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Wrong Guy

Bella Swan, Edward Mason, Jasper Whitlock, and Alice Cullen have been friends their entire life. Edward has been in love with Bella just as long, but one thing has always stood in his way. Bella's cheating boyfriend, James. [banner removed by admin - banners in summaries may not exceed 300x150 px] Thanks to Msambrosia for my wonderful banner!!


4. Chapter 4

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The next morning, Bella and James woke up and got ready for their day

at the amusement parks. The eleven of them met in the lobby and loaded

up the three cars and drove over to the park. Jacob, Kylie, Rose, and

Emmett went in one direction and Jessica, Angela, and Mike in another.

“Food?” Alice asked.
“For sure.” Bella said pulling her sunglasses down over her eyes. The two

girls, James, and Edward walked into a nearby restaurant and loaded up on the buffet of breakfast foods before taking their seats.

“Today is going to be so much fun.” Bella said.
“Yes it is. I google’d all the rides that I can ride last night. There’s

actually a lot.” Alice said, “And if I ride it, you ride it Edward.”

“I hate rides,” Edward said.

“You’re at an amusement, Edward. Buck up.” Bella said taking a bite of

her pancakes.

“I know I know.” He said, taking a bite of his own food.

After they finished eating, they walked out of the restaurant and started

walking down the midway.
“So what now?” James asked.
“I’m voting for a roller coaster.” Bella said.

“How can you go on a roller coaster ten minutes after eating breakfast?”

Alice asked, “I’m getting queasy thinking about it.

“We’ll have to wait in line. By the time we actually have to go on the ride

all the food will have settle.” James said.

“Anyway, Alice and I are going to walk around while you guys wait in line.”

Edward said as he and Alice started walking off. Bella and James got in line

for the roller coaster.

“Alice and Edward are getting awful close and affectionate over there.”

James said as he and Bella stood in line, “I think that there might be

something going on between the two of them.”

“You’re kidding right?” She asked, laughing a little, “Alice and Edward?”

“Yeah, haven’t you noticed they’ve been getting closer?” He asked.

“It’s Alice and Edward, they’re like brother and sister.” She said, “Not to

mention the fact that Alice’s boyfriend just died less then six months ago,

she’s still completely in love with Jasper, and in case you forgot she’s almost

seven months pregnant with his son. Jasper and Edward were best friends,

Edward feels a certain obligation to take care of Alice with Jasper gone and

since Alice’s parents don’t care what happens to her anymore. It’s nothing

more then him watching out for her. Just like you and I do.” Bella


“If you say so.”

“I’m serious, it’s nothing.”

“All I’m saying is that the way he takes care of her is like the way I take

care of you. He opens doors for her, puts his arm around her, helps her

stand up and sit down.”

“James she’s pregnant, all of us do those things for her, even you.

Edward puts his arm around everyone. He had his arm arms around Angela

and I at graduation. It’s nothing out of the ordinary it’s just how he is, he’s a


“I just think there’s feelings starting to develop there.”

“You can think whatever you want to think. I’ll think you’re crazy.” She

smiled. He held her hand helping her into the cart when they finally made it

to the front of the line. He climbed into next to her and they both fastened

their seatbelts.


“Is that Alice and Edward?” Jessica asked as they sat on they skyline

coming towards them.

“It looks like them.” Mike said looking down over the edge of the cart.

“I’ll call and tell them to wait for us at the bottom.” Jessica said pulling

her cell phone out and calling Alice, “Hey are you guys walking by the skyline

right now?”

“Yeah Edward and I are.”

“We’re on it, will you wait for us at the bottom?”

“Yeah of course. We’ll see you in a few.” She hung up the phone.

“Who was that?” Edward asked.

“It was Jess, They’re on the skyline. They wanted us to wait by the exit

for them to get off.” Alice said, sitting down on a bench near the exit.

“I’m thirsty, you want anything to drink, Alice?” Edward asked.

“Yeah will you get me a lemonade?” She asked.

“Of course. I’ll be right back.” He said as he walked away towards the

drink stand.

“Hey Alice, Where‘s Edward?” Mike asked as he and the two girls walked

up to her after they got off the skyline.

“He wet to go get me a lemonade and something for himself.” She said

as Jess and Angela sat down next to her. Edward walked back up and

handed Alice her lemonade.

“So where are Bella and James?” Mike asked.

“They were going on the Screaming Machine last time we saw them, but

that was almost two hours ago I doubt they’re still on it.” Edward said.

“I’ll call Bells.” Alice said, pulling her phone out.

“Hey Alice where are you and Edward we’ve been looking for you?” Bella

asked when she answered the phone.

“We’re sitting outside the Skyline with Mike and the twins.”

“Well we’re about to get off it so we’ll see you in a few seconds. Then can

we all get lunch, James and I are starving.”

“Sounds good we’ll see you in a few.” She hung up, “They’re getting off

the skyline now. They want to go to lunch now. I’m with them I’m starving.”

“Us too.” Jess said. They waited a few more minutes before Bella and

James got off the ride and joined them. They walked into a nearby

restaurant and placed an order.

“It’s really hot today.” Bella said pulling her curly brown hair up into a

high pony tail.

“I know I need this air conditioning.” Mike said turning towards the vent.

He wrapped his arm around Jess as they waited for their food to come.

“You guys seriously cannot complain. I am almost seven months

pregnant and I’ve had to walk around all day just like the rest of you.” Alice

said, rubbing her hand over her stomach.

“You’re right sorry, Allie.” Bella said putting her arm around her.

“It’s okay I’m not complaining. I’m just saying none of you have

anything real to complain about yet.” She smiled, taking a sip of her


After lunch, they split up again and Edward, Alice, Bella, and James found

their way to some antique cars. Edward and Alice got in the front with Bella

and James in the back.

“Edward be careful, you’re going to start my labor.” Alice yelled at him for

bumping into the side of the track, “So what time do you think we’re


“I’m not sure, Ask Bella or James.” Edward said from the driver’s seat.

“I don’t think I can. They haven’t come up for air in like ten minutes. I’m

beginning to think they’ve both grown a second mouth somewhere,

otherwise I’m not sure how they’re breathing.”

“Anything is possible with those two.” He said, “Are they even listening to

us at all?”

“I think they’re too engrossed with each other to care about anything

we’re talking about.” She laughed as Edward pulled into the station and

stopped the car, putting his hand out to help Alice.

“I can hear everything you two are saying. Don’t think I’m as oblivious as

everyone thinks I am.” Bella said and James helped her out of the car, “The

fireworks and the parade start in about an hour, we’ll be leaving the park

shortly after that.” She said talking James’s hand.

“Sounds good where are we going now?” Alice asked as they walked down

the street.

“We’re going to the Tower of Terror.” James said before stopping to kiss

Bella. Alice could tell Edward was a little uneasy so instead of waiting for

Bella and James to get off the ride. They opted to take the long way back

to the spot they were all meeting.

“You need to cool off for a second.” Alice said as soon as they separated

from James and Bella, “They are together you can’t get made when you see

him kiss her.

“I can’t help it. I can’t stand him. He’s a terrible match for her and a

terrible person all around. I don’t understand why Bella dates him.” Edward


“Okay don’t get mad at me for saying this but, James isn’t that bad. I

think if you took off your blinders you’d see that.” Alice said.

“Of course you don’t see that he’s a bad guy, none of you girls do. He

doesn’t act up in front of you guys, it’s only the way he is around the guys.

He talks about his ex’s and other girls, especially Kylie. He tells the guys

stuff about Bella that he shouldn’t be and talks about how he has her

wrapped around his finger.”

“Well, unfortunately I don’t think any of those things will break them up.

Bella loves James and until he gives her a reason not to, she’s going to stay

with him.”

“That asshole gene seems to run in the family.”

“What are you talking about Mike is a great guy, he treats Jessica

great. He’s one of the good guys.”

“Mike is cheating on Jessica.”

“With who?”


“Wait. Mike is sleeping with Emmett’s little sister? I thought she was

dating Jacob?”

“She is but she’s sleeping with Mike too.” He said, “And I’m like a

hundred percent sure she’s sleeping with James too.”

“Really? How do you know this?”

“Guy’s talk. In the locker room. At our poker parties.”

“Wow any other guy secrets you’d like to fill me in on. This is

informational and very entertaining to say the least.” She laughed.

“Rose hasn’t let Emmett do anything but kiss her yet.”

“I know. Shane was burned in that department before. He should be

prepared for her to hold out for a while. She wants to make sure

everything’s right this time around.” Alice said, “So any more secrets?”

“Oh this is the real kicker.” Edward said, “James thinks that you and I are

hooking up. He thinks that you and I are going to get together and start

dating now.”

“Yeah Bella told me that earlier. We were laughing about it in the

bathroom. What would even give him that idea? You’re like my brother

Eddie.” She laughed.

“I know.” He smiled.

“So we’re the first ones back.” She said looking around.

“Well, we’re not suppose to be meeting everybody back here for another

hour.” He said.

“We have enough time to ride the carousel.”

“No, Alice, You know I don’t do the spiny rides. I don’t like them Allie.”

He said.

“Come on please. This is one of the only rides I can ride. Please.”

“Fine.” They found their way up onto the carousel.

“You guys beat us back.” Jessica said as Edward and Alice walked off the

carousel, “Where are Bella and James?”

“They went on Tower of Terror. They should be here any minute.” Edward


“Are we going to be able to see the parade and the fireworks from here?”

Alice asked holding her stomach.

“Are you okay?” Edward asked.

“Yeah just a little cramping. I’ll be okay it’s normal. The doctor even told

me so. All of you just need to relax.” She said as Jessica and Edward,

helped her sit down on a bench.

“Either way. I think you should relax for a few minutes.” Jessica said,

“You’ve been on you’re feet all day. You should probably take it easy for a

few minutes.”

“Okay but I’m going to be taking it easy the whole car ride home.” She

said holding her stomach and her lower back.

“Lily are you okay?” Bella asked as she and James walked up with Jacob,

Kylie, Emmett, and Rose.

“I’m fine, I’m just a little sore. The doctor said that it’s perfectly normal.

You all need to back off because I’m not going to break.” She said.

“Okay.” Bella said sitting down next to her.

“The parade is starting guys.” Rose pointed out as the floats started

down the street.

“I’m going to start heading out of the park now. Then I can pull the car

around for Lily, by the time you guys head out.” James said.

“Do you want me to come with you baby?” Bella asked, holding on to

John’s hand.

“No stay here, enjoy the parade. I’ll meet you out front, baby.” He

leaned down to kiss Bella before he rushed out of the crowd. Bella sat down

next to Alice on the bench. Mike sat down on the other side of her with

Jessica on his lap.

“We should probably start walking. We’ll be able to see the fireworks

while we’re walking.” Mike said, with Jessica on his back. They started

making their way through the crowd, Edward and Bella sticking close to Alice,

keeping her safe from elbows and strollers. They made it out to the front of

the park and took the monorail to the parking lot where John was waiting.

“Okay we’ll see you guys later.” Bella said as she helped Lily into the

backseat. She climbed into the front herself. They followed back to the

other cars and everybody started driving out of the Park complex. All three

boys pulled into the first gas station they saw.

“Baby you want anything?” James woke up Bella from the passenger’s


“Will you get me a water? Oh and get one for Alice too. Just in case

she’s thirsty if she wakes up.” Bella said groggily. The three boys that were

driving wandering into the gas station, all picking up various forms of

caffeine and sugar, meeting back in the line.

“Any one awake in your car Edward?” Mike asked.

“No Rose and Kylie went to sleep the second we left and Emmett’s drifting

in and out. What about you two?”

“Alice crashed the second we left, Bella’s barely hanging in there.” James


“Jacob is awake, Jess and Angela are asleep.” Mike said.

“Man, I’m barely hanging in there. I am so tired.” James said.

“Do you think we should get a hotel for the night or do you think we’ll be

okay?” Mike asked setting his stuff on the counter.

“No we only have an hour until we get home at the very most. There’s no

point in getting a hotel.” James said, “I just wish Bella was a little more

awake and talkative so I wasn’t having such a hard time keeping my eyes


“Why don’t you ask her to stay up? I’m sure she will do it for you.” Sam


“No I want her to sleep as much as possible. We’re heading to USC early

in the morning tomorrow and I want her to drive. Then I can sleep the whole

way there and finally get some rest.”

“That makes sense.” Mike said.

“Okay we’ll I’ll see you later.” James said walking out of the gas station

after paying for the gas and water, “Here’s your water baby.”

“Thank you.” She said taking a sip after she stretched.

“Okay go back to sleep baby. I’ll wake you up when we get home.” He

kissed her forehead, holding her hand as she fell back to sleep. He pulled

out of the gas station and started driving back towards their homes.

When he rolled back into town, he first stopped at Alice’s house. He

picked her up and carried her sleeping into the house, with her bag. He

drove over to Bella’s house and pulled back into the parking spot next to

Bella’s SUV. He picked her up and carried her into the pool house. Bella

was normally a terribly light sleeper, and her not waking up when he carried

her into the house meant that she was completely exhausted. He laid her

down on the bed and pulled the covers up over her, before he crawled into

bed himself. He wrapped his arm around her and started to fall asleep as