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Renesmee Cullen: Rising Sun

Renesmee, a 6-year-old half-vampire, half-human with a 16-year-old-looking body, celebrates her birthday with her family and best friend, Jacob Black. But what Jake tells her after the party changes both their lives...forever.

I am so, extremely sorry, but I won't be updating here anymore. If you want to read the WHOLE story, plus its sequel, kindly go to www. fanfiction. net / ~tootoo [Remove spaces] where you'll find it complete. Please do tell me what you think. Thank you, and sorry.

3. Face Him

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Edward Cullen

"Edward, your phone is ringing! It might be something important," Bella whispered.

"Fine," I mumbled, knowing I had no other choice.

I looked at the phone, it was Carlisle.

"Is everything okay?" I asked, worried; Carlisle won't call unless it's an emergency.

"It's Nessie, Edward,.." I didn't wait for him to finish; I was far too worried to even wait. I jumped into my jacket and ran there full speed. I knew Bella would be a couple of seconds behind me; but I was too distracted to sense her. What happened to Renesmee? Did she get hurt? Of course! Why else would Carlisle call?

At that second, I was there. Nessie was lying on the couch, unconscious. She has never fainted before.

"What…what happened?" I managed to choke, taking Nessie in my arms.

"That mongrel was-" Rosalie smacked Emmett on his head when he said that.

"Not now, Em!" she whispered to him, but I heard what he thought.

That mutt kissed my daughter! I should've known this would happen, but when he thought about her this morning that way I never thought he'd do anything like that. Not until she's ready and she obviously wasn't. I felt the anger rise into an unexpected level; that's when a wave of calmness rushed through me.

"Thanks, Jazz, I needed that now," I mumbled. That's when Bella entered the room, panicking at the sight.

"RENESMEE!" she exclaimed, running towards us. "What happened, Edward?"

I didn’t know. That wouldn't make her faint! I looked at Carlisle, confused.

"Emmett and Jacob fought, according to Jasper she was worried and scared that's probably why she fainted. It's been 6 minutes now, but her pulse is steady. There's nothing to worry about concerning her physical health. But she went through much tonight, she would need some rest." Carlisle explained in his professional voice.

"What would make her worried and scared?" Bella asked, "Why would Emmett fight with Jacob? And where is Jacob?"

"Someone else tell her, I can't bear this," I muttered under my breath, they would hear for sure.

They told her what happened and she was as angry as I was. No, no one could be as angry as I am I thought.

"Where did he go?" I choked, ready to kill him. Now.

He phased and ran away. May be The Pack could help us. Jasper thought, not managing to hide his own fury.


"Nessie, sweetie, are you ok?" I switched my attention to her immediately, worry replacing anger. She hasn't opened her eyes yet but she was alright. I sighed.

I'm fine. Don't worry about me! Is Jake ok? And Uncle Emmett? Oh my God, Daddy, I'm so sorry! She thought, making me confused.

"Sorry? Don't you ever apologize for something that's obviously not your fault! Renesmee Carlie Cullen, you did nothing wrong to apologize!" I told her.

Here goes my full name again! You know, Daddy, it will lose its effect if you guys just keep using it that often! She thought, opening her eyes and remembering what Alice had told her.

I let out a chuckle, helping her sit upright.

"Oh, and by the way, you are so like your mother!"

"What? Why? What did she think?" Bella asked, confused again.

"She was actually worrying about Emmett !" I told her, laughing.

Emmett laughed his booming laugh, nearly shaking the house.

Daddy! You're editing!

"Fine, Ness. And she was worrying about that pup, too," I whispered.

She sighed. "Where is he?" she asked, reminding me of my own question. I couldn't help my anger this time, nor could Jasper. I sat her carefully on the couch and flew through the opened door; Esme knew when to open doors, thankfully.

I followed his scent to the center of the woods, where this whole incident happened. Then, his scent led me north, towards the high way. He had been running for a long distance. I decided to call Sam and ask him where he is.

"Hello?" he answered, surprised that someone would call him this late.

"Sam, it's Edward. Do you know where Jacob is?" I said, trying to hide my anger. But I didn't succeed.

"No; I haven't phased tonight; it's his turn to patrol. What happened, Edward? Is Renesmee ok?"

"No, Sam, she's not! Now, can you help me find him or do I have to follow his scent around Port Angeles and the reservation?"

"I'll phase now and call you in a few, I would know where he is if he is in his wolf form"

"Thank you," I managed to say and shut my phone.

Jacob Black

What have I done? Why did I do this? She wasn't ready! She still thinks of me as her best friend! Oh God! Will she ever forgive me? Will-

Seriously, dude! It was an honest mistake! You're getting on my nerves now! She'll forgive you and all that crap just think of something else while we're patrolling! –Paul thought.

PAUL!! –Seth and I thought together.

Okay, I do not know much about imprinting; I haven't experienced it but really, Paul, try to be more thoughtful than that! You know, Emmett could've hurt him badly tonight if it wasn't for Nessie fainting! –Seth thought, or rather yelled.

It struck me, Nessie fainted! I totally forgot! Was she ok? Did she wake up? I really should go check on her.

So you were lucky enough to come back here alive after that brief fight with Emmett- no it wasn't a fight, you felt too guilty to even hit him back! And you want to go back to the whole coven there? Do you think Emmett would let you go this time? Or do you have the slightest idea how EDWARD would react?

Seth was right; Edward would practically kill me. But I had to face him someday. And sooner is better than later; it would give me a chance to see Renesmee sooner. I was about to phase back when I heard another voice in my head.

JACOB!- It was Sam. What was he doing in his wolf form? It's my turn tonight.

Edward called.- THAT explains it – What the hell have you done to piss him off that bad?

It all replayed in my head for the millionth time tonight.

Oh GOD! That definitely explains his mood! Anyways, he wants to talk to you, I guess that's why he's asked me where you were. What should I tell him now?

Wow. Now he's waiting for me? Well, I'll phase back and call him, get this over with.

I phased back to my human form, untied the clothes from my arm and jumped into my sweats. I was near the reservation now so I went home to call him.

"Hello?" he answered after the first ring.

"Um… It's Jacob, Edward. I believe you wanted to talk to me?" I choked.

"You. Me. Backyard. Now." was all he said through his teeth then he hung up on me.

I couldn’t blame him; I knew all this mess was my fault.

I grabbed a sweater and ran to the backyard of the main house where I found him pinching the bridge of his nose – Great! He was nervous! This night keeps on getting better and better!

Suddenly, he turned around, grabbed me from my neck and hit my back to a tree.

"Why do I have a feeling that my life is repeating itself?! First Bella now my daughter! Were you even thinking, you mongrel?"

I wasn't able to speak with his hand on my throat. So I thought, I know this is a mistake, a huge one! But I honestly thought that she felt the same for me! I thought that's how imprinting works, what I feel she feels! I swear if I knew any better I would never do anything to hurt her, Edward, and you know that better than I do!

His grip loosened a fraction so I could breathe.

"Emmett didn't even break your jaw this time but if you ever touch my daughter this way again, I swear to God that would be the last thing you'd do! The only reason I won't kill you now because it would upset the two most important people in my life. But next time, not even they could stop me!" He threatened. His voice was ice-cold.

"I know this question is repeated but you know the situation is much different – What if-"

He cut me off, grimacing, "then I'll have another talk with you."