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The Ties That Can't Break

Edward and Alice thought their lives were pretty much normal. Except that Alice's boyfriend Jasper is a vampire. His sister Bella comes to town and creates chaos.And what about the powerful creature lurcking in the shadows.


6. Christmas Interruptions

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Rockin' around the Christmas tree
at the Christmas party hop.
Mistletoe hung where you can see
ev'ry couple tries to stop.

Rockin' around the Christmas tree,
let the Christmas spirit ring.
Latter we'll have some pumpkin pie
and we'll do some caroling.

You will get a sentimental feeling
when you hear voices singing
"Let's be jolly,
Deck the halls with boughs of holly."

Rockin' around the Christmas Tree.
Have a happy holiday.
Ev'ryone dancing merrily
in the new old fashioned way

Chapter 6- Christmas Interruptions

It has been a month since that frightful day. There haven’t been any more mysterious encounters. So for now they were safe. Bella had finally conformed her eating habits from human blood to drinking animal blood. She had to hunt more often to calm her insatiable thirst. It’s December 23, tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Winter break was something Bella was looking forward to. It would be uninterrupted time with Edward, no fronts and charades. Most importantly there would definitely be no distractions. Things with Edward were better than ever, if you catch my drift. They were more in love than they ever were.

“So class, Happy Holidays when you return we’re starting our lessons on WWII so be ready” and with that winter break had begun. Bella had stayed behind after class so she and Edward could leave together. “So Christmas break, Mr. Cullen” Bella began. “I love it when you call me Mr. Cullen, Plus I get you all to myself for an entire week, I don’t think I’m sharing” Edward said in a low whisper in Bella’s ear. “Oh, really now” Bella challenged Edward with a large grin overtaking her face.

They made it to his house in separate cars because even though she was 614 years older than him it was technically illegal to have a relationship with your teacher. Edward then decided he was going to carry Bella bridle style into the house. Thank God, Jasper and Alice weren’t here. They were frantically kissing moving up the stairs. Bella had her legs wrapped around Edward’s waist. Then the stupid horrible phone just had to ring and interrupt them. “Don’t pick it up” Bella managed to get out. “What if it was an important call, Bella?” Edward let go of Bella and ran to pick up the phone.

“Hey Mom, Dad” “Yes” “No” “Okay” “See you tomorrow” Bella heard him answer into the phone, she didn’t ease drop. She just wanted to finish what they started.

“So I have some bad and good news, which do you want to hear first?” Edward asked. “Hmm, good” Bella wondered what this was all about. “So my family is spending Christmas here but they are staying until New Years.”

“What? Why?” Bella asked. “Their plans got messed up. I know that it’s horrible but there is always spring break and summer vacation” Edward tried to find the brighter side. Don’t get me wrong I love my family but they have awful timing for popping up. He had planned his whole week of vacation around and with Bella. Maybe Jazz and Bella could be around all week they are Alice’s friends after all.

“So we have tonight all to our selves still right?” Bella asked “I’ll race you upstairs” Edward said even though Edward knew he would never win. Bella was up stairs lying on his bed in a matter of seconds.

Then the next morning Edward woke up with Bella in his arms smiling up at him. “I was waiting for you to wake up” Bella pouted. “Good morning, love” Edward just adored Bella. They got dressed and went downstairs. Edward was eating cereal while Bella was watching him with wide curious eyes. Somehow she found this interesting and entertaining watching him while he eats.

Bella heard a car pull to a stop outside. She knew it was Jazz. Then a minute later Alice came running in pulling Jazz along behind her. “I can’t believe it is Christmas break already” Alice said happily.

I see you had a good night Izzy, Max started a silent conversation with Bella, while father and daughter talked to each other. Yes very, so Edward’s family is going to be here for the next week. How about we go for a little hunting trip this week? I feel the need to go up north? Can we try polar bears, please? There is nothing like a good penguin to get you into the holiday spirit, right? Bella asked her brother.

Jazz began to laugh out loud at the absurd comment Bella had made. Edward and Alice both looked at the two of them as if to ask them to explain Jazz’s sudden outburst of laughter. “Bella wants to try polar bears and penguins to get into the holiday spirit” Jasper said as he began to laugh again. This time Bella, Edward, and Alice joined in with him.

“Ali, Grandma Esme, Grandpa Carlisle, Uncle Emmett, and Aunt Rosalie are coming to stay here this week right up until new years.” Edward informed his daughter.

“Jazz I still have some Christmas shopping to do, you want to accompany me? Even if you don’t I’m dragging you with me anyway.” Bella said getting up and walking out the door. Jasper followed out the door after giving Alice a peck on the check and a sweet goodbye.

“Oh, Bye, Edward, I love you and please be careful don’t do anything stupid where I have to come save your sorry ass!” Bella said poking her head through a slit between the door and outside. There was a large smile spread across her face, Bella closed the door and ran to Jasper’s car.

“So what did you get for Alice?” Bella asked Jasper as they exited the car and entered the mall that was in Port Angeles. “A necklace with a heart pendant” he answered her with a loving smile thinking back to when he bought it. It was completely cliché but it represented everything he felt for her, she truly is his heart.

Bella was now worried about the gift she bought for Edward. “What did you get for Edward?” “A car” “What kind of did you get him car?”

“An Aston Martin, is it too much. I didn’t know what to get him so I thought he would like another car especially the Vanquish. Oh I’m so stupid it is so impersonal, not like what you got Alice it doesn’t show how much I love him” Bella said.

“You know Bella you can get me an Aston Martin too for Christmas I wouldn’t mind at all.” Jasper said. “Nah I already got your gift along with a present for myself!”

Bella still didn’t get anything for Alice. Bella walked around the small shopping mall. What can she get her boyfriend’s daughter who’s also her brother’s girlfriend, who seemingly has everything?

Bella she has been raving about some new Marc Jacob’s boots for the past month Jasper thought to Bella. Jasper could see she had no clue what Alice would want. Bella always sat there listening to Alice ramble on but she never quit hears what she tells her. Bella was never the girly girl she cared more about her motorcycles.

Thanks Bella answered as she went into the department store going to the section that would have the boots. Bella remembered the exact description that it looked like from Jasper’s thoughts. Bella actually had to pry the last pair of boots out of a girl’s hands which wasn’t that hard.

The next day came. It was Christmas. Bella for the first time since she had come to Forks stayed with her brother for the night instead of Edward. It was so hard to know that within the night she couldn’t look over to see Edward or feel him lying beside her, or even kiss him. Jasper had said that their family had arrived at 5:00 pm yesterday and they decorated the Christmas tree together.

Jazz and Bella shared gifts. Jazz got Bella all the accessories to the brand new Ducati motorcycle Bella gifted herself, she has an obsession. His gift also came along with tight leather pants that Bella couldn’t wait to wear while riding the Ducati or for Edward. Bella handed Jazz the keys to his brand new midnight blue Ford Mustang she got him.

They were spending Christmas with Edward and Alice’s family. This is going to be one hell of a family affair. It will be a Christmas no one will ever be able to forget.