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A New Beginning

Years after the big confrontation between the Volturi, the Cullens, the wolf pack, Reneesme is ready to begin public school. But an incident from that very first day will mark her life forever. This incident leads to fights and even the meeting of her future love, Elijah. But when things spiral out of control, and Nessie and Elijah make the wrong decisions, the Volturi and the Pack come back into play, and things are sure to get chaotic.

*I wrote this story long before I had an Archives account, so if my writing seems sorta underdeveloped, that's the reason.

3. Change

Rating 5/5   Word Count 518   Review this Chapter

I woke up with a terrible scream that would’ve have woken any sleeping human. The fact that everyone else was wide awake made me self-conscious. Three seconds after I realized that I’d only been dreaming made me cover my mouth. I heard my family coming up the stairs fast. Before I could blink, Dad was knocking on my door, hard enough to shatter it into pieces.

“Are you okay?”

“Great, never been better…” I trailed off as I suddenly recalled those dark black figures in my nightmare.

“Did you have a bad dream?” Mom asked as she rushed to my side.

“I think that nightmare is the preferred term,” I said as I moved out of her arms to go to the kitchen. I was starving, since I hadn’t eaten anything since yesterday at noon. I could hear someone typing downstairs. Sound more like texting.

“Morning,” I said as I waved my hand in front of Alice’s face.

“Wait!” She threw her hands in the air, her sign of telling someone to stop from interrupting her.

“All right,” I said as I literally flew to the kitchen, I was so hungry, and my I could hear my stomach protesting.

“Ok, on the menu this morning, there are cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs, or pancakes. As for the drink, there is orange juice, mocha frapp, or milk. Take your pick,” Rose said as she started pulling out ingredients for my breakfast. I didn’t really want anything big, so I went for the small cinnamon rolls.

“Um, can I just have the cinnamon roll, and the mocha frapp?” Mocha Frappucino. My favorite drink ever. Other than blood, which I had refused to drink since I turned “three” years old.

“Sure thing, let me get right to work,” Rose replied as I went back up to my room. I decided that today was an enough hot day to spend it outside. I put on my favorite blue sandals that Alice had bought me a year ago. I looked outside my window, and noticed that the car in which Esme had left in was not in the garage. Maybe Emmett had been right, maybe…

With a blush, I stopped myself from even thinking that. As I shaked it off, I could hear a sob-like cry. I tried to see where it was coming from, so I walked out of my room, and headed to my parent’s room. I leaned closer, trying to make out what they were saying.

“It’s all going to be ok,” I heard my dad soothe my mom.

“No it isn’t, she’s gone, Edward, how is Carlisle going to handle that? Have you thought of him?” She asked with a tear-jerking tone.

“Of course I thought of him, it’s this that is going to hurt him the most.”

“What are we going to do? We can’t just leave. Nessie just started school, and a move, wouldn’t be the best thing to do…” She trailed off, and stopped, probably wondering what would happen to us. But most importantly, what would happen to Carlisle and Esme...