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Letters of Lonliness

Bella writes a letter to Edward after he has been gone one month


1. Chapter 1

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Dearest Edward,

It has been one month since you have left me, since you doomed me to…emptiness. Why did you stop loving me? Or did you ever love me? It’s hard to tell. Was I just a way to pass the time?

I love you so much. It runs deeper than I could possibly comprehend. It runs through my every vein, every singular blood cell. It drowns me, suffocates me, and I let it. I take strange comfort.

Numbness. That’s what is left, no happiness, no sadness, and no contentment. Just numb. Maybe that is for the best. Could I handle it if I went back to the pain I felt when you hurt me, telling me you were leaving. No. I couldn’t.

Your lips have left my lips burning hot, your skin has left a cold imprint upon mine. Both lingering memories of the thrills I shared with you. You are utterly perfect.

I remember the day that we first met. I use the term “met” loosely. I ogled. You ignored. I couldn’t understand what I had possible done to make you hate me so much instantly. It seems ironic that the reason you did it was to prevent me from the hurt I had inured for the first week after you had left. I have thought to myself that maybe it would have been easier for me if you had continued to ignore me. Why did you decide to be selfish and stay around me?

I’m stuck in a strange place. All of my friends that I once had have now disappeared. They have left. Possibly fed up with me. But I don’t care. It doesn’t bother me what Jessica got up to at the weekend and I couldn’t care less if Lauren hated me. All I care about is you and I have a feeling that it will always be that way. I just wish one last kiss.

Edward, I do not even know where you have gone, due to your “clean break” so therefore cannot send this letter. However it will be here for me to read and think about my feelings for you.

I am yours forever

Love Always

Your Bella


I smiled as I folded the letter back to the way it was and replaced it under the bed. I feel saddened by the letter, I feel saddened because I was the cause of the letter. I look over to the sleeping beauty lying on the bed. I watched her perfect breathing, her perfect face, her perfect… everything. This was a rare occasion. Thanks to this particular letter I can tell exactly what this girl was thinking for those months last year. I knew exactly what she was thinking for the first time since I had met her. I move up to lie beside her wrapping her in my arms, not to keep her warm, or course, but to hold her with love. I can see the angelic smile slowly appear across her features as she feels me next to her. I lean to her ear and softly whisper

“I am always yours, I love you Bella”