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Renesmee Cullen: Rising Sun

Renesmee, a 6-year-old half-vampire, half-human with a 16-year-old-looking body, celebrates her birthday with her family and best friend, Jacob Black. But what Jake tells her after the party changes both their lives...forever.

I am so, extremely sorry, but I won't be updating here anymore. If you want to read the WHOLE story, plus its sequel, kindly go to www. fanfiction. net / ~tootoo [Remove spaces] where you'll find it complete. Please do tell me what you think. Thank you, and sorry.

1. Here We Go

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"Wake up, sleepyhead!" Oh God, can't a girl sleep on her birthday? Well, I guess that's what you get when you live in a houseful of vampires who don't actually sleep.

Just five more minutes Daddy, I thought

"If you don't wake up in exactly 20 seconds, Alice is going to be the one waking you up. I've warned you," he said, chuckling.

I forced my eyes open and jumped out of bed immediately. The more I think about last year when Auntie Alice woke me up, the more I'm determined to not give her that chance again, ever.

Daddy laughed at the thought; he remembered exactly what happened last time.


"Are you going to wake up or do I have to make you?" Alice asked, "Your fifth birthday is in 3 hours and you're still in bed! How the hell am I going to dress you up?!"

"Calm down, Auntie Alice, you have all the time in the world to dress me up! 3 hours is way more than enough! I'm just going to stick to the light green dress and the white flats you've bought a week ago. Really, you have nothing to worry about!" I muttered groggily.

The next thing I knew was that my head and my pillow were completely wet. She just grabbed my wrist and literally dragged me to the bathroom.

"I was going to wash your hair, anyway; I want to try to straighten the curls," was all she said.

End Flashback

I ran to the bathroom full speed. Good thing I've slept in the cottage last night.

I did my usual morning routine; brushed my teeth and took a shower. Then I had to put on one of those blue masks; half-vampire or no half-vampire sixteen-year-olds get zits all the time. I'm only six, technically, but I have the looks and mental abilities of a sixteen-year-old.

"I see someone has decided to wake up early this year," Of course it was Auntie Alice. She would literally kill to dress everyone up, especially on occasions.

"Yeah, Auntie Alice. I know we live in the rainiest parts of the universe but I still don't really appreciate the water," We had to move after my 3rd birthday; people would notice how Carlisle never aged or how I, on the other hand, grew up faster than anyone else would imagine; Grandpa Charlie still gets shocked each and every time he sees me. "Need to know," he keeps muttering to himself.

"Well, ladies, I'll excuse myself now. Oh and Alice, you work on Nessie as much as you'd like; I'll just go with the new outfit you'd bought me," Daddy said.

I half-glared at him. Thanks Daddy; now I'm stuck here, I thought.

He just chuckled “You’re very welcome, sweetheart"

"Oh Daddy, where's Momma? And Jake for that matter?" I said, trying to distract myself from what's about to happen.

"They're in the main house, honey. We'll be waiting for you there. All of us"

No, no, no, no! This can't be happening. How bad is it? I thought.

"Let's just say that we'd have one heck of a cleaning task once everyone goes home. No thanks to this tiny, pixie aunt of yours," he replied, smiling.

"At least I'm not the one who doesn't want his daughter to have some real fun on her birthday! Where's the fun in celebrating with the people you see everyday? Every minute!" Auntie Alice said a bit too loudly. "Come on, Ness, time to get the birthday girl ready!" she added, glaring at Daddy. "And you, sir. Go to the main house. Now."

Daddy was out of sight in a blur. And she didn't waste any time, as usual.

In one hour, I was officially ready. I wore a white mini-skirt with lace leggings, blue v-neck top and white heels. My curly bronze hair was left loose; she always loved it this way. As for my make-up, I wore brown mascara, light ivory eye-shadow right under my eyebrows and a light pink lip gloss; I've never needed the blush, one of the things Uncle Emmett loved about me is that I reminded him of the way Momma used to blush, when she was human, of course.

"Oh Nessie, Nessie, Nessie!" Auntie squealed, "I'm so happy! And proud! My little niece is a little woman! You look absolutely fantastic!"

I looked in the mirror that was suddenly placed in front of me, and I liked the way I looked. I had to admit it, Auntie Alice had her own weird sense of fashion but she never failed on her 'missions', one of the many reasons I love her for.

"I love it! Thank you!!" I squealed, a habit I've inherited from Alice, and hugged her tightly.

"Now, enough hugs-" she couldn't help but grin "-you go get your phone, put it in your new white Prada bag and come to the house in human pace; I really like those heels, don't get mud on them" she said, kissing me twice on the cheek, then ran to the house.

Here we go, I thought.