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The Ties That Can't Break

Edward and Alice thought their lives were pretty much normal. Except that Alice's boyfriend Jasper is a vampire. His sister Bella comes to town and creates chaos.And what about the powerful creature lurcking in the shadows.



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Previously in The Ties That Can't Break-

“Let’s cut to the chase we’re vampires, blood sucking killers, you like your answer Alice” Bella harshly answered all the unknown questions.

chapter 5- Explanations

“Jasper why don’t you clean up this mess with whatever seems to know what we are. I’m out of here” Bella was almost out the door at that point. “You better not leave Isabella or so help me God. I am sick and tired of you. I am always left to take care of the chaos you leave in your path. I was finally living a pretty normal life when I came here, but now you come and destroy everything.” Jasper threatened Bella menacingly.

“Oh blame me; you put me in every situation. I’m a monster because of you. I didn’t want this but you had to get involved with Aro and The Order. So when I embraced this life you hate me. Now I’m done.” Bella was tired of her brother looking down upon her like she was less than her. She just did what was in her nature what was truly wrong with that. It was the way vampires were intended to be so why try any other way to survive. Of course she had bought that blood bank to supply her hunger she broke one of the laws of The Order but Aro would never kill her. Hurt and torture her yes but he knew the truth of how powerful her brother and she are.

“I didn’t ask you to come here you just showed up” Jasper said in a whisper that was only audible to Bella. It was like a slap in the face to Bella to hear him say that.

“What was that Jasper?” Edward pushed Jasper against the closed door so hard that it made a loud bang that echoed through the house. “If I were you I would remember who the predator is” Jasper warned. Edward automatically let go of Jasper and backed away from him. That’s what I thought, Jasper knew that scared him for now.

“Jasper, if this person or… v… vampire knows what can you do? Will they hurt you? Kill you? I’m scared.” Alice’s voice cracked several times as she tried to get her thoughts out especially when she tried to say what he was. It seemed so strange it isn’t like he just became it but now having this information frightened her more than anything. She always thought they had common interests. Now she knows that they aren’t even the same race let me rephrase that same species.

“It isn’t a vampire, why would they try to expose us that would mean exposing themselves in the process and being put on the bad list with The Order. And if it was a human, which it isn’t, I could eliminate the danger. This was too powerful to be human or vampire. I can only think of one vampire that has this much power and that would be Aro the leader of The Order.” Jasper said

“Who is ‘The Order’?” Alice asked slightly worried. “The Order is the secret society of vampires, they let us live in a world where we aren’t being hunted by mobs of people. They protect us but they are way beyond corrupted now that they do more harm than good. Aro the founder of The Order was once my friend or at least I thought he was when I was human. He is one of the first vampires in existence. He made me believe becoming this was going to be the best thing that happened to me. He told me I would lead the vampires to salvation with him. I persuaded Bella to make the change as well. Then I really learned what this life truly involved. I tried to find alternative ways to survive. They punished me. I wasn’t informed of the so called laws that you had to kill to survive. Bella soon became Aro’s right hand. Aro took my human wife Maria and forced Bella to kill her as I watched. I had broken two major laws, trying to sustain from a different source than the natural one and opting to not kill. I was also punished for fraternizing with a human. Aro didn’t only punish me he took it out on Bella thinking that because we could communicate inside our minds that we both thought the same way. I believe Bella is still within his good graces. Though I don’t believe he knows of her alternative uses of finding human blood, she owns a blood bank”, Jasper explained.

“If it is something else and not a vampire or a human, how can you know you’re strong enough to eliminate the danger as you put it? You just pushed Bella away the only one who could help you” Edward thought logically but he really needed to know his Bella was alright. His Bella, he really had to stop thinking like that.

“I know my baby sister. She didn’t go far. Plus she made the same connection to, you Edward that I made to Jenna. For us emotions never fade nor do memories. It is the quality that makes us unredeemable. Humans can push emotions away and change the way they feel. They don’t remember every horrific event they have experienced. She can’t leave you. She’ll feel guilty from leaving you unprotected from whatever is after us.” Jasper smiled he was the only one in the world who could find Bella predictable. Maybe it was because their minds are so intertwined together that they know each other perhaps too well.

“She loves me” Edward muttered to himself. Bella loved me just as much as I her. In the midst of last night’s events he was exuberant. His love for wasn’t unrequited.

“This is kind of disgusting; my boyfriend’s younger sister is in love with my dad. This is a much messed up family and just so extremely gross!” Alice said out loud not quit exactly meaning to. “Is it gross that said boyfriend is 653 years old and that Bella is 652 years old? I think that we’re the cradle robbers.” Jasper said laughing.

“You’re such an old man” Alice whispered lovingly to Jasper and then giggling. “Okay now I’m the one feeling grossed out. As your Father Alice I do not want to know what happens when I leave. I’m going for a drive to clear my head” Edward turned to leave when Jasper took off a necklace and handed it to Matt. “Take this it will protect you from any harm. It doesn’t work on me but it will ward off any creature that has the intent to hurt you in any way” and with that Edward put the red pendant necklace that looked like it was an antique on and headed for his silver Volvo.

As Edward drove aimlessly through the town of Forks he noticed someone or something following his car. He sped up but the shadow sped up as well. He made a U-turn and was prepared to gun it when his passenger door opened and in came Bella sitting down next to him. Edward released the breathe he realized he had been holding at the time. He was thankful that it was Bella and not the danger Jasper saw fit to eliminate.

“What do you think you are doing out driving all over when there is some lunatic thing out here? What is your problem do you want to give me a heart attack and let me remind you my heart is no longer beating?” Bella babbled on.

Edward stopped the car on the side of the empty road and did the only thing he knew to shut Bella up. He kissed her with as much feeling as he knew how. He expressed how deeply he loved her with that one kiss.

“I love you Isabella” “As I love you Edward but we should get you home, I forget that humans actually need sleep. Now move over so I can drive, I saw you drive, scary. What if you crashed? You were driving too fast at least I have increased senses but you don’t. I’m beginning to think you have death wish because first off you’re in love with me.”

They got back to Edward’s house, as they walked in holding hands Bella heard what her brother and Alice were doing up stairs in Alice’s bedroom. “Knock it off you two, I can hear you Jasper” Bella said knowing Jasper could hear her perfectly fine.

I knew you would come back Izzy and before you ask I’m not mad at you. What you said was true, I dragged you into this, it was my entire fault and I completely admit that, Jasper mentally apologized to Bella, though in a way Bella should have been the one mad at him. It would have been so much better if he said it out loud therefore it would be on the record. The apology of the century well actually six.