever. Reality finally set in. The peaceful world can’t last. She can’t involve him in her life. She finally lost her paradise.

Bella untangled his arms from her and dressed. She quietly snuck out of the house. She ran and didn’t look back. She found an old oak tree and climbed into it and sobbed till she couldn’t feel the pain stabbing her in the chest.

Jasper needed to hunt; he found a doe that was so frightened of him like it almost knew its fate. He then smelled something that shouldn’t have been in the forest. As he grew closer it was the distinct smell of a vampire. Bella he called out with his mind. “Bella” he heard her utter in a choked voice. He ran to his baby sister and cradled her high up in the oak tree. He didn’t ask why nor did he care. He was here now and that was all that mattered. She is the brave one the leader. He was the coward and below her but right now, she for the first time needed him.

They both recovered from their experience in the tree. Neither of them talked about what happened but there was some silent understanding between the two of them.

“So school” Bella started. “Yea, it is extremely horrible but good cover story” Jasper stated as they were driving to school. “I wonder if people will like me” Bella said in a piercingly high pitched voice.

Jasper parked his black mustang in the closet parking space near the front of the school. Alice once she saw the car came running to the driver’s side. She greeted Jasper with a hug and kiss. Liz whined “You know that is so gross, little sister right here”.

“Hi Bella” Jenna said in an ecstatic voice.”Hi yourself now I am guessing you have already planned the rest of weekend tiny one” Bella laughed. The three walked into the school, Alice and Jazz were holding hands making gushy eyes at each other. Bella made puking sounds in her thoughts and pushed them at her brother. Jazz just rolled his eyes at her. Bella walked into the office and collected her schedule and what not.

“Bella, who is do you have as a history teacher?” Alice asked “That would be a Mr. Cullen kind of funny you two have the same last name, must be a very common name.” Bella replied not sure where this conversation was going exactly. “Mr. Cullen is my dad. So he gives you any trouble I’ll keep him in line” Alice laughed at her own joke.

It was the end of the day and Bella just wanted it to be over, wow I do sound like a whiny teenager. The day was filled with guys hitting on her saying how hot she looked and girls starting rumors about her that she was with child, nice way of being inconspicuous. There was just one more period to go until she could leave this place. History, hopefully Alice didn’t take after her father, another perky sugar hyper crazy annoying person and she would be done. Bella didn’t need to have to deal with two of them.

Bella made it into History just as the late bell rang. The teacher, Mr. Cullen, had his back to her as he wrote notes on the chalk board. “Excuse me sir I’m new to this class” Bella began in the most innocent tone she could muster up.

“And your name is” Mr. Cullen started to say but as he turned around and saw Bella’s face he stopped. It was Edward the same man from the bar last night. The Adonis was standing right in front of her in the classroom. The one she made the connection to that nothing could ever change. The man she loved. “Bella” he barely whispered just low enough that only Bella heard it.

“Where can I sit, Mr. Cullen?” Liz asked wanting to get out of the awkward situation. “Go sit in the back next to Eric. Eric, please raise your hand.” Bella went to take her seat.

“Today we are going to be starting local history” Edward said. He then wrote a date on the board, 1896. “Does anybody know what is significant about this year? Anybody?” no one but Bella raised their hand. “Bella” Matt said exasperated.

“Over 500 people died from an influenza outbreak” Bella answered. “Correct but some people’s opinions differed they believe the deaths were caused by something else and they used the flu as a cover story so the U.S wouldn’t be afraid” Edward told in an ominous voice. Bella stopped breathing at that point. Did someone know the truth of what really happened 213 years prior? “Gang violence” Edward reviled to the class. Bella let the breathe out she was holding go. The bell rang and Bella was the first one out of the classroom running away from her problems like she always did instead of resolving the issues.

Edward woke thinking today would be the most glorious day of his life. He was in love with the beautiful, confident, and spunky Bella. He couldn’t and wouldn’t deny it. Bella was the perfect name for her beautiful inside and out. He thought about how he would tell Alice. He had wonderful dreams of their future wedding and possibly children. God I’m pathetic. One night with a woman and I’m a love struck teenager.

But as he pried his eyes open the soft feeling of Bella’s skin in his arms was actually a pillow. The alarm clock jolted him into reality. It was just some one night stand to her. She didn’t even leave a note. Her not wanting to see me again was one thing but Bella not feeling the same emotions I experienced was like someone ripping my heart out and tearing it to shreds.

I needed to get ready for work. Make sure Bella was awake, fed and ready for school. I needed to piece myself back together before Jenna saw me. I took a long shower to ease some of the building stress.

I knew something was wrong with Dad. He wasn’t acting right. He woke up late, hardly talked, and drank two sips of his coffee and a bite of his toast. But I couldn’t tell what led to this behavior. I wasn’t going to see what was wrong he needs some time to think to think and work out whatever was bothering him. So I sat through a silent car ride to school. I was just waiting to be with Jasper again.