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Wrong Guy

Bella Swan, Edward Mason, Jasper Whitlock, and Alice Cullen have been friends their entire life. Edward has been in love with Bella just as long, but one thing has always stood in his way. Bella's cheating boyfriend, James. [banner removed by admin - banners in summaries may not exceed 300x150 px] Thanks to Msambrosia for my wonderful banner!!


5. Chapter 5

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Bella’s alarm clock went off at eight am. She reached over and turned it off

before climbing out of bed. She walked into the bathroom and turned the

shower on. She walked back into the bedroom and gently woke James up.

“Baby, wake up we need to get ready to go.” She said.

“I don’t want to.” He said, childishly pulling the pillow over his head.

“I’m sorry baby, it’s time. I ‘m going to get into the shower.” She said.

“Do I get to go in with you?” He asked perking up.

“No, you can go in after me.” She said, walking into the bathroom.

Bella was a tiny girl, she was five foot one and five six in heels. Her tiny

frame was accentuated by her small hips and perfect 32C’s. The six miles

she ran a day perfectly sculpted her 98 pound body She was beautiful. Her

eyes were golden brown and striking.

She washed the conditioner out of her curly auburn hair as she stood

under the hot water. She readjusted the promise ring James had given her

on her finger before turning the water off. She dried off and wrapped the

towel around herself and walked out into the bedroom. James was sitting on

the edge of the bed trying to find the stamina to get out of it.

“Go shower so I can get dressed.” Bella said, as James finally stood up.

“Good morning.” He leaned down to kiss her.

“Good morning.” She said before he turned to walk into the bathroom.

Bella walked into her closet and pulled on a pair of white panties and a

matching bra. She picked over the rack before eventually deciding on a

pair of jeans and a Rolling stones t-shirt. She pulled it off the hanger and

slipped it over her head. She zipped up the side and adjusted it into place.

James adjusted the water in the shower to the hotter temperature he

preferred. James was the opposite of Bella. He was six foot four and

towered over her heels or not. Two hundred and thirty-five pounds of pure

hockey muscle. He did a hundred sit-ups a day to ensure that his flawless

six pack stayed that way. His curly blonde hair and deep blue eyes

perfectly accented his good looks. He too rinsed the shampoo out of his

hair and turned off the water. He wrapped the towel around his waist and

walked out into the bedroom. Bella was sitting at the vanity brushing on the

little bit of eyeliner and mascara that she wore. James opened his bag and

pulled out a pair of khaki shorts and a blue polo. He pulled on clean boxers

and then the clothing.

“You ready to go, Bells?” James asked sitting down on the bed.

“Yeah.” She said, taking one last look in the mirror. She smoothed out

her sundress and moved her necklace clasp to the back of her neck. She

picked a pillow up off the bed and tossed it at him, “You might want this for

the drive.” She picked up her purse and stepped into a pair of wedges.

“Thanks. Are you sure you know how to get to UW?” He asked as she

searched through her purse for her car keys.

“Yeah, of course I do.” She said.

“Have you ever driven there before?” He asked as they climbed into the


“Yeah, I’ve driven there a few times. Alice and I went for a tour and our

interviews and a few other things. Don’t worry baby, I know how to get there

and if all else fails I always have the GPS.” She smiled, buckling her


“If you say so.”

“Just go to sleep.” She said. She turned the radio on low to her favorite

driving station and backed out of the driveway.

“Well, don’t hesitate to wake me up if you get confused. I don’t want to

show up three hours late to this thing. I want a good dorm room.” He said

trying to get comfortable with the pillow.

“I will if I need you, but trust me, I won’t need you. I can do this, don’t

worry.” She said as she pulled onto the freeway.

“Okay, I’m going to catch some extra sleep.”

“Goodnight, sweetie.”

“Goodnight.” James closed his eyes and reclined his seat back all the

way, adjusting the pillow under his head. Bella drove all the way up to the

UW campus listening to the music the whole way there. She pulled onto the

campus and drove around until she figured out what building she need to

park near. She found a good parking spot and turned the car in.

“James it’s time to wake up were here.” She said gently shaking his

shoulder. He slowly started waking up and the exited the car. James took

her hand as they walked onto the UW campus. They found their way into

the large group instruction room and got in the lines for their dorm

assignments and class schedules.

“Name?” The woman sitting behind the table asked.

“Isabella Swan and I’m also picking up for my roommate Alice Cullen.”

She said showing the woman her driver’s license. The woman took her

picture for her student ID and handed it too her.

“Okay here are your keys and your class schedules. You’re in apartment

1B in Woodlands Hall, it’s just down the main campus drag. You should

spot it no problem.” She smiled handing her the two packets of information

for her and Alice.

“Thank you.” Bella said before walking away from the table. She stood

off to the side as she waited for John to be finished with his line.

“So where are you and Alice at?” James asked as he walked over with his

own room assignments. He wrapped her arm around Bella.

“We are in Woodlands Hall.” She said, “What about you?”

“I’m in Forester Hall.” He said as they walked out of the building, “Let’s

go check them out.”

“Which one are we going to first?” She asked as they walked down the

main path of the campus towards all the dormitories and apartment

buildings and complexes.

“Mine is further back so we’ll check mine out first and then we’ll head up

to yours on the way back to the car.” He said.

“You’re driving back right? I really don’t want to drive again. I hate

driving.” She asked.

“I know you do and yes I’ll drive back. You only had to drive here

because I was up so late last night I was barely functional this morning. I

thought it would be safer if you drove and I slept so there was no chance of

me falling asleep at the wheel.” He smiled.

“Good point. Either way, you’re awake now so you are driving home

because I don’t want to.” She laughed, “So what do we have to do after we

look at out places?”

“There’s freshmen orientation, we might want to look into for you.”

“Do we have to go?” She whined.

“We don’t have to but it might be helpful considering you don’t know

what’s what around here. It might help you out in the long run.”

“But that’s what I have you for, you’re my personal map-quest/tour

guide/AAA person.” she laughed.

“I’m not always going to be readily available for you. One of these times

you might get lost when I’m unreachable and you’ll have no idea which way

to go. What do you do then?” He asked.

“I call Edward or Alice. Between the three of us one of us has to know

where it is.” She laughed as he rolled his eyes, “Come on, lighten up. I’m

sure I’ll figure out my way around campus by trial and error I’m not too

worried. Definitely not worried enough to sit through a boring two hour

freshmen assembly about where all the basics are on campus.” She smiled,

“So which building is my apartment?”

“It’s that one.” He pointed to a newly built, gigantic white apartment

complex, “And if you’re 1B you’ll be on the first floor, very easy for Alice to

get the stroller in and out.”

“Perfect, she’ll love that, it was a major concern of hers.” She said, “Now

which one is yours?”

“This one is.” He said as they approached a smaller, older, brick

building. He opened the heavy metal door and the found the stairs, “I’m in

318 so third floor.” He said walking behind her. They walked up the three

flights of stairs and walked down the hallway to room 318.

“You have actual keys?” Bella questioned as he unlocked the door.

“Yeah, don’t you?” He asked, slightly confused.

“No, they gave Alice and I key-cards. They’re easier to replace if you lose

them.” Bella said as James opened the door to the room.

“This is so small.”

“Oh it’s cute baby.”

“No it’s ridiculously tiny, how do they expect someone to live in here?”

“Well at least you don’t have a roommate.” She said, trying to make him

feel better.

“I know. If you tried to put another person in this room I think it would

explode out into the hallway.” He joked.

“It’s okay, you’ll be at Alice and my place nine times out of ten anyway,

you have nothing to worry about. You’ll never be here anyway.” She smiled,

“Let’s go see my place, maybe that will cheer you up.” She took his hand

after he re locked to door to his dorm room. They walked back down the

three flights of stairs and out of the dorm building, “The building is so

pretty.” She said as they approached her apartment.

“Yeah and it’s new so I bet your apartment will be nice.” He said as they

walked into the building. They wandered around the hall until they found

1B, Bella slid her card through. She opened the door and they walked into

the large apartment, “This place is huge, Bells.”

“Yeah, and it’s beautiful, I love the wood floors.” She smiled, “Daddy did

a good job.”

“Did your dad pull some strings to get this place for you and Alice?”

James asked as he peeked into the two bedrooms.

“No he didn’t do anything. He told me that we’ll have a nice apartment

because of who he is. It’s something about how if they keep me happy and

wanting to stay at UW, they think my dad will make a pull some strings for

them at the end of my stay here.” She said, “It’s actually kind of funny

because if they look at his track record, they’ll see he only donates to

charities. I’m glad they gave us this awesome place though.” She smiled,

looking out the window onto the courtyard on the side of the building.

“Do you that that rule would apply to his daughter’s fiancé?” James


“What?” She asked, spinning around. James was down on his knee

holding a black ring box with a flawless cushion cut three caret solitaire

diamond in it.

“Bella, will you marry me?” He asked.

“Yes.” She smiled as James slipped the ring onto her finger. He stood up

and wrapped his arms around her leaning down to kiss her. She held him

tight as they kissed, “We’re getting married.” she laughed.

“So which room is yours?” He asked.

“Our room is right there.” She pointed to the room on the left.

“Our?” He questioned.

“Yeah, we are engaged we should probably live together.” She smiled,

“The other room has a little alcove that Alice and I thought would be perfect

for the baby and all the baby furniture. Ours is smaller but she needs the

space more. Babies may be small but they take up a heck of a lot of

room.” She smiled. He leaned down to kiss her starting to pick her up and

take her into their bedroom. He pressed her against the wall kissing her

deeper, “James I think we should stop.”

“But baby we’re engaged now, we’re getting married we don’t ever have to

stop.” He smiled kissing her again.

“I’m just not ready yet. I think maybe we should wait until our wedding

night. Think about how amazing and special it would be if we waited until

then, it’ll be perfect.” She said.

“Okay whatever you say.” He kissed her, “We should probably head back

to Forks, Mrs. Witherdale.” He said taking her hand.

“Sounds good.” She smiled. She shoved all of the paperwork into her

purse before they walked out of the apartment. They walked down the

sidewalk back to the parking lot. James opened the door for her and helped

her in before walking around to the driver’s side. He started the car and

pulled off the UW campus.

“So when do you want to get married?” Bella asked buckling her seatbelt.

“I want to be married to you as soon as possible so how is tomorrow

looking for you?” He asked, smiling.

“I cant do that. I need at least six months. Give me six months to put

together the perfect wedding for us. That’ll put us right around Christmas


“Sounds good to me.”

“That’ll work out perfectly.”

“Why is that?” He asked.

“We can have the wedding on Christmas Eve that way we know everyone

ill be able to come. Everyone will be home from school right around then.

We can spend the next day with our families and then take off for a

secluded beach somewhere.” She said, “It’ll be great.”

“Anything that makes you smile like that is fine with me.” He said holding

her hand as they drove down the freeway. He got off at the Forks exit and

drove to Bella’s house.

“Are you staying for a little while or are you going home?” Bella asked as

they walked inside.

“I’m going to go back to my house. Mike wanted to hang out for a little

bit and I’m not going to have much time to do it after this summer.” He


“Okay. I’ll see you later, sweetie.” She stepped up to give him a kiss.

“Bye baby.” He said. Bella picked up her phone and laid down in the bed,

dialing Alice’s number.

“Hey Bella, how did the college visit go?” Alice asked.

“It went perfect I have your keys and schedule.” Bella said.

“Anything else happen?” She asked.

“James asked me to marry him and I said yes.” She beamed, “It was so

perfect and my ring is so amazing.”

“I know, I went with James to pick out the ring a week ago. He wanted to

get a really ugly one it was gold and pear shaped, it was terrible, but I

steered him in the right direction.” Alice said.

“So you’ve known for a week already and you didn’t tell me?” Bella


“Contrary to popular belief I am actually capable of keeping a secret from

you or everyone else for that matter.” She laughed, “I wanted you to be

surprised and get the butterfly feeling. If I told you it wouldn’t have been

that much fun.”

“Well thank you it was perfect.” She said, “I’m still shocked you kept a

secret from me, we haven’t ever done that before.”

“It was hard but I did it for your sake.” She smiled, “I talked to Jess,

Angela, and Rose, we’re all going out tonight, we’re going to Port Angeles.”


“Yeah we need to celebrate you’re engagement and what better time then

the present.”

“Sounds good what time are we leaving?”

“Everyone will be over your place around eight, I told everyone not to be

late so you can’t be late either. Is James there?”

“No he went to hang out with Mike. He said with them both going off to

different colleges this summer was going to be there last bit of time to

hang out together and they wanted to get in as much as they could.” She

said, “Either way, I’m on my own tonight.”

“Perfect, I’ll see you in a few hours.” Alice said, “Oh and by the way, you

need to call your dad and let him know how it goes.”

“Does my dad know?” She asked.

“Yes, James flew to Chicago to ask his permission to marry you while he

was on his police conference trip. He wanted to make sure everything was

okay with him before he asked. It’s very sweet if you ask me. He took him

out to dinner and paid for everything to make sure your dad really liked


“That’s so sweet.”

“So what does our apartment look like?”

“It’s huge. It has these really pretty wood floors, two bedrooms. The

kitchen is awesome. Plus your bedroom has this alcove area that will be

perfect for all the baby stuff. I thought that one would be better for you.”

She said.

“It sounds perfect. What does James’ dorm room look like?”

“It’s a box, a tiny little box, he hates it. I thought he was going to have

a panic attack when we walked in.”

“Well, at least he has the option of staying at our place.”

“Yeah I’m sure he’ll be at our place most of the time. I’m the one with

the bigger bed.” She laughed.

“Yeah, he’s always been a complainer.”

“Oh trust me I know he has.”

“Anyway, you need to call him, he wanted to know when it happened.”

“Okay Alice, I’ll see you in a while.”

“Okay bye.” Bella dialed her father’s cell phone number.

“Hi kid, how are you doing over there?” He answered the phone.

“Wow you actually remembered you have a child all the way in

Washington.” She said.

“Yeah, I keep a picture in my wallet to remember what you look like.” He


“I’m doing good Dad. James just dropped me off after our college visit.”

She said.

“Oh yeah, how did that go?” He asked.

“I’ve already been informed by a little bird named Alice that you already

know how it went.”

“I take it you said yes.”

“Of course I did dad, he’s a great guy.” She said.

“Are you happy?”

“Of course.”

“Then I’m happy too.”

“So when are you coming home? I haven’t seen you in ages.” She asked.

“Well, I think I’m going to finish up at the Chicago police station just in

time to see you off to school in the fall. I am coming home tomorrow for a

quick visit. My flight comes in around ten o’clock tomorrow morning so I’ll

see you a little after that.”

“Sounds perfect, Dad. I miss you.”

“I miss you too sweetheart.” He said, “Anyway, I have a dinner meeting

that I need to leave for. I will call you later and leave my flight schedule on

your answering machine, I’m sure you’re going out with your friends to

celebrate tonight.”

“Okay. I love you.”

“I love you too.” They both hung up the phones. Bella climbed under the

covers to take a nap before they went out that night.