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The Ties That Can't Break

Edward and Alice thought their lives were pretty much normal. Except that Alice's boyfriend Jasper is a vampire. His sister Bella comes to town and creates chaos.And what about the powerful creature lurcking in the shadows.


4. What Happens In the Dark

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Previously in The Ties That Can’t Break- From Bella’s part - The bell rang and Bella was the first one out of the classroom running away from her problems like she always did instead of resolving the issues.

Chapter 4- Happens In the Dark

As Bella exited the classroom she connected to Jasper’s mind. I need you now please she thought to him. Jasper was down the hall in a matter of seconds. What is wrong Bella he answered her in their now one mind. I umm… kind of slept with Mr. Cullen last night that is what’s wrong, she told her brother. You did what Bella, you should have known better. God Bella, is what happened this morning about this, Jasper replied now understanding the conflicting emotions she felt. As a vampire once you make a connection it is for life. That love she feels toward him will never surpass. He realized that this morning’s event was her mourning him in her own way, protecting him.

“Bella, I’m so sorry” Jasper finally spoke aloud. “Hi guys, so Bella how was your first day at Forks High?” Alice asked as she came over to them.

“Good” Bella said in a cold tone and left. Bella went to the closet large town outside of Forks, Port Angeles and found an old Car dealership. They had old and used motorbikes. Once she saw the black ninja she knew she needed it. The smell of burning rubber filled her nose and she was free driving to Jazz’s apartment. When she got there was a shiny yellow Porsche there too. She walked into Jasper’s room to find that the fancy car belonged to Alice. It matched her perfectly shiny, bright and fast.

“Hey Bella we are going to hang out at my house, my dad is going out tonight, so do you want to come?” Alice asked with a wide grin. Say Yes, Jazz thought to her. “Sure I’d love to Alice”. So Edward was going out, I wonder if it was to meet another girl.

They got to Alice’s house where Jazz told her to control herself. What could she possibly do? They watched some romantic comedy that was boring as hell. Alice seemed to love it, I didn’t see that one coming Bella thoughts oozing with sarcasm. Bella made comments on how stupid and unrealistic it was. Then Bella heard a key enter the lock and begin to turn. Jasper heard it too. Edward is home. “Hey kids … Bella” Edward’s voice cracked as he said her name. “Hi” was all Bella could say. It was all her brain could process.

“So Jasper have you been watching those Yankees they are on fire right now.” Edward struck up conversation. “Oh yea the Yankees are the best” Jazz never really understood why Americans loved their baseball so much. Growing up in England in the 1360s all we thought about was surviving, yet now all they care about is if their precious team makes it to the World Series. Americans are such odd diverse creatures.

“I love me some Jeter and A-rod” Bella decided to put her two senses into the conversation. The two men just starred at her like she had gone insane. “They are very hot” Alice added “Hey” Jazz said faking hurt from her statement. “You know I love you Jazzy” Alice comforted Jasper.

Soon enough the four were watching television and laughing together. It wasn’t weird that Edward was Alice’s Dad or that he looked older than them. Edward and Alice ate popcorn while the two vampires were drinking water. The water was actually going down the bathroom sink while they pretended to go to the bathroom.

“That movie was lame, how was it an epic love story if the two were never together.” Alice said as she critiqued the movie

“It’s a classic, honey and a love story doesn’t need a happy ending because in reality most don’t” Edward tried to reason with his daughter.

“The Bronte sisters were a little mental I give you that I’m more of a Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth fan myself where the two characters realize they love each other before it is too late.” Jasper never liked any of the Bronte sisters works; they were semi-twisted in a dark way. Jane Eyre was the only one he sort of liked it had a good ending.

“It was a love that they took to their graves, Heathcliff and Catherine were soul mates and they lived on forever in their after lives.” Bella defended her favorite novel in 652 years walking the Earth.

“I complete…” Edward was cut off when the lights went off in the house. It was pitch black to human’s eyes but to Bella and Jasper their vision was blurry which an odd experience was because they normally see as well in light in the dark. They needed this to hunt their prey at night. The lights suddenly went back on. Jasper went to see if the circuit breaker was having problems. Bella saw that something in the room was different, changed. The mirror near the door was no longer there. It was underneath the coffee table. Bella bent down and picked it up. In black paint it read I know what you are. Bella gasped; someone was here in the house. They were powerful enough to block their presence from two old vampires. Who was it? What was it? The same questions she asked herself when she first came to Forks.

“Jasper” Bella screamed for her brother. Edward got up and practically ran toward Bella’s side. Bella mentally pushed him. He went flying back toward the couch. Alice was crying. She was terrified of the blackout, the mirror and now Bella. “Bella” Edward was now worried for him and his daughter’s safety.

“Bella, what is going…”Jasper saw the mirror. We have to get out of here now, he thought to Bella. What about Alice, I know you can’t stay away and I from Edward so we can’t exactly leave now can we, Liz thought back to her brother.

Edward and Alice looked on to see the two have their silent conversation. Edward knew something wasn’t right here. Ever since Jasper started dating his daughter he noticed something odd about him. Even when he first encountered Bella, she was different and unlike any body he had ever met.

“Jasper, please what is going on? What does that mean, I know what you are, and it just doesn’t make sense.” Alice pleaded.

“Alice don’t expect answers to questions you’re too afraid to hear the truth to” Bella countered. “Bella, tell us the truth now” Edward was done with Bella’s games he wanted to know what he and his daughter had gotten them into.

“Bella and I aren’t human, not even close, we were at one time that was in 1374” Jasper explained in a calm reassuring voice.

“Let’s cut to the chase we’re vampires, blood sucking killers, you like your answer Alice” Bella harshly answered all the unknown questions.