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Wrong Guy

Bella Swan, Edward Mason, Jasper Whitlock, and Alice Cullen have been friends their entire life. Edward has been in love with Bella just as long, but one thing has always stood in his way. Bella's cheating boyfriend, James. [banner removed by admin - banners in summaries may not exceed 300x150 px] Thanks to Msambrosia for my wonderful banner!!


3. Chapter 3

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“We couldn’t figure it out, but I’m glad I’m in this car and not that one. Jacob is mean,” Bella said adjusting the radio accordingly. Edward followed Mike and James into the Taco Bell parking lot.
“You couldn’t tell us we were going to Taco Bell?” Jessica asked, hitting Mike’s arm.
“No we’re just stopping to get food. We’re going somewhere else after. I think we‘re switching cars too,” He said, nodding towards Bella and James kissing in the car as wrapping his arm around her as the whole group walked into the restaurant. They ordered their food and found a group of corner booths that accommodated their large group.
“Why won’t you tell us?” Bella whined as she sat down on John’s lap in the restaurant.
“Because it’s a surprise, pretty good logic right?” He laughed.
“Do you know where we’re going at least?” She asked.
“Of course I do I’m driving.”
“Well Edward is driving and he doesn’t know. It wasn’t that crazy of a question,”
“Ed knows where we’re going he just didn’t want to hear you and Alice whine about not knowing the whole way so he said he didn’t know. Do you blame him? You two are ruthless,” He laughed. Bella looked over at Alice and they both instantly knew the plan.
“Okay Alice and I are riding with James. Kylie, Rose, and Emmett can ride with Edward,” Bella announced, “I’m going to get it out of him,” She whispered to Alice. She leaned in to James’s ear, getting so close he could feel her breath, “Baby will you come outside with me for a second?” Her lips barely touched his ear, sending shivers down his spine. She took his hand. He nodded as she carefully led him outside to the side of his Yukon. She leaned against the car putting her heel up on the hub cap behind her. He smiled leaning in to try and kiss her.
“Tell me where we’re going first,” She said, stopping him just before he touched her lips.
“No, I won’t tell you,” He said, starting to back up. She took the two sides of his suit jacket and pulled him back in close, giving him the look that turned John on instantly. The one that let him know she wants him, that second, “No.” He closed his eyes and started counting, trying to resist her. She moved her hands to his hips, slowly tracing his upper hip muscle inward. She moved in to kiss his neck stopping just short, letting him feel her breath against his neck. She moved one hand down lightly touching him above his boxer briefs.
“Wow, she’s good.” Angela said as the five girls watched out the window as Bella seduced James in the parking lot.
“She’s got him, she’s going to crack any second. I can see it in his eyes.” Kylie said.
“His eyes are closed.” Jessica said, as all the girls laughed, “She’s right though he’s going to crack any second not.”
“We’re screwed he’s so going to lose it,” Edward said as the boys watched from the other window.
“He can’t tolerate that,” Jacob said.
“Have a little more faith in him. It’s James and Bella, they’ve been together for years. I’m sure he’s figured out how to resist her by now,” Mike said, “She’s only one woman.”
“Yes, but she’s that woman,” Jacob said, “Bella is like the hottest thing ever,” Edward, Emmett, and Mike all turned to give him a stare down for is comment, “Sorry.”
Bella went in for the kill. She playfully kissed the spot on John’s neck that instantly turned him on. She made her way up to just behind her ear, the place that he loved. James had finally had enough, and reached his breaking point.
“Okay We’re going to Six Flags Washington. We thought it would be a nice post graduation trip. We got hotel rooms tonight at the hotel tonight. We had all the girl’s parents pack their bags for them, I packed yours. All the bags are in the back of my car,” He said, breathing slightly heavy.
“Thank you baby,” She pulled him down to give her a long deep kiss, “Don’t worry I will make up for all this teasing when we get back to the hotel tonight,” She whispered in his ear. Everyone started to file out the door back to the cars.
“He totally gave it,” Alice said after seeing the triumphant smile on Bella’s face.
“It was a piece of cake,” She smiled.
“So where are we going?” Jess asked.
“We’re going to Six Flags tomorrow. The boys got rooms at the Hotel for tonight, with traffic we should be there in like two houses,” She smiled, “The boys and our parents packed for us, all the bags are in the back of James’s car.”
“Fun,” Angela said, “You are amazing at that by the way.”
“Years of practice.”
“I can’t believe you caved,” Mike said, “I’m so disappointed in you.”
“Did you see what she was doing to me out there? Not a one of you could have resisted if your girlfriend was doing that to you. Bella switched cars and into mine, she would have tortured me the whole way there anyway. If I didn’t crack now, I would have eventually. No one could withstand that,” James said, defending himself.
“You’re still a push over,” Jacob said.
“It’s okay. You’re my push over,” Bella said as James wrapped his arms around her waist, “Come on let’s get on the road guys.” They all walked to there respective cars. Bella buckled into the passenger’s seat of James’ car as Alice climbed in the back to lay down.
“So who ended up booking the hotels?” Bella asked a few minutes later.
“Mike and I did all the planning,” He said, whispering so not to wake Alice, who had fallen asleep a few moments after they left.
“So what are the room arrangements? I mean I assume you and I are together since you booked them but who else?” She asked.
“Jessica and Mike have a room as do Emmett and Rosalie and you and I. Edward and Jacob are together. Angela, Kylie, and Alice are together,” He said.
“Why didn’t you guys put Kylie and Jacob together? I mean I know they’re dating now and all the other couples are together but them,” She questioned.
“We figured with Emmett here, putting the two of them together could be more trouble them it’s worth. We thought it would be best if we kept them apart for the time being. Especially while she’s underage,” He said.
“Probably a smart move on your part,” She said, “What about Alice? She has her own bed right? With the pregnancy it’s kind of hard for her to fall asleep in bed with another person.”
“Yes we made sure Alice had her own bed. It’s a king so she’ll have lots of room. Kylie and Angela can just split the other one,” He said.
“Wow, you two did good. I figured there would be at least a little screw up that I’d have to fix,” She smiled, “So only like an hour to the hotel right?”
“Yeah, you have to love Washington traffic.” She smirked, “What do you want to do when we get there?”
“I thought we’d get everyone settled into the hotel, then maybe go get some food at a restaurant downtown. Maybe after we can go out for a bit. There’s a couple of cool clubs and bars down there. Then we’ll head back to the hotel and I can give you something I think I owe you from earlier,” She smiled.
“Sounds like a great plan,” He smiled setting his hand on her leg.
“Are we almost there?” Alice asked, groggily.
“Yeah like an hour,” James answered.
“Good I’m tired,” Alice replied.
“You’re always tired,” Bella laughed looking into the back seat at Alice.
“I’m also always pregnant the two seem to go hand in hand these days.” She laughed, “Oh I love this song turn it up, Bells.”
“I’m the question and you of course the answer. Just hold me close cause I’m your tiny dancer. You make me shaken up, head are mistaken but I can’t control myself got me calling out for help. S.O.S. please someone else me. It’s unhealthy for me to feel this way. Y.O.U. are making this hard, I can’t take it see it don’t feel right,” The two girls sang along with the music.
“Just promise me if someone calls, we can turn the music down. I don’t know if my masculinity can take a hit like hearing Rihanna blasting in the back ground,” James asked.
“Of course we can baby. You let us listen to it because you love me enough to let Alice and I listen to whatever we want,” She leaned over and kissed his cheek.
“I do love you,”
“I love you too,” She said before she and Alice went back to singing along with Rihanna.
It wasn’t too much longer before James followed Mike and Edward into the hotel parking lot. Everyone got out of their cars and collected their bags from the back of James’ car. They all checked into the hotel and went to their respective rooms to get settled.
“So where are we going for dinner baby?” James asked as Bella looked through her suitcase.
“I know there’s the Rainforest Café and ESPN Zone Downtown. They both have really good food. I say Rainforest Café, us girls do not want to watch sports on our vacation,” Bella said pulling out a dress for dinner.
“Sounds good. Mike keeps texting and asking me.”
“Text everyone. Tell them we’re meeting in the lobby in a half hour for dinner. Wear something cute. We’re going out after,” She smiled.
“Okay baby,” He said as she walked in to the bathroom and plugged in her curling iron. She fixed a few curls that had been misplaced by the car ride. She reapplied a line of eyeliner and walked back out into the bedroom.
“You packed me the sexiest dress I own didn’t you?” She asked holding up the black dress he had packed for her.
“Of course I did. I was a little self-serving when I packed for you comfortable shoes for you tomorrow and stuff I know you like to walk in,” He said.
“Okay,” She leaned over and kissed him. She changed into the red pair of boyshorts and push-up bra that James had packed for her.
“Now that is something I can get behind,” He smiled kissing her neck from behind her.
“Not yet. You don’t get to touch this until we get back to the hotel tonight,” She smiled, pulling the dress over her head and adjusted it into place, “Do I look alright baby?” She asked spinning before she stepped into her heels.
“You look amazing,” He kissed her.
“Okay let’s go meet everyone in the lobby,” She said handing him the room key to slip into his back pocket. He took her hand and they walked down the hall. They ran into Angela and Kylie leaving their room, “Where’s Alice?”
“She’s staying here,” Angela said.
“Head down to the lobby. I’ll meet you down there in a few. I’m going to go make sure she’s okay,” Bella said before knocking on Alice’s door.
“Hey why are you here I thought everyone was going out to dinner?” Alice asked opening the door.
“They are I’m meeting them down in the lobby in a minute. I wanted to check on you. Are you feeling okay? Why aren’t you coming?”
“I’m feeling fine. I’m just tired and I don’t want to go out tonight and be exhausted tomorrow. I promise I am feeling fine. Nothing is wrong,” She reassured her.
“Do you want me to stay back at the hotel with you? I can stay back and we can just hang out. It’s not a big deal,” Bella said.
“No go. I’m just going to go to bed. I’m exhausted. Go have a good time. Just let Kylie and Angela know that if they wake me up when they come in, they will have to face the wrath of an angry pregnant woman and I don’t think they want to deal with that,” She laughed.
“I will let them know,” She smiled, “Call me if you need me I’ll come back in a second.”
“Okay have a good time,” Alice said. Bella left the hotel room and headed down to the lobby to meet everyone else.
“Alice isn’t coming?” James asked.
“No she said she was exhausted and really wanted to enjoy tomorrow,” Bella said, “Oh and Kylie, Angela, She said if you two wake her up when you come in you’ll have to deal with the wrath of an angry pregnant woman so be quiet,” She laughed.
“Okay no problem,” Angela said laughing. The ten of them left the hotel and walked across the street to Downtown District. They quickly found the Rainforest Café and were seated at a table large enough for all of them.
“So what are we doing after dinner?” Jessica asked.
“We’re going back to the hotel, because we aren’t old enough to do anything here,” Jacob said, wrapping his arm around Kylie.
“Sorry guys,” Jessica said.
“I think we’re going to the House of Blues. That’s was the one that looked the most fun,” Bella said, taking a sip of her water.
“Okay,” Kylie said. The waitress came and took their order, looking slightly overwhelmed at the number of people she was servicing.
“Is she going to be okay?” Bella whispered to Edward.
“Yeah she just looks a little scared,” He said, “She must be new.”
“Yeah, I don’t know,” She said, “I feel kind of bad, we’re all so exact on our orders. You know something is going to get screwed up. We all spoke so fast.”
“I think she’ll be fine. She looked like she got it all. If not you’ll end up with teriyaki pasta and I’ll get steak with alfredo sauce,” They both laughed.
“What’s so funny?” James asked.
“Nothing. Just joking about the food,” Bella said. The waitress soon brought all the food out to them, Edward and Bella immediately started laughing as they looked down at her teriyaki chicken pasta.
“Are you going to send it back?” Edward asked.
“No it looks good we’ll cut her a break. Plus, she still got yours right,” She said taking a bite, “Was this even actually on the menu? I didn’t see it. I wonder if they made it just for me.”
“I don’t know,” He laughed.
After dinner, everyone headed back to the hotel except James, Mike, Jessica, and Bella.
“So where is this place?” Jess asked.
“I’m not sure,” Bella said as James wrapped his arm around her, “I guess we just walk until we find it.” She laughed.
“Sounds like a plan,” Mike said. They started walking down the sidewalk until they stumbled upon the bar. They all showed their ids and walked in.
It wasn’t long before both the girls had found their way out on to the dance floor. Jessica and Bella were stirring up quite the interest as they danced close to each other on the dance floor. Mike and James decided it was time to swallow their pride and go out to the dance floor to mark their territory. James wrapped his arms around Bella from behind, she smiled, quickly starting to grind her hips back into him.
“I want you so bad,” James whispered in Bella’s ear from behind her. He set his hands on her hips pulling her back into him even harder.
“I want you, too,” She said turning to face him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply.
“You guys ready to call it a night?” Jessica asked hanging all over Mike.
“Yeah,” James answered quickly.
“Baby I want a piggyback ride. My feet hurt,” Bella said.
“Hop on,” He said stopping so she could jump on. They made it back to the hotel rooms. James immediately started kissing Bella against the back of the hotel room door. He pulled the dress up over her head as she pulled his belt out and pushed down his pants. He picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he kissed her passionately. He laid her down on the bed and started kissing down her neck towards her stomach.
“Wait,” Bella said
“What? What’s wrong, baby?” He asked looking down at her.
“I went to the doctors and she switched me from the pill to the shot. In theory, it’s a lot more convenient then the pill, I don’t have to remember to take it everyday and I only have a period every three months but -”
“Baby where are you going with this?” he asked out of breath.
“She told me it would be a good idea to use protection if I was going to have sex in the next week or so while my body is adjusting from one to the other,” She said, “You have a condom right?”
“I think so,” He said standing up. He took his wallet out and started looking through it, “I don’t have one. Hold on I’ll go get one from Mike, I’m sure he has one.” He pulled his pants back on and walked down the hall to Mike and Jessica’s room. He knocked on the door and a groggy Mike answered the door.
“What do you want?” He asked.
“Do you have a condom, I though I had one and I don’t?” He asked.
“No, We just used my last one,” He said, “There’s a little store downstairs, I’m sure they have them for sale,” James walked down to the store and threw a box of condoms on the counter. He quickly paid for it and rushed back up to the room.
“Okay, Bella, I got it,” He walked back in and immediately started kissing her. He laid her down on the bed and started kissing down her chest.
“James, I can’t do this. I’m not ready yet. I’m sorry,” She said.
“It’s okay,” He hung his head, “Let’s just go to sleep.” He kissed her forehead and wrapped his arms around her.