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Wrong Guy

Bella Swan, Edward Mason, Jasper Whitlock, and Alice Cullen have been friends their entire life. Edward has been in love with Bella just as long, but one thing has always stood in his way. Bella's cheating boyfriend, James. [banner removed by admin - banners in summaries may not exceed 300x150 px] Thanks to Msambrosia for my wonderful banner!!


2. Chapter 2

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Bella, Jessica, Mike, and James ran down the hospital hallway to the ICU. A nurse solemnly led them into the into the silent hospital room. Alice was crying uncontrollably into her mother and father’s arms, as was Jasper’s mother in his father’s. Angela went to Jessica as soon as she walked in, Rose, Emmett, Kylie, and Jacob sat quietly on the couch. Edward was standing in the corner trying hard not to cry. Bella quickly realized that they were too late, Jasper was already gone. She immediately started crying as James wrapped his arms around her. They’d never get there chance to say goodbye. Bella walked over to Alice. The two girls clung to each other, they needed each other. Alice just cried.
“I’m sorry to bother you all. If it isn’t too much trouble, we need to take him down to the morgue, so if you could all say your final goodbyes.” a nurse said quietly as she walked in the room. Rose, Kylie, Emmett, and Jacob quickly headed out the door followed by Jessica, Angela, and Mike. Edward walked up and said goodbye before walking out of the room. Bella took Alice’s hand tight as the two girls approached the hospital bed together. She leaned in close to him.
“You would have been a great dad. I wish I had told you before this happened. I hope that you know you’re a dad somehow. I’m sorry.” She whispered, holding her stomach, “I’ll never stop loving you.” She kissed his lips for the last time before she and Bella walked out, followed by James. The two girls held each other in the parking lot for a long time, before Alice’s parents took her home. James wrapped his arm around Bella and put her in the passenger’s seat of her car. He pulled out of the hospital parking lot and started driving back to Bella’s house.
“I can’t believe Jasper is really gone, it’s really hard to believe.” James said as Bella leaned on him in the car. He rubbed his hand up and down her arm.
“I don’t know what Alice is going to do. Especially now.” She said, setting her head down on his shoulder.
“Alice just found out that she’s pregnant, six weeks. We went to the clinic today after school. She was crushed, but I told her over and over again it was going to be okay because Jasper would stand by her no matter what. Now that he’s gone I don’t know what to say. We’re the only ones who know. She hadn’t even gotten a chance to tell him he was going to be a dad.” She said as they pulled into the driveway.
“That’s crazy.” James said, helping her out of the car.
“Will you stay with me tonight?” She asked, “I just don’t want to let you go.”
“Of course I will. I’m not going anywhere, don’t worry.” He kissed her as they walked into the pool house Bella lived in outside of her father’s house, “Let’s go to bed, sweetie. It’s been a long night we both need the rest.” They both walking into the bedroom and climbed into bed. James held her as she cried and they both quickly fell asleep from the long ay they’d had.
The next morning, Bella woke up first. She walked into the kitchen and made coffee, pouring two cups before returning to the bedroom.
“Good morning. How are you doing today, baby?” James asked as she climbed back into bed.
“I’m okay, just please tell me that yesterday was just a terrible dream, that I just woke up from, none of is really happened.” She said.
“I’m sorry baby.” He kissed her forehead. Bella’s cell phone started to ring.
“Hello. No She’s not here, I thought she went home with you last night? No I don’t know where she is, I haven’t talked to her since last night. It’s okay I will look for her.” She hung up the phone.
“Who was that?” James asked.
“It was Alice’s mom. She’s missing, she’s been gone since this morning. They called to see if I knew where she was, I told them I’d help them find her.” She said, stepping out of bed and pulling a dress over her head.
“I’ll help to, where should I check?” He asked pulling on a pair of jeans.
“I have a pretty good idea of where she is but I’m not a hundred percent sure. Why don’t you just check around a few of the places we normally hang out? Places she and Jasper would have been to together.” She said, as they both walked out the door, “Call me if you find her, it’s going to take me a while to get where I’m going.” She climbed into her SUV.
“Please be careful.” He leaned in the window and kissed her.
“I will don’t worry.” Bella pulled out the driveway and started driving out of LA. She pulled out her cell phone and dialed Alice, “ Honey, it’s Bella, We’re worried about you. You disappeared. Where are you, Alice? Your parents called me, they’re very worried, I’m worried about you. Just please call me when you get this.” She sped up a little. Alice blamed herself for the car accident; It was written all over her face the night before. Jasper was a cheap drunk, although he only had one beer it was more then enough for him to glide through an intersection into on coming traffic, and be hit by an oncoming car. Alice had a major case of survivors guilt. The car had been hit on the drivers side. Of the car, Jasper never stood a chance. She thought she should have been more persistent about not letting him drive.
Bella parked her car on the side of a dirt road out of town behind Alice’s. She climbed out of her car and walked over to Alice’s. Her phone was sitting on the driver’s seat still ringing from the voicemails everyone had left her. She began down the path following Alice’s singing until she reached a large rock and the creek.
“That song in beautiful.” Bella said sitting down next to her best friend on the rock.
“Jasper used to sing it to me. He used to bring me up here, with his guitar and play me songs. We used to come here all the time.” Alice said, “This is where he took me on our first date. We had sex here for the first time. We were standing ankle-deep in the creek when he kissed me for the first time. We were sitting here when he promised he’d marry me. Bella, what am I going to do without him? This whole place screams Jasper. It’s him. Every rock, every ripple, it’s all him.”
“It is all him. That’s never going to go away.” She said, “Turn it into a good thing. You will always have this place. It is yours and Jasper’s and your babies. He will always be here anytime you need him you can come here and share and talk to him. When my mom died, I used to lock myself in the attic for hours. I would sit in the chest with my mom’s wedding dress on and look at old photo albums. I would cry and cry for hours, but I never felt closer to my mom then when I was sitting in that attic. I remember one time I ever told my dad I wanted to get married up there so I could have my mom there. I was going through so much and that place was like my safe haven. It just felt good to be there, just like it feels good for you to be here. The best thing about having a place like this is no one can ever take it away from you. You’ll always have this connection with Jasper. When ever it gets too hard to do it on your own you can come here and it’s just like Jasper is right back here with us. You and I are the only people that know about this place. It’s just the three of us,” She said.
“Three?” Alice questioned.
“Three.” Edward said walking down the path towards them. He sat down on the rock next to Bella.
“Actually, four.” Bella smiled, setting her hand on Alice’s stomach.
“I think we should get this little girl or boy home, Alice.” Edward said, helping her up.
“How do you know about the baby?” She asked as the three of them walked along the path back to their cars.
“Jasper told me. He knew or at least he had a sneaking suspicion. He was trying to figure out how to tell you he thought you should take the pregnancy test.” Edward said, “Don’t worry. He knew he was going to be a dad.”
Alice grieved for herself and for Jasper’s parents but most of all she grieved for this baby. The son or daughter they’d made together would never know his or her father. It’d ever be tucked in my both it’s parents or play catch with his dad. This baby would never get to meet his amazing father. She would never let Jasper’s memory die, this baby would have no shortage of stories and memories passed down by Alice, Edward, and Bella.
Edward and Bella followed Alice home before going to their own.
“Did you find Alice?” James asked when she walked in the door.
“Yeah, Edward and I found her, we made sure she got home okay.” She said, sitting down on the couch next to him.
“I don’t know how she’s holding up so well. I’d be in a million pieces if I lost you.” He said wrapping his arm around her, “She’s way stronger then she lets on.”
“She’s only holding it together because of the baby. She knows she’s all it has and she won’t let herself fall apart because of it. She’s just trying so hard, I wish she’d let us take some of the slack for her.” She said setting her head down on his chest.
The church was filled beyond capacity with every one of the nine hundred students at Forks High School. The eleven friends sat in the front pew of the church. It was no more then two minutes into the service before the box of Kleenex began playing ping pong across the pew. The whole church feel silent as Alice got up to take the podium. She shared heartfelt stories of the times they’d all spent with Jasper and what a good person he was. She started crying harder and harder the longer she talked, so hard in fact she couldn’t continue talking. Edward walked up on stage to help her back to her seat. He took the podium and it was a powerful sight. No one expected to see the captain of the hockey team in tears. Jasper was his best friend. The only one who knew he had scammed his AP English paper. The only one who knew he had single handedly pulled off the senior prank. The only one who knew he was hopelessly in love with Isabella Swan.
Alice couldn’t take it anymore. As soon as Edward took his seat, she quickly made her way out of the sanctuary with Bella hot on her tail.
“I can’t do this, I can’t do it. Not without him. I can’t raise his child without his help. I’ll never have his shoulder to cry on or his arms to hold me. He’ll never be able to look me the eyes and tell me everything is going to be okay. He’s never coming back.” She cried, “I can’t look at his child every day. This constant reminder of him. One day I’m going to have to sit him or her down and explain how Jasper died before he or she was even born. How am I suppose to tell it that?”
“As much as it’s going to hurt to live without his voice and as impossible as it may seem now, we have to. That is exactly what Jasper would have wanted for you, Edward, me, and most of all this baby. He wants you to be happy and for you to smile again. And you will. He’s still here, part of him is growing inside you right now. We all have to be happy again at some point.” She said, “If you don’t want to live for yourself then live for Jasper’s baby, and remember you’re not alone. You have your parents and Jasper’s, Edward and I, everyone who cares about you and Jasper, but most of all you have yourself. You are so much stronger then you let yourself believe or give yourself credit for. You can get through anything including this. We are all together.” She hugged her tightly, “Now we need to get back in there because I’m suppose to sing soon.” Bella took Alice’s hand and they walked back to their seats. Bella took the podium. She started crying as soon as the music began to play.
When the service was over Alice asked Jasper’s parents out to dinner with her so she could tell them about their impending grandchild. They were happy and supportive, and glad to have something to hold onto Jasper with. Her parents on the other hand were less then thrilled. They thought it was very irresponsible to be pregnant so close to college. They also informed her that after the baby was born she wouldn’t be living at home. She and Bella already had their apartment at UW secured but Jasper’s parents said if anything happened she and the baby were more then welcome to move in with them. She could understand why her parents where acting this way, her older sister had gotten pregnant her junior year of high school and dropped out. They hadn’t talked to her in five years, just assumed she was in a trailer park somewhere, working at McDonalds or a strip club. In reality, she lived in Dallas, married to cardiac surgeon with thee more children, including twins. Alice and Bella had gone to see them over mid-winter break the previous year. She didn’t want them to know she was okay. Her parents were ever really the parenting type. They thought money made every problem go away. They felt better then everyone else. They didn’t deal with problems, they paid for them to go away. They hired nannies for their two children, yet took responsibility for Alice’s accomplishments. Alice was always the smart one, she was going to Medical School. She would make something of herself. Now they felt she was throwing it all away for the memory of Jasper. She knew exactly what she was doing. This was the next stage of her life. She had everything planned, daycare and the crib. Everything she would need, she wouldn’t let this ruin their life.
“Alice, you look so adorable.” Bella said, as they stood in her pool house the night of Prom. Alice was just over five months pregnant and looked adorable in her maternity prom dress.
“You ready to go celebrate the last night of high school?” She asked readjusting the bracelet she was wearing.
“Are you sure you’re going to be okay all night? I can tell the limo driver to be on standby incase you get tired and want to go home.” Bella asked.
“Bells, This is our senior prom. I am not missing a second of it. I don’t care if my water breaks, I will not leave before it’s over.” She smiled.
“Okay let’s go celebrate.” Bella smiled. Both the girls stepped into their shoes before heading down to the limo. The school had decided that only graduating seniors could go to prom, so Bella and Alice decided to go together. They joined Mike, Jessica, Angela, Emmett, Rose, and Edward in the limo on the way to Prom.
“Should we do pictures now or wait?” Shane asked, holding Emmett’s hand.
“We should do it now, then we don’t have to worry about it later.” Bella said. Bella and Alice posed for the first one.
“Eddie! Come on it’s picture time.” Alice said and she and Bella dragged him into the picture with them. They took their seats after and the wait staff started serving dinner, “I can’t believe we’re graduating tomorrow.”
“We finally did it.” Bella said as they all toasted their glasses together.
“Well guys. Tonight is our last Hoorah.” Angela said as she took the stage later on that night, “Tomorrow is our graduation day and we move on to bigger and better things but not tonight. Tonight we are just celebrating the biggest achievement of our lives, the end of an era with five hundred of our closest friends. So now it’s time to name the king and queen of our beloved Forks. Our prom queen, the belle of the ball, is Isabella Swan.” Everyone cheered as Isabella took the stage and was crowned, “And our prom king is, of course, Edward Cullen.” They stood on the stage together as everyone clapped, both knowing the whole time that it should have been Alice and Jasper.
“Come on let’s go dance.” Bella said smiling as she dragged Edward out onto the dance floor with her and Alice. The eight of them danced for the remainder of the night before heading back to their limo and calling it a night.
The morning was graduation and through all the pain and heartache Alice had been through this year, she’d still managed to beat Edward out for Valedictorian. Jacob and Edward helped her up to the stage to give her speech.
“Well guys we did it. We finally did it. The class of 2006 this is our graduation day.” Everyone cheered, “We made it but it wasn’t easy. Whether it was trying to pass AP Calculus and dealing with some major cases of senioritis or coping with the loss of a best friend. We made it. All hundred and sixteen of us have beaten the odds and gotten our diplomas. We did it. So here is to becoming freshmen again.” Everyone cheered as Alice made her way back to her seat next to Bella. The principal took the stage and signaled for all the seniors to throw their caps.
“We did it!” Bella yelled. She, Alice, and Edward hugged as the girls jumped up and down.
“Now we have to get out of here.” Edward said, wrapping his arms around both girls and leading him back up the curb to his black volvo.
“Where are we going?” Bella asked, buckling into the passenger’s seat.
“I’m not sure, they didn’t even tell me this time. I’m just suppose to follow Mike.” He said pulling out after Mike.
“Where is everyone else?” Alice asked, settling herself into the back.
“Mike has Jacob, and the twins. James has Emmett, Rose, and Kylie.” Edward said, handing his and Bella’s cap and gowns to Alice to throw in the back.
“This is kidnapping, you know. Like the fourth time you boys have done this to us in two months.” Alice said.
“Hey I wasn’t in on it this time. I’m just as blind as you are.” Edward said, “And we always take you guys somewhere fun or cool. It’s not like we torture you. You girls love it.” He smiled.
“I’m going to call Jessica, she may have gotten an answer out of Mike. I’m not with James so she has the best chance out of all of us.” Bella said, pulling out her phone and dialing Jessica’s number, “Hey do you know where we’re going?”
“No, Mike won’t tell me.” Jessica said, “I tried everything. Angela and I can’t even understand them, they’re speaking gibberish or something. I have no idea what they’re saying.”
“It’s German, genius.” Jacob turned and spoke to her in the back seat.
“Be nice, she’s smart, just being a little slow right now.” Mike smiled.
“I’m not slow, I don’t speak German. If Angela and I randomly started speaking Portuguese you would have no idea what we were talking about.” She said before turning her attention back to the phone, “I’m sorry, Is. I can’t get it out of him. We’re all just going to have to wait and see. “
“Okay thanks for trying, Jess.” She said, “ I’ll talk to you when we get where ever we’re going.”
“Bye.” Both girls hung up their phones.