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A New Beginning

Years after the big confrontation between the Volturi, the Cullens, the wolf pack, Reneesme is ready to begin public school. But an incident from that very first day will mark her life forever. This incident leads to fights and even the meeting of her future love, Elijah. But when things spiral out of control, and Nessie and Elijah make the wrong decisions, the Volturi and the Pack come back into play, and things are sure to get chaotic.

*I wrote this story long before I had an Archives account, so if my writing seems sorta underdeveloped, that's the reason.

1. Accident

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***Suns up, we wait,
All day
All day, the hell outside's kept away

If only we could move away, from here...

Let's disappear till tomorrow,
Let's disappear till tomorrow...***

Stares, stares, and more stares. Those were the only things I was getting today. I’d never thought that my first day of school was going to be so irritating. I bet kindergarteners don’t have it this hard.

If only I’d gone to kindergarten…

Someone’s voice startled me as I kept staring at my locker intently.
“You, hey, you ok,” the voice asked.

“Um, yeah, I’m ok, thanks for asking,” I politely replied

“Oh, you know, you looked kinda lost,” he admitted

“I’m fine, just looking for someth…”

“What’s your next class?” he asked before I had even finished my sentence.

“Um, Science with Mr. Jacobs, you?”

“The same!” he replied excitedly

“My apologies, I haven’t introduced myself,” he admitted quite embarrassed.

“My name is Ethan Way, but you can call me Eddie”

“Hi,” I replied shaking his hand, “my name is Vanessa, Vanessa Cullen” I mimicked his reply. The truth was that my name was Renesmee Carlie Cullen Swan. I just went by Vanessa, since humans didn’t know the true reason behind my real name. Even though I’d never met my maternal grandmother, I took my first name after her. And Esme was my dad’s “Mother”. Carlie was a mix of Carlisle and Charlie. Charlie being my maternal grandfather, and Carlisle, being my paternal “grandfather”. My Mom, Dad, and all my “Uncles and Aunts” belonged to the same coven of vampires. I was the unique half-human/vampire

Brought to this world by a human, who was turned into a vampire after my birth by my own dad, I was a rare one. There were only a few of my kind, one of them a male, I distinctly remembered, by the name of Nahuel. I had met him after that time my family and friends had come together to protect me from the Volturi, a powerful “royal” family of vampires that had one solitary goal: to destroy me. After my “grandpa” and my dad had settled things with them, everything was back to normal. If you could consider growing about 3 inches per day normal.

But there was no way that I was going to spill the soup to someone I barely knew.

Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring. The late bell had gone off for fifth period.

“Come on, Vanessa; best not be late on your first day!” Ethan looked like those overly helpful

I ran after Ethan, carefully, not to alarm him with my speed.

“Mr. Way, thank you for joining us,” Mr. Jacobs said with an exasperated look on his face as we made our way into the dull-looking classroom with blue walls and a faint smell of mint.

Mr. Jacobs was a man in his late forties, with gray around his receding hairline. Kind of tall for his age, and he had some long ears.

“Well, hello there, who’s your little friend, Eddie?” The teacher asked in wonder as he turned to look at me.

“Mr. Jacob, this is Vanessa, Vanessa Cullen, she’s new to the school,” Ethan replied back.

“Oh, I didn’t know we had a new student,” Mr. Jacobs replied back.

“Well, Vanessa, welcome,” the he replied as he reached out for my hand.

I was careful of keeping all my memories to myself, not wanting a human in on my secret. I shook his hand rapidly, not wanting him to feel my temperature in the process. This was another thing that was “unique” about me. I was able to transmit memories to everyone I touched long enough. Some of it I had inherited from my parents. The shield my mom had helped me get into anyone’s mind. I was able to transmit them to their mind by getting a piece of my dad’s mind-reading “gift”.

“Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Jacobs,” I replied.

“Well, sit anywhere you can find a seat,” he said, a clear dismissal.

“All right,” I said as I turned around and saw that Eddie had already taken his seat next to a short, curly blond haired, girl. I looked around the room, and saw one seat left. It was next to a boy with a black hood over his head, staring down at something I couldn’t make out.

As I got closer to my seat, I smelled blood. It was a very faint smell, but undeniably, it was blood. Then, when I sat down, it hit me. The kid next to me wasn’t moving, and the smell was coming from him. As I unwillingly turned my head around to see him, I suddenly saw his honey blond hair; it sort of reminded me of Aunt Rose. I impatiently waited for the teacher to turn around to the chalk board, so I could be able to further investigate what was wrong with him.

When he did, I quietly stood up to tap the honey-blonde hair boy on the head to see if he was awake. I pulled his hood up, and his head with it. His eyes were closed, and he had deep purple circles around them. That wasn’t the worst part. When I looked down at his wrists had a cut the size of my fingernail, and it was bleeding. It wasn’t so much the class around me that kept my thirst under control, it was the fact that the kid looked dead, not pale enough or cold enough, but looked passed out.

I suddenly screamed and everyone turned around to look at me. Mr. Jacobs hurried over to my side and grabbed me by the shoulders, then shook me so hard I got dizzy.

“What did you do?!”

“Nothing! I saw that he wasn’t awake, so I came to see what was wrong with him!” I shrieked back when I saw that he was trying to guilt me.

“Someone call 911!” someone cried out loud to the class.

Then I saw the nurse enter the room with a worried look on her face.

Everything was in chaos, people screaming, others crying. Some still in shock in what they had just witnessed. There were also some people staring at me like a murderer.

NO! NO! NO! It was not me! I swear!

I ran out of the room to the restroom. When I was done shoving my lunch out, I pulled my cell phone out to call my mom.


“Mom?” I was still in hysterics, and my voice broke.

“Nessie, what’s wrong?”

I explained everything, and by the time I was finished I could tell from her voice that she was worried.

“Ok, Nessie, listen to me, stay where you are, don’t move, I’ll call Edward to pick you up, but in case someone looks for you, hide wherever you can, ok?”

“Ok, mom,” I cried back, now at the point of tears.

The beeping line on the receiving end went dead. Why did everything have to be so complicated? I just wanted to have a normal life, like everyone else.

Crying, I heard the fading sound of the ambulance sirens.