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Wrong Guy

Bella Swan, Edward Mason, Jasper Whitlock, and Alice Cullen have been friends their entire life. Edward has been in love with Bella just as long, but one thing has always stood in his way. Bella's cheating boyfriend, James. [banner removed by admin - banners in summaries may not exceed 300x150 px] Thanks to Msambrosia for my wonderful banner!!


1. Chapter 1

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Bella walked down the crowded hallway of Forks High School on her way to Gym class. She made her way to her locker and threw the books from her previous class in. She quickly ducked into the girls locker room and started changing into her gym clothes.
“Hey Bella,” Jessica said, walking in and opening her own gym locker, “Do you want me to come over after school to help you with everything for the party tonight?”
“No, but thanks. I’ve got it all covered already. I have to take Alice somewhere right after school, anyway,”
“Okay. What time is everyone coming over?” Jessica asked, pulling all of her homework out and laying it on the desk.
“I think almost everyone is coming at six. We’ll start up the party and eat then as soon as it gets dark, we’ll head down to the beach and start a fire,” She said, “Sound good?”
“Yeah it will be a great time. We have to celebrate the end of the first semester. We’re second semester seniors now,” Jessica smiled.
“I know I’m so glad this year is almost over,”
“Still. College is kind of nerve wrecking. Especially since we’re all going off to different parts of the country and different colleges,”
“It’ll be okay. We’ll all be back here for every school vacation and hopefully we’ll all be moving back here after graduation,” Bella said, “Most of us are connected anyway. We’ll always see each other.”
“True, but it’s still kind of scary,” Jessica said.
“I am so late,” Rose said rushing into the room and hurriedly pulling her gym clothes on.
“You’re okay Rose, Mrs. Gaffney is still hitting on Mr. Lowell. You have plenty of time,” Angela, Jessica’s sister, said as she walked into the locker room.
“Where is Alice?” Angela asked, tying her shoes.
“She wasn’t feeling well. She decided to sit out today, she’s in the bleachers,” Bella said, adjusting the white tank top she had on over her chest.
“Is she going to be okay for the party tonight?” Rose asked.
“Yeah, her stomach was a little upset. She took some medicine she should be okay when it kicks in,” Bella said, shutting her locker. The four girls headed out of the locker room and started to walk around the upper auxiliary track. They finished out they walked around for the remainder of the gym class.
“Locker room’s everyone!” Coach Lowell yelled.
“Did you see Rose running around that track?” Jacob asked as the guys walked back into the locker room after gym class.
“Why are you looking at Rose, I thought you were hooking up with Kylie now? Shouldn’t you be watching her play volley ball?” Mike asked.
“She’s my sister, stop talking about her like a piece of meat, especially in front of me,” Emmett said, “and don’t talk about my girlfriend either.”
“Oh yeah, I forgot you and Rose started dating,” Edward said.
“Is it possible to even date Rose? She doesn’t say anything,” Jacob asked.
“She’s just shy leave her alone,” Emmett said, “So where was Alice, Jasper?”
“She wasn’t feeling well, she sat out in the auxiliary bleachers. I don’t know, Lately it’s seemed like something’s up with her. I keep asking her but every time I go she changes the subject to something else. It’s weird,” Jasper said, “Typical woman.” He threw his gym clothes in his locker.
“Everyone heading to Bella’s place tonight?” Edward asked, throwing his back pack over his shoulder.
“Yeah,” Jasper replied. The five boys headed out of the locker room and waited for the girls to finish up.
“Hi baby,” Alice said kissing Jasper when she saw him.
“Hi, you feeling any better?” He asked.
“A little bit,”
“Do you want me to take you home?” He asked.
“No I’m going to go home with Bella. I’m going to help her with the party stuff, she asked me to help her set up,” she said as the girls started to file out of the locker room.
“Okay I’ll see you later,” He kissed her before heading out to the parking lot.
“What time do you want me to pick you and Angela up tonight?” Mike asked, wrapping his arms around Jessica’s waist.
“She wants everyone there by six, so come get us around five thirty,” She said smiling, “I love you.”
“I love you, too,” He kissed her, “I’ll see you in a little while.” He headed out the main doors.
“Hey Kylie, do you want me to pick you up before the party tonight?” Jacob asked.
“I was just going to catch a ride with my brother and Rose,” Kylie said, “But we’ll definitely hang out there. I have to go to practice now, I’ll see you tonight,” She kissed him before rushing out to the football field for her cheerleading practice.
“Hey Alice, are you ready to go?” Bella asked walking out of the locker room.
“Yeah let’s go get this over with,” Alice said. She and Bella walked out to Bella’s pick-up truck and climbed in.
“Just relax, Alice. I mean what are the chances you actually are?” She asked.
“Very High, I’d say. I’m two weeks late. I’ve been sick, and achy, plus five pregnancy tests cannot all be wrong,” She said.
“Well, let’s just find out for real then, we’ll save the freaking out for after,” Bella said as she pulled into the parking lot. The two girls got out of the car and walked into the planned parenthood clinic. They signed in and a nurse took the two of them back to the clinic room and took a sample of Alice’s blood to the lab. Alice and Bella sat nervously in the room awaiting the test results.
When the nurse walked in she didn’t have to say a word, it was written all over her face. Alice burst into tears against Bella’s shoulder. No one would ever believe this. No one would ever believe that Alice Cullen was pregnant at eighteen. She was the smart one, class president, her being pregnant was an anomaly.
“Ms. Cullen, you are six weeks pregnant,” The nurse confirmed their fears. Bella escorted her crying friend out to her car.
“I’ll call everyone and cancel tonight. We can talk and figure everything out,” Bella said.
“No, I don’t want to cancel I need tonight,”
“This doesn’t change anything, Alice. This doesn’t change a thing. You are still my best friend in the entire world and we go through this together. I’ll be here every step of the way,”
“What about Jasper?” She asked as she sat in the passengers seat of Bella’s truck.
“This won’t change anything. Jasper loves you with all his heart, he wants to marry you. He won’t even flinch when you tell him, he’s going to stand by your side through anything. Don’t worry,” She said, “Do you want me to take you over there?”
“No, no I’m not telling him tonight,” She said, “I need one more night to be a normal teenager. Luke does too. His world is going to be turned upside down tomorrow, I owe him one more night.”
“Okay, it’ll stay between you and I tonight Alice,” She hugged her.
“This baby is going to have the best aunt in the world,” She smiled.
“Thanks. Okay let’s get you and baby back to my place. We have a lot of plans tonight and we need to get on it,” She said pulling out of the parking lot. She drove back to her Forks house and pulled into the driveway.
“Rose! Emmett is here!” Mrs. Hale yelled up the stairs to her daughter.
“Okay I’ll be down in a second,” Rose said, quickly smoothing out her jean skirt and picked up her purse before running downstairs. She walked out to the red Durango and climbed in, “Hi sweetie,” She leaned in to kiss Emmett.
“Hi. Let’s get out of here,” He pulled out of the driveway. They started driving down the street past Jessica and Angela’s house, where Mike was waiting outside.
“You ready to go baby?” Mike asked as Jessica walked out the door quickly followed by Angela.
“Yeah, let’s go,” She said, smiling as he picked her up, helping her into the pickup truck. Angela climbed in after her and Mike got into the driver’s seat. They drove down the street to Bella’s house. Alice, Jasper, Bella, and Edward sat on the patio furniture.
“Hey,” Bella said as Rose, Emmett, Kylie, Angela, and Jessica walked around the side of the house, “Where is Mike?”
“He’s talking to Jacob. He got here the same time we did. They’ll be down in a second,” Jessica said, “Where’s James?”
“He had hockey practice at UW, he’ll be here in an hour and a half if it doesn’t run over,” Bella said, taking a sip of her drink, “Everybody’s here. Is anyone else hungry?” She asked standing up.
“Yeah. You want to fire up the grill?” Edward asked standing up.
“Yeah I’ll go get all the burgers and stuff from the fridge, hopefully everything defrosted enough,” She said, rushing into the house. She returned a few minutes later with an arm full of hamburgers and hotdogs. Edward fired up the grill as they started to barbeque.
“So are you feeling any better, Alice?” Jessica asked as they sat around the table, waiting for the food to be ready.
“Yeah a lot better. I think it was just an upset stomach,” She said setting her hand over Jasper’s on her stomach as she sat on his lap.
“That’s good,” Jessica said.
“Yeah, I don’t want my girl feeling all sick at the party,” Jasper said, kissing Alice’s shoulder.
“Does anyone want cheese?” Bella asked, from the grill where she and Edward were standing, “I guess that’s a no,” She said to Edward.
“It’s okay their loss. More for you and I,” Edward laughed, putting cheese on two of the burgers.
“Put one on for James, too,” She said unwrapping another piece of cheese and handing it to Edward.
“Providing he gets here in time,” He smirked.
“He will he’s just running a little late. Cut him some slack, he’s had a long week,” she elbowed him.
“Fine,” He put her burger on a bun for her and handed her the plate. She walked back over to the table and sat down.
“Food’s ready,” She said. Everyone walked over to the grill and got their food before returning to the table. Edward was the last one to make it back over.
“So is anyone in danger of not graduating?” Mike asked, “If I don’t pass Government, I’m not going to.”
“No I can fail every single class I’m taking this semester and still graduate on time. Stupid rules about no graduating early. If it wasn’t for them I’d be sleeping in everyday instead of getting up at six am to take pottery and consumers math,” Bella said laughing.
“I have the exact opposite problem. I need to pass everything this semester or I don’t graduate,” Jacob said.
“I’m sure Mr. and Ms. Valedictorian over there are not facing any of these problems,” Mike said, jokingly referring to Edward and Alice.
“I have to get straight A’s to keep my 4.0. I think that’s a little harder then just trying to pass,” Edward said, taking a sip of his beer.
“True,” Mike said.
“Hi baby,” James said walking up behind Bella.
“Hi,” She smiled, looking up. He leaned down to kiss her, “Do you want to help me with the bon fire?” She asked standing up.
“Of course,” They walked down to the beach together and stacked the wood on the fire pit, “You might want to go a little lighter with the gasoline baby.” He warned as she doused the wood.
“It’s not gasoline, it’s lighter fluid. I think it’ll be fine,” She said, throwing a match on it, watching it light up. Everyone transplanted from the pool deck down to the fire pit with chairs. Bella wrapped herself in a blanket before sitting down on James’s lap, “How was practice?”
“It was okay. I got slammed into the boards pretty hard so I’m a little sore but other then that it was okay. Just long. I was wishing I was here with you the whole time,” He said, wrapping his arms around her waist.
“We’re going to call it a night,” Jasper said as he helped Alice up.
“Okay bye you guys,” Alice said. They walked hand in hand down the street to Jasper’s Ranger, “You sure you’re okay to drive?”
“Yeah I only ad one beer,” he said.
“We should call it a night too,” Emmett said. He, Rose, and Kylie walked back to his car.
“I’m going to bounce,” Jacob said, “Angela, Edward need a ride?”
“Sure,” Angela said.
“Edward?” Jacob questioned.
“I live next door,” He said, “But I’m going to bounce too.”
“Bye,” Angela said as the two of them left. Edward walked into his house next door.
“S’mores anyone?” Bella asked pulling two marshmallows onto a roasting stick.
“Count me in,” Jessica said as Bella tossed her the bag. They both roasted their marshmallows over the fire before making them into s’mores. It wasn’t too long after that both Bella and Jessica had fallen asleep on their respective boyfriends laps. The two brothers sat talking, trying not to wake up their girlfriends.
“So have you decided where your going yet?” James asked his little brother, “You joining me at UW in the fall?”
“No, I’m going to Western Washington, I think,” Mike said.
“I thought you were leaning towards UW?” He asked.
“I was but then WW offered me a full scholarship. I’d rather graduate from there with no debt whatsoever then graduate from UW with a hundred grand looming over my head,” He said, “Plus I’m closer to Jessica that way.”
“Yeah, I don’t know how the two of you are going to make it work, not going to the same school,” James said, “I doubt Bells and I would be okay if she wasn’t coming to UW in the fall.”
“Jessica and I will be fine. She’s going to Peninsula College, so she’ll be like a mile and a half down the road, no big deal,” He said, “Now that we’re going away for college, I’m done sleeping with Kylie.”
“I thought you were done with her a while ago. Just couldn’t resist going back for more?” He laughed.
“Yeah but I’m done now. Well, at least I will be when the school year is over,” He laughed, “What about you?”
“I’m still doing her every once in a while. Bella still won’t have sex with me but she’s doing other stuff so I’ve been going to Kylie a lot less,” He said, “So is Jacob actually dating Kylie now?”
“Yeah, she said she’s only dating him so no one questions why she’s single. He follows her around like a puppy dog though, it’s kind of funny,” he said, “He has no idea what he got himself into, I kind of feel bad for him.”
“He knows a little, plus now that he’s dating the captain of the cheerleading squad, and one of the hottest girls at Forks High. That means every other girl at that school is going to be hitting on him now. It’s kind of a huge plus for him,” he said.
“Either way, Kylie has a huge crush on both of us. It’s going to be interesting to see how that ends,” Mike laughed.
“Okay so what’s the deal with Edward? I mean I get that he, Alice, Jasper, and Bells have been best friends. Angela is like totally in love with him, she hangs all over him whenever he’s around and he’s not going anything about that. I mean Angela is hot, she’s Jessie’s sister, she’s sexy. Why isn’t he going for her?” James asked.
“It’s just how Edward is. He’s always just been more focused on school, hockey, and just hanging out with friends. That’s his style. I mean he’s had girlfriends before but they were never too serious. I mean, I know he’s not gay or anything, he’s like asexual,” He said.
“Didn’t you guys take him to a strip club on his eighteenth birthday?”
“Yeah, we all had a great time including him. We got him a couple lap dances from this really hot girl. She was young and fit, right around our age. She seemed totally into him, he probably could have taken her home if he tried. He just didn’t,”
“Okay, I was beginning to wonder if he had a thing for Bells,”
“No, He’s more like an older brother to her. The four of them have been best friends since kindergarten, they were the only original people from Forks, the rest of us moved in later. Trust me there’s nothing going on between Isabella and Edward. They are just friends,”
“Okay good. I don’t want that looming over my head for the rest of our lives,”
“Yeah, I don’t blame you,” Mike said. Bella turned in her sleep, tucking her head into the nape of James’s neck. As she turned, her cell phone fell out of her back pocket. As it hit the ground the screen lit up, reading 28 missed calls. James picked up the iPhone and read it, “Alice called Bella twenty-eight times in less then ten minutes,”
“Wake Bella up something is wrong,” Mike said.
“Bells, baby, wake up,” He said gently shaking her until she opened her eyes.
“What’s wrong?” She asked sleepily.
“Alice called you twenty-eight times in the past ten minutes, I think something is wrong. You should call her,” He said handing her the cell phone. Bella dialed Alice immediately.
“Hi Alice, what’s - Okay calm down I can’t understand you - Okay it’s going to be okay, you just need to stay calm it’ll be okay. Where are you? - Okay we’re on our way just stay calm we’ll be there soon,” She hung up the phone, “Wake Jess up! We have to go,” She said throwing water on the fire.
“Where are we going?” Mike asked as the four of them rushing out to their cars in the driveway.
“The hospital,” She said, before pulling out of the driveway with Mike and Jessica, close behind.
“What happened? What’s going on?” James asked as he buckled his seat belt in the passengers seat.
“There was a car accident,” She said.