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Renesmee Cullen: Rising Sun

Renesmee, a 6-year-old half-vampire, half-human with a 16-year-old-looking body, celebrates her birthday with her family and best friend, Jacob Black. But what Jake tells her after the party changes both their lives...forever.

I am so, extremely sorry, but I won't be updating here anymore. If you want to read the WHOLE story, plus its sequel, kindly go to www. fanfiction. net / ~tootoo [Remove spaces] where you'll find it complete. Please do tell me what you think. Thank you, and sorry.

2. Birthday Surprise

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I walked into the house as slowly as Alice had told me. Everyone left whatever they were doing and looked at me for the tiniest bit of a second, I noticed Jake standing there with a dumbfounded expression that I couldn't help but giggle. Daddy glared at him and growled which I didn't understand why, then he looked at Uncle Jasper and said "Sorry, Jazz. I'll tell you later."

The Denalis were there, along with The Pack (which has been one pack since the Volturi incident with Jacob as their Alpha) and my own beloved family.

"Happy Birthday, Renesmee!" They all screamed together in their musical voices that it almost sounded like a song, aside from the husky, rough voices of The Pack, of course. I grinned my famous grin and thanked them all.

"My Nessie is finally six!" a husky, super-familiar voice said. It was Jacob, my best friend who's been there for me since the day I was born, literally. He pulled me into one of his bear hugs.

"Jake.. can't..breathe!" I said, breathlessly.

He let me down with a huge smirk on his face "You're still so short, though. Only 5''4!"

" 5"4 is extremely normal. 6"6 is what I call freaky" I replied.

" 6"7," he corrected, still smirking.

"Whatever!" I joked, trying to switch the subject; I hate it when him or Uncle Emmett joke about my height, it's really not my fault they're super-sized!

"You know, Ness, Jacob does have a point here. You are still abnormally short. Oh, and Happy Birthday, Nessie Bear!" Uncle Emmett interrupted. Speak of the Devil..

I heard Daddy clear his throat. Sorry, Daddy , I thought.

"Thank you, Uncle Em!" I said, hugging him tightly and kissing him on the cheek.

Then I went to Momma, who was standing with Grandma Esme, putting the food on the table. "Happy Birthday, honey. I can't believe you've grown that much!" Momma said, she seemed like she would cry if she could.

"Momma, it's been only six years! Thanks anyways," I reassured her, smiling her favorite smile. "Grandma! Thank you so much for everything. You're the best grandma ever! I'm sure everyone will love the food," I told Grandma Esme.

I really wished Grandpa Charlie would come. I missed him so much; last time we'd seen him it was six months ago.

"We'll visit him soon, Nessie. I promise we'll go to Forks within the next month" I gasped.

"Daddy you really startled me," I mumbled, breathing heavily. Then I held him into a tight hug. I love you so much Daddy! Thanks for everything. I thought to him. I've always been daddy's little girl. Though sometimes I wish I had a little privacy.

He chuckled "Come on, baby, go open your presents. I know Alice won't be able to hold on for long,"

Sure, sure. I thought. Daddy always laughed when I said or thought this, Jake's catchphrase. But today, he..grimaced?

What's wrong today? You know I've noticed. Did you really growl at Jake?

"Alice is growing impatient. As far as your own safety is concerned, you really should go open the presents. Now." His voice was uncomfortable, but I let it go. "And open Alice's first; you know the rules," he added, smirking.

I ran to Alice, who was really getting impatient as Daddy had said. "Presents time, everyone!" she announced. "Open mine first."

"How could I not, Auntie Alice?" I replied sarcastically.

I opened the large, silver-wrapped, gift she handed me with my nails. I found a couple of large designer bags, matching shoes and two incredibly fantastic dresses.

"Oh My God, Auntie Alice! I love them! You’re the best auntie in the whole wide world," I squealed. Rosalie cleared her throat. "Rose you're the best girlfriend any girl can ask for. You know that!" She beamed.

"Of course she is!" Uncle Emmett added. Daddy gave him a weird look.

"Uncle Em, you know that's so not what I meant," I told him.

"Whatever. Just open ours next, Ness,"

He handed me a small, dark-blue, satin box. I opened it carefully, not expecting what to find; Rose and Emmett never repeated a gift. I was surprised to find a white-gold necklace with a huge diamond in the middle surrounded by sapphires.

Wow! I thought.

"So, what do you think?" Rose asked.

"She's speechless, Rose. She loves it," Daddy answered her.

Thanks I thought. He just grinned.

"See? Me reading your mind is not always bad" he whispered in my ear. I chuckled.

"It's beautiful, Ness," Jake said, sadness in his voice. I touched his cheek and thought What's wrong? Did something happen?

He forced a smile "Nothing's wrong, hon. Just open mine the last,"

I know something's wrong. I'll let it go for now. But you owe me one hell of an explanation.

"Sure, sure," he chuckled.

Carlisle and Esme got me a book I'd always wanted. The rest of the gifts were either clothes, bags or accessories. Sam and Emily's gift was remarkable though; it was an old book in Quileute, which Jake had taught me last year. I loved this language, it sounded like Spanish and French combined.

The only gifts left were my parents' and Jake's. I decided to open my parents' first.

"Here you go, Renesmee," Momma calls me by my nickname sometimes but she still prefers to call me by my real name.

It was an envelope, to my surprise. I've expected something that would fit in a box.

I opened it anyways.

"Are you serious? This is the best gift ever. I can't believe I'm actually going to school with you this year. You’re the best parents!" I rushed through the words, but I knew they'd hear me just as clearly.

They both laughed their musical laughs and hugged me.

"I knew you'd love it, baby. We're starting in two weeks," Daddy whispered in my ear, still hugging me.

" I just saw Rose, Bella, Nessie and I on a shopping trip for school supplies. She's going with us this year! How could you hide something like this from me, Edward?" Alice has started seeing me in her visions since I was two; she knew my kind better and was able to see me gradually until now she can see my clearly.

"My gift's turn," Jake reminded me.

I took the white box from his hand and opened it quickly; I knew Jake would get me the best gift.I couldn't wait to find out what it is.

"Oh Jake! It's beautiful! You made this?" I asked, amazed.

He blushed subtly, "Yeah, do you really like it?"

The small wooden charm with my name was more than wonderful. And the silver necklace just enhanced its beauty. I flipped it to the other side to find "I love you" written in Quileute. I felt a tear escape my eye. " I absolutely love it."

"Hey, Ness! Aren't we going to eat or what?" Seth asked, causing everyone in the room to burst in laughter. Leah just smacked his head. Leah and I became friends after the Volturi incident, though we were never close. Seth, on the other hand, was like my big brother. Big huge brother.

"Sure, Seth. I was just heading to the buffet right now."

I took a small portion of the huge chocolate cake; Eggs and chocolate were the two things that didn't taste like mud to me. The Pack, of course, finished the cake in a blink. I chuckled.

Soon enough everyone was heading home. Only my family and Jake stayed at home.

"Did you have a good time, honey?" Daddy asked.

I rolled my eyes You're the only one who knows how much I had fun today. You're the mind-reader for God's sake.

He laughed. Momma looked at him, confused. "I'll tell you later, love," he told her and kissed her forehead. She let it go immediately.

"So, Edward, honey, do you want to go choose the outfit I'll wear for the first day of school?" Momma asked, almost too innocently.

Uncle Emmett laughed his booming laugh. I really don't want to know I thought to myself.

"No, you don't, Nessie," he said, grinning.

Sure, Daddy. I'll spend the night here.I have a room here, too. I thought.

"Thanks, sweetheart," he said over his shoulder.

"So, are we going to go shopping tomorrow?" Alice asked, over-excited.

"Umm.. Yeah, about that.." I tried to answer when she interrupted.

"Renesmee Carlie Cullen you have to go shopping with me tomorrow for the school supplies and that's final," she said, using her 'auntie' tone. I rolled my eyes.

"Nessie, why don't we go to a walk in the woods now? I know Carlisle is in his study, Esme is cleaning up, Blondie and fortune-teller are going to be planning the shopping trip. And Emmett and Jasper are somewhere near here hunting. So, shall we?" Jake asked.

I giggled "We shall," I replied.

We raced each other until we reached the center of the woods. It was dark now and everything was so quiet and peaceful.

I sat on the grass, inhaling the beautiful scent.

"Nessie I want to tell you something important," he said, sitting beside me.

" Of course, Jake, you know you can tell me anything,"

"Nessie, I love you,"

I waited for what he has to say but when he said nothing, I was confused; I knew he loved me; he had imprinted on me. Though I couldn't fully understand this concept, I just knew that he loved me and will always be there for me.

"I don't understand. I know you love me, Jake"

"No, Nessie, that's not it. I'm in love with you!"

My eyes widened. I didn't know it until his lips crushed into mine. I didn't want it; he was my best friend, I didn’t love him that way . I tried my best to push him away but couldn’t; he was much stronger than me. So I just waited for him to finish, angry tears filling my eyes. Suddenly, he was pushed away from me, almost hitting a tree.

"Get. Your. Hands. Off. Of. My. Niece!" It was Uncle Emmett, anger filling his voice.

I stayed there speechless, motionless. I didn’t know what to say or what to do. I was sobbing uncontrollably. I stayed wide-eyed for a moment, trying to comprehend what had happened while Emmett punched Jacob in the face. Jacob didn't react which frightened me. Was he unconscious? Or worse, was he- No, no this can't have happened. I thought I felt Uncle Jasper there. But I didn't know for sure; for the first time in my life, everything went black.